Nikolay Tokarev's gold pipe

The head of Transneft makes profit at the expense of the state. 
Members of the family of President of "Transneft" Nikolay Tokarev - Maya and Andrei Bolotov - became owners of apartment building on Ostozhenka. Bolotovs company bought the rights to the object in the Municipality. Taking into account the restoration of the building into a hotel or apartment complex overall cost buyers may exceed $ 9 million. The building profitable Kekushev house in Ostozhenka (Building 19, Building 1) purchased for 390 million rubles. ($ 6.09 million), which is 34% more than the starting price. Experts immediately remembered features a large family business head of the state corporation.

Due to the state?

78.1% of the operator of trunk oil pipelines Russia - "Transneft" - owned by the state. But the benefits of the "black gold" has got friends and relatives of President Nikolai Tokarev company. There is evidence that his wife, daughter-in-law and Mr. Tokarev with the help of corrupt tendering "Transneft" have gained multi-billion dollar hotel business in Croatia.

The Balkan trail

In Croatia, there are 5-star Hotel Bellevue with a huge spa, which opened last summer in the bay of Čikat. BesideVilla Hortensia is located in the elegant Austro-Hungarian Villa, built in 1912, 10 suites, with its garden. So, it has led to "Transneft" a direct relationship! Gosmenedzhera have a daughter - Maya Bolotov, which changed the name after she married Andrei Bolotov. After that, Mr. Bolotov became a major employer and a very wealthy man.

And it's simple: all this multi-million dollar property, which lie in a bay on dozens of acres, officially owned by four Croatian companies - "Katina doo", "T.G.A. doo "," Magnum XP Nova doo "and" Jadranka dd ".

The founder of the Croatian company "T.G.A. doo "it was a kind of Tokareva Galina, born 24.9.1951. All data of the founder match the data spouse of the head of "Transneft" Mr. Tokarev.

So, Villa Carolina is owned by the company "Katina doo" and founder of "Katina doo" is offshore "Ksereyt Investments Limited." Then the most interesting: the acquisition of shares "Katina doo" on behalf of the offshoreand "Ksereyt Investments Limited" I performed by proxy by none other than the son-in-head of "Transneft" Tokarev - Andrei Bolotov. He, Andrei Bolotov, and subsequently became a director of the company "Katina doo."

How did it happen? Bolotov in the late nineties, he worked in the "Russian-German Leasing Company" (provides equipment leasing to Russian enterprises, the main shareholder is Sberbank), and starting from 2000 - in the "Deutsche Leasing Vostok". In 2000, "Ingosstrakh" has caused a big surprise to the market, signing with the "Deutsche Leasing Vostok" property insurance contract at $ 50 million, without even looking at the property itself.

After Tokarev became the general director of "Zarubezhneft" Bolotov since 2001 worked in the state-owned company! In the same year he became a member of "ITERA Holding", and in 2002 - and even "Gazhiminvesta" (belongs to "Itera"), as well as a joint venture "Zarit" for oil and gas on the Turkmen shelf of the Caspian Sea. "Zarit" created in 2002 "Zarubezhneft", "Rosneft" and "Itera". In the 2003 year, in addition"Zarit", Andrei Bolotov was related to the "Company ITERA Gazneftehim", and from 2005 worked at Vneshtorgbank.

Again, Bolotov was associated with "Itera", his sister, Olga - with ". LUKOIL Overseas Service Ltd.". Not exactly a stranger to "Lukoil" was Nikolai Tokarev. In 2005 he received income from affiliate "Lukoil" - "Russian Innovation Fuel and Energy Company" (RITEK).

Maya Bolotov by 2004 had to do with the little-known companies ( "Promsvyazavto", "Stroyvip" and "industry import"), which belongs to the PSB, controlled by brothers Alexey and Dmitry Ananiev.

The company "Stroyvip" with the same address as that of the Bank, in 2002, became one of the shareholders of the largest publishing and printing complex "Press 1" (formerly "The Truth"). By 2005, of Bolotov received income from "Caprice-Stell." At that time, the company was part of a group of shareholders (the managing company "Promsvyaz", "Promsvyazinvest", "Income Investment Company"), holding 2.28 percent of the shares of the largest operator pOJSC "CenterTelecom" USSIAN fixed communication.

But we missed another hotel - Bellevue, located next door to Villa Carolina, belongs to the company "Jadranka dd", whose largest shareholder is the kind of company "Beta ulaganya doo", which is owned by the Russian company "Managing company "Promsvyaz". This is the "Promsvyaz" is not just a company, but "the trustee ZPIF long-term direct investment" De Fund ", ie the office just manages someone else a lot of money by investing, for example, at the Bellevue Hotel!

And then swim further intrigue - a member of the Supervisory Board of the company "Jadranka dd", which belongs to the hotel is the Bellevue, as well as the main part of a property in the bay Čikat Croatian island of Lošinj is one Kresimir Filipovic. He also works as the first vice president of the company "Velesstroy".

Have state-owned "daughter» & laquo; Transneft - the Far East ", which is actually no competition named winners of competitions for the construction of drainage of the pipeline system" Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean "(ESPO) to Komsomolsk refinery" Rosneft plant. " Two tenders for the construction of 146.7 km of pipeline was won by "Velesstroy", which will perform the work for 7.06 billion rubles.

Note "Velesstroy" is one of the main contractors of "Transneft", is involved in the construction of the ESPO oil pipeline, the BPS-2, Pur-Pe - Samotlor. The company increased its revenue to 33 billion rubles. in 2013 to 50 billion rubles. 2014 "Velesstroy" in recent years has received contracts for more than 200 billion rubles!

But piquancy in the fact that "Velstroy" through a chain of offshore companies registered in Cyprus, is directly related to the Croatian oligarch Michael Perenchevichu. The latter is not only a citizen of the sunny country, but also has a US passport. However, their works he leads mainly to Russia, or more precisely - with the "Transneft".

And if someone has any doubts, here are some moreamazing facts that speak of the close family ties Tokarevs-Bolotovs with expensive real estate on the Croatian coast. "Katina doo" and "TGA doo" registered at the same address. Later, "TGA doo" change of address, moved to the location of the company "Jadranka Trgovine doo" - subsidiary company "Jadranka dd", owned by LLC "Promsvyaz".

What is interesting, "TGA doo", officially belonging to Maya Bolotov, was located at the given address free of charge. And Accountant "Katina doo" and "TGA doo" was the same - it's a kind of Milenka Vidulich. Why the extra spending in the family business.

By the way, back in 2005 Bolotov received official income of some kind of "Caprice-Stell." Then the "Caprice Stella" was part of a group of shareholders holding 2.28 percent of the Russian fixed communication operator of the largest shares of OJSC "CenterTelecom". In this group, the number of companies "Promsvyaz", which, through the Croatian company "Beta ulaganya doo" and "Jadranka dd", owns the Hotel Bellevue and other real estate inUkhta Čikat on the island of Losinj.

"Velstroy" became the main contractor of "Transneft", received 7 billion rubles tenders, building more pipelines, and the daughter-in-law and the head of "Transneft" Maya and Andrei Bolotov thus became the owners of multi-million dollar real estate on the coast in Croatia.

"Mani, Mani?"

"Transneft" has repeatedly been criticized for not typical for a public company information secrecy, which will allow to realize "the Croatian scheme."

The well-known opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is a minority shareholder in the company, has repeatedly tried to obtain various documents on its activities, including minutes of meetings of the board, but could not do it!

By the way, "throws" management corporation and its minority shareholders. Recently it became known that the minority shareholders are also outraged by the leadership of "Transneft". Corporation pays dividends on preferred shares 2.5 times less than ordinary. This means that Tokarev managers do not comply with legislation in the field nrivatizatsii.

Nikolai Tokarev controls "Transneft" from 13 October 2007. In February 2008, the Accounting Chamber of Russia has decided to check the expenditure of funds for the construction of the Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean.

The communication department said that 78.5 billion rubles from the nearly 250 rubles spent on ESPO until the end of the first half of 2008, it was distributed "without tenders", indicating that "Transneft" normative documents contain "broad interpretation of cases attracting contractors without tenders. "

Then led the auditors Sergei Stepashin during his speech in the State Duma said that the Chamber of Accounts The audit revealed the amount of damage during the construction of the ESPO pipeline is 3.5 billion rubles, and that this fact with regard to management of "Transneft" was a criminal case. But nothing came of it ...

Mr. Tokarev very influential man, a former FSB general, a member of the "United Russia", and his wife owned a large estate in the village Akulinin where, besides her, arranged estatess Yakunin, Chemezov, Rothenberg and other close Putin officials and businessmen, and also friends Tokarev family.

Great wheeler-dealer?

From personal biography Tokarev, according to the report of the UN Commission of Inquiry Paul Volcker that investigated the machinations around the UN program "Oil-for-Food Programme", with the regime of Saddam Hussein, the two firms have collaborated with the name "of Gunvor".

Trade with Iraq went through "Zarubezhneft" headed by a good friend of the head of Gunvor'a Timchenko, later - the head of "Transneft" Nikolay Tokarev! According to the report by Paul Volcker, Gunvor in total was involved in the sale of oil worth about $ 500 million.

Each year, as a consequence of inaccurate accounting of the devices of oil in the pipeline system of "Transneft" surplus generated. These surpluses are sold the most "Transneft" and the funds, according to the company itself, are directed to charity. Then the fun begins.

Total in 2007, the transport monopoly on charity sent 7.2 billion rubles. (at2006 -. 5.3 billion rubles), including 644 million rubles. I received the "Assistance" fund, and 422 million rubles. - Interregional public fund of assistance to the federal bodies of state protection "Kremlin-9" (created in 2001 to "support staff and veterans FSO"). In 2009, 3.2 billion rubles were allocated for these purposes in 2010 -. Not less than 3.98 billion rubles.

In May 2009, "Transneft" has opened its first recipients of charity. Among them, such as the Fund for the promotion of employees and veterans of the Federal Security Service, "the Kremlin-9." Peak charitable payments (more than 5 billion rubles.) came in the III quarter of 2007. This was a time when Nikolai Tokarev replaced Semyon Weinstock Guide "Transneft".

It should be noted that in 2009, 749 million rubles, one of the daughters of "Transneft" was given a certain international charity fund "Constantine", where Nikolai Tokarev is part of the board of trustees. But the money disappeared in an unknown direction.

If the authorities really want to fight corruption, then they need to tightly engage the head of Transneft and eof relatives!