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Oleg Rudnov's heir turned up to be a minority shareholder of a Moscow newspaper. 
The owner of the group of UST Gregory Berezkin and the Swedish investment company Kinnevik were not the only version of the founders of the Moscow Metro - the most popular daily newspapers in the country. Co-owners of the business have become the heir of the founder of "Baltic Media Group" Oleg Rudnova Sergey and son of the former director general of the UST Michael Verozubov Vladimir. Now the newspaper business is restructured to meet the requirements of the law "On mass media".

Swedish Kinnevik with relatives and partners of Gregory Berezkina established OOO "Newspaper Number One", from the data USRLE. 40.4% of the company received the wife of a businessman Olga Berezkina, 18.5% - by his daughter Anna Tyushkevich, 1% - Kinnevik, 15% - the son of the former director general of the UST Michael Verozubov Vladimir and 25.1% - OOO "Wave", controls Sergei Rudnova structures.

At LLC "Newspaper Number One" will be transferred to the management by the newspaper "Moscow of Metro," which is associated with the performance requirements of the law "On mass media", explained the "Kommersant" UST representative Marianne Belousov. The details she did not specify, saying that significant changes in the new joint-stockoh no company. The newspaper itself refused to comment on this information. Certificate of Media "newspaper Metro Moscow" is still decorated in the old structure - JSC "newspaper" Metro "," follows from Roskomnadzor registry. In USRLE current shareholders of the company are not available.

"Moscow of Metro" published franchised Metro International, which is owned by Kinnevik. This daily newspaper distributed on the stations of Moscow Metro for free, its main source of income - advertising sales. As previously reported by "Kommersant", Mr. Berezkin purchased edition in 2008, the share of Metro International at that time amounted to 0.81%.

"Of Metro Moscow" - the most popular daily newspaper in Russia, with an audience of one issue 1.074 million people, it follows from TNS Russia monitoring data for March - July 2016. In St. Petersburg audience Metro is 664 thousand. Man. Petersburg version of the newspaper in 2013, Kinnevik fully bought the bank "Russia" of the structure, and in 2015 it acquired the "National Media Group" (NMG).

The interlocutor of "Kommersant" in one of the assets of Gregory Berezkina suggests that Sergei Rudnov turned Wedand co-owners "of Metro Moscow" as the heir of the owner of "Baltic Media Group" (BMG) Oleg Rudnova. At the same LLC "Wave", after which Sergey Rudnov became co-owner "of Metro Moscow", until 2012 in equal shares owned by cellist of St. Petersburg Sergei Roldugin and his partner Vladislav Kopylov, from the data Sam Sergei Rudnov declined to comment.

Oleg Rudnov was co-owner and director of the TV channel "Petersburg - Channel Five", which is now part of the LMWH, and was considered a long-time business partner banker Yuri Kovalchuk. In 2004, he created a holding company "Baltic Media Group", which includes a few newspapers, radio "Baltika", 100TV channel. In 2007 Oleg Rudnov headed the Foreign Board of Directors, "Komsomolskaya Pravda". After the death of Oleg Rudnova in January 2015, editions of the BMG was closed and converted into a channel 100TV Life78, managed by the head of the holding News Media and deputy general director Aram Gabrelyanov LMWH.