Nikolai Nikiforov was confused in his connections with women

The Minister of Communications and Communications of the Russian Federation Nikolai Nikiforov has every chance of getting into the new government of the Russian Federation. One of the reasons experts call the promiscuity of an official in relations with women.
The minister managed to get children with the crown of different women, and two of them he had already given up. True, when leaving, the minister provided his former good compensation in the form of posts and companies, depending on the country's chief communications officer.

As the scandals around Nikiforov do not cease from the very moment of his appointment, and his achievements in the professional field are everything like one with a minus sign, one can predict that the chair of the Minister of Communications will be released in the very near future.

So, what happens to Mr. Nikiforov's spouses? His first wife was a daughter of the head of the Kazan University, Jan Stoyanov. Responding to the government of Tatarstan for information technology, Nicholas gave her the budget of the Technopolis "Himgrad" - almost 5 billion rubles. As a result of this process, the budget recipient Stoyanova defended the thesis "Stimulation of innovation activity on the basis of the Technopolis model", and then became the director of "NCC-Alabuga" associated with Rosnano Anatoly Chubais. Nikiforov's wife promised to build a plant for the production of composite auto parts for 250 million budget rubles. Funds are mastered, there is no mass production.

The minister's second wife is a civilian. Tatyana Kimeral, who gave birth to Nikiforov boy, got incomes of the Tatar branch of IBM and business on interactive for children "Naturally, science!". Since they were not together for long, and did not formalize relations, the minister did not seriously waste time on the temporary passions.

Most of all from the minister received his third wife Svetlana Nikiforova. She was presented with a supplier of complexes for fixing traffic violations AvtoDoria, which is paid by the drivers of the country. "Avtodoria" is one of the projects of IT-Venture "Starobaza" by Nikiforova, who is developing the funds of Nikiforov.

In addition, the post of Russia, supervised by the minister, bought fuel for 12 billion rubles from Kazan's Yadran-Oil. The company belongs to the employer Svetlana Rasul Minnikhanov, the nephew of the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. Participants in the market of lords called the wife of the Minister of Communications "a sensitive business angel."

Such a moral instability would be forgivable to the minister in the light of his outstanding professional merit. But Nikolai Nikiforov can not boast of them, alas, can not. The "Mail of Russia", which he oversees, has become a commonly used synonym for hellish organization and an example of the ineffectiveness of gigantic financial investments. The national operating system necessary for the state to ensure its own security was ruined by Nikiforov in the first year of his reign in favor of paid and questionable from the point of view of the safety of Microsoft products.

Even the dissertation could not write a proper title. The simplest test showed that Nikiforov had written off about half his scientific work undefended from his predecessors. And if you look at the lines of the dissertation more closely, the percentage of borrowing can grow even more.

What is the conclusion? The youngest federal minister, most likely, will soon become an ex-minister. It is clear that he will not be lost - the women who have been benefited by him will not give.