Nikolai Patrushev noticed rubbish near St. Petersburg

Redistribution of the garbage market of the Russian Federation reached the northern capital. The head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev suddenly learned that up to 2 million tons of hazardous waste accumulated at the "Krasny Bor" training ground.
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Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev described it as a critical situation at the "Krasny Bor" garbage site near St. Petersburg, TASS reported. According to him, about 2 million tons of toxic industrial wastes were buried there.

"The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Government of St. Petersburg need to immediately take the necessary measures to improve the environmental situation in the area of ​​the landfill, including disinfection of buried chemical waste," Patrushev stressed.

He noted that earlier decisions in this direction have not been implemented. Patrushev also stated about the high level of criminalization of waste management in the entire North-West Federal District. Among the reasons that gave rise to the critical situation, Patrushev called "long-term disregard of the problem at the level of the regional authorities."

The press service of the administration of the Leningrad region advised to apply for comment to the administration of St. Petersburg. RBC sent a request to the Committee for Environmental Management, Environmental Protection and Ensuring Environmental Security of St. Petersburg.

Earlier, the working group on ecology of the Expert Council under the government criticized the national project "Ecology" in the current version, which is expected to spend 4 trillion rubles. Experts considered that the document should be finalized. With regard to landfills, they noted that the "Clean Country" program provides for the reclamation of 191 landfills until 2024, but their addresses, selection criteria, recultivation sequence and other parameters are not named.

Experts also warned that the project "Integrated System for Solid Waste Management" is likely not to be completed on time, since it does not have the necessary infrastructure, but to go through the entire cycle of design, approval, construction and commissioning of these facilities by 2021 almost impossible. "Most likely, these goals and tasks will not be fulfilled," they noted. On this article in the project, the allocation of 291 billion rubles, 104.3 billion rubles. of which - from the federal budget.

The state of the landfills and their impact on the environment have already become the cause of protests of residents located near the landfills of settlements.