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Why Aeroflot, following the steps of Pobeda, suddenly turned against the passengers?
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The leader of the Russian airline, the state company "Aeroflot", suddenly became the hero of a very controversial stories. The carrier refused to feed the passengers, who were waiting for a few hours your flight. In addition, the airline proposed to fasten some of its customers with handcuffs. At the same time, one of the scandals took place in front of the whole world, because it involved foreigners. Behavior of the largest and most respectable aviakorporatsii more than strange.

Warm greetings from Rospotrebnadzor

Last months the public has got used, that one of the most scandalous Russian airlines was "Victory". It is, above all, the attitude towards the passengers. But suddenly the example of his daughter followed the parent company - "Aeroflot". That's one of the episodes, news of which spread widely until now. Last year, Rospotrebnadzor Administration of Nizhny Novgorod Region conducted an audit of "Aeroflot" activities. It was found that the company had not complied with the law in respect of passengers. And if you explain in other words, it came not ocheHb beautiful.

carrier's flight en route from Zurich, Switzerland to Moscow. But on the way, due to unfavorable conditions, the liner was forced to land in Nizhny Novgorod. flight delay was more than four hours. According to federal aviation regulations, the carrier had to feed the passengers. And not just to feed and provide hot meals and drinks. However, "Aeroflot" for some reason, skimped his duties and refused to passengers in the food. Drinks, however, lodged, but not in a timely manner. Rospotrebnadzor eventually filed an administrative case. It would seem a minor episode, who does not happen. However, if we look at the latest news on the major carriers, it turns out that ambiguous messages accumulated enough.

Fasten your seat, please handcuffs

Not long ago, the general director of "Aeroflot" Vitaly Savelevvystupil the initiative: allow to put on unruly passengers plastic handcuffs. This was motivated by the fact that the number of uproars on board Russian airlines increased and according to the law violators can not do anything. maximum bindingIt is plaid. In this manual, "Aeroflot" noted that pacify unruly passengers - a worldwide practice. It really is. In Europe and the United States for aggressive behavior on board discharged huge fines, and for assaulting a member of the crew - could be imprisoned for several years. We have the same laws are more lenient. For example, a fine of 500 rubles. Although the same "Aeroflot" has experience suing the disgraced passengers and one million rubles.

But somehow, Vitaly Savelyev, forgot to mention one circumstance. At the same Europe and the United States a huge passenger flow. There, people fly airplanes for a weekend with relatives. Or, on the contrary - to another city to work in shifts. We have also, according to the opinion poll, 70% of the population in recent years does not fly the aircraft. For many people flying on the ship - it is both a holiday and a lot of stress (it is known that stress than we used to mute). For many Russians, the plane now, no matter how sad it sounds - an attribute of a beautiful life series on the central channels. Now imagine these residents read in the newspapers that if they doand carrying something that is not what they put on handcuffs. Or, release the discharge of the Taser (that's proposal Rosaviation). And then watch on TV as such initiatives voiced by President Saveliev. It is terrible, however.

And the whole self in loss

Perhaps much more logical largest state-owned carrier to conduct other work to the public. Explain that during the flight to behave decently. What fly on the ship - this is not an incredible event in your life, and the everyday phenomenon of our time. With plane tickets are not necessarily expensive, you can always find the action, p. But it seems that the airline prefers to scare their clients. It can also be understood. Times are hard, business is constantly on the nerves, profit falls.

"Aeroflot" Last year was a loss of 6 and a half billion rubles. Therefore, I decided not to pay dividends. And since controlling stake in the company belongs to the state, the budget did not receive a certain income from the activities of the carrier. Also it seems a trifle. Treasury of "Aeroflot" losses has lost all leashseveral billion rubles, the company could potentially pay country. But we have the public sector has a leading position in the economy. And if each state-owned company will start to operate more efficiently (and for the carrier - is, above all, the increase in passenger traffic), you see, and life will become easier, and will fly higher and GDP finally go up.

Doing just fine

However, this whole wave of bright hopes crashing on the sad realities. Here is another case in which a lot can be said about the attitude of "Aeroflot" to the inhabitants of the country. Recently it became known that the company may no longer fly to Yakutia. The reason was disagreement between the carrier and the airport, the Bratsk, which for "Aeroflot" is a spare area in the event of emergencies. And, in general, it is a matter of economic entities. But the fact is that the national carrier would because of this cease to fly to remote, difficult region. Such is antisocial oriented business corporations receiving subsidies for transportation. In the end, all was resolved, and the company did not cancel flights. But eventhe fact that it could happen - a very alarming.

However, it is our internal Russian affairs. And if you go back to the episode with hot food, it is, in fact, could acquire and international resonance. Passengers flying from Switzerland, were obviously foreigners on board. We can say that the world famous Russian company that has made a minor incident in a small fraction of its international reputation. So it seems like a handsome Swiss returned to their homeland, says German friend as he was left without food in Nizhny Novgorod.

«! Oh Gott» (Oh God!) - Probably his companion answered. And ironically adds not need to be translated phrase from famous films: «Das ist fantastisch».