Nikolay Nikiforov monetized the Russian Ministry of Communications

Entities under the control of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation are bogged down in corruption and incidental business activities. Now Rostelecom is going to become an online store with its own payment system.
Minister Nikolai Nikiforov forgotten "will", Viktor Chernomyrdin, "the market - it's not fair" and suits of controlled structures trade booth. "Mail of Russia" financed films, opened bank and going to sell alcohol and cigarettes. "Tele 2 Russia" engaged "divorce" klienktov. Now "Rostelecom" is going to become a store and paying resource.

The officials and top managers Nikiforov gradually brought the "daughter" of the Ministry of Communications to actually totally ineffective. It now appears that "Rostelecom" creates e-commerce structure for 500 million rubles. This is an online store. Moreover, through e-commerce will be to pay fines for traffic police, utilities and recharge mobile phone account. The problem is that for thousands of structures from the "Savings Bank", "On-line" to "Yandex. Money "and actually allow themselves to pay for housing and utilities services on the Internet. Internet shops in Russia as "darkness." - From the "Ozone" to Alibaba, etc. In other words, "Rostelecom" creates unnecessary, duplicative structure that after absorbing half a billion rubles will be bankrupt ...

Meanwhile, the quality of "Rostelecom" Communication is questionable. Only in the North-West of Russia this year churn gostelekompanii was 200 000 people. Maybe better managers Nikiforov do specialized things? No, of course, it is easier to spend money on unnecessary projects. There you can ... and steal Note "Mail of Russia" is run by the "Ministry of Communications", "Tele 2 Russia" belongs to "Rostelecom", which in turn is owned by the state and works closely with the Ministry of Communications, which actually directs Nikolai Nikiforov.

The corruption conspiracy "Rostelecom" and the Ministry of Communications

"Rostelecom" commissioned by the Ministry of Communications carries out long-term contracts and carries out other frauds, for example, specifically overstates the cost of works to overpay "Rostelecom"! In general, not just Mr. Nikiforov lobbied through the government as head of "Rostelecom" Sergei Kalugin. Recall that on the initiative of the Ministry of Communications, all operators can be levied an additional tax. So, in June this year Nikiforov suggested that all operators pay compensation for VoIP (Voice over IP; services such as Skype, WhatsApp) «Rostelecom». Why? According to Nikolai Anatolyevich, the state company takes "important market" !!! By the way, in early 2012, the Federal Antimonopoly Service has fined "Rostelecom" in the amount of 1.3 million rubles. for repeated abuse of dominant position ... But it looks like it's too small sum ...


How does the "Russian telecommunication company"? For example, take on 10 billion rubles from the state, "Sberbank" and "Vneshtorgbank" by 8.69% and 9.75% respectively. Previously, "Rostelecom" took in "Savings Bank" loan of 30 billion rubles, placed under 8.29% per annum. In "Rostelecom" and a line of credit in "VTB" - 30 billion rubles for a period of five years at 8.34%. In general, the company lives on government loans.

"Whatever hole - all of Nikifor"

Speaking specifically about the head of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation need to recall the history, when in 2014 he found himself at the center of the bank scandal. The fact that the Ministry of Communications grants 1.5 billion for IT-city "Innopolis" suddenly appeared in the accounts of the bank "Ak Bars", which is considered affiliated with Nikiforov. Money brings to the bank more than 40 million rubles of profit. Note that Nikolai Anatolyevich led to "expose" the Accounting Chamber auditors which stated - on deposit accounts of the bank "Ak Bars" 1.5 billion rubles allocated by the Ministry of Communications in 2012-2013.. to finance the "Innopolis" project.

The explanatory note to the draft government resolution "On the establishment of the innovation center" Innopolis "in the Republic of Tatarstan" no feasibility study of the contribution amount. It turns out that 1.5 billion rubles will not work for the state, and the "Ak Bars" guide. In 2013, all it turned out that the Ministry of Communications has been a misappropriation of 1.7 billion rubles! The Audit Chamber has found this fact, but no punishment for this was not followed ...

In April 2014, it turned out that the thesis work of Nikolai Nikiforov includes "unformed links large fragments of a strange thesis, owned by his fellow countryman Alexander Sosnovsky". In other words, the minister wrote off 103 pages from other sources, indicating their own! In Russia will not operate the postal service or a public telecommunications company if top managers, appointed by the Ministry of Communications will continue to spend money on their salaries, as is the case with Dmitry Strashnova and try to make "Mail of Russia" and "Rostelecom" stalls for the sale of alcohol and tobacco .