Nobody is looking for Elena Baturin

The defamation case, in which she acts as a defendant, was sent to a magistrate court.
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The Elistin City Court overturned the December ruling on the search for Russia's richest woman, widow of ex-Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina, said the initiator of the criminal case against her, Erenzen Manzheev. He noted that the libel case was sent for consideration on the merits in a magistrate court.

“I am very glad that the court of appeal instructed to consider the merits. Today, such a wish was finally expressly expressed both by Elena Nikolaevna and her defense, ”said Manzheev, financial manager of the defendant’s brother, Viktor Baturin, in his bankruptcy case. He expressed confidence that the justice of the peace would be able to pass a fair sentence on this criminal libel case, restoring his reputation as an arbitration administrator and an honest name.

The announcement of Elena Baturina on the wanted list has indeed been canceled, her representative Gennady Terebkov confirmed to RBC. He explained that the decision was canceled, since Yelena Baturina submitted a notarized statement to the court of appeal to consider this criminal case in her absence. The decision to search Terebkov called "unprecedentedly illegal and baseless." He also said that in relation to the judge who made the decision to search for the judge, a particular ruling on a gross violation of the law was issued. The representative of Baturina called both of these decisions "obviously correct."

In 2016, Viktor Baturin was declared bankrupt, and Erenzen Manzheev tried to challenge the deal concluded between Elena and Victor Baturins to sell the latter's share in the development company Inteko in 2001, but lost. Last year, Manzheev filed a lawsuit with a request to prosecute Elena Baturina under paragraph 1 of Article 128.1 of the Criminal Code (“Defamation”) because of a statement by an entrepreneur in an Austrian court, where she spoke about a criminal case instituted against him. Manzheev claims that no case was brought against him. The court several times summoned Elena Baturin to court, but she did not appear at the hearing, and at the end of 2019 she was put on the wanted list.

At the end of last year, Terebkov in an interview with Forbes connected the search for Baturina with A1 company Mikhail Fridman. He stated that the decision was "the next stage of the raider attack on Baturina by A1 structures of Mikhail Fridman, using her long-time opponent Viktor Baturin and his unreasonable demands." “A1 has nothing to do with any resolution on the search for Baturina and is not involved in this matter,” Andrei Elinson, managing partner of A1, objected.

At the same time, in early January, it became known that A1, in December 2018, acquired the right to claim debt of 3.2 billion rubles to Victor Baturin. A1 studied Baturin’s business and came to the conclusion that “his sister Elena definitely has an unpaid debt to her brother arising from the acquisition of a 25% stake in Inteko JSC, and the payment of this debt will satisfy the requirements of all Baturin's creditors, including Sarrio, Federal Tax Service, Russian Agricultural Bank and others. " Terebkov, in turn, previously emphasized that the Baturins have not been linked for a long time by any relationship, including financial. He related information about the alleged debt with the “raider attack” by A1.

Litigation between Elena and Viktor Baturin began about 15 years ago, after Viktor Baturin left the post of vice president of Inteko. Disputes related to the division of the company. The parties signed an amicable agreement in 2007, and a year later an annex to the document, which, however, turned out to be different for both parties. The document according to Baturin’s version provided that he would be paid market compensation for 25% of Inteko, while his sister’s version didn’t talk about compensation. The Austrian court, in which Baturina spoke about Manzheev, dealt specifically with the proceedings around the authenticity of documents.