Nogotkov will try to launch a startup in Silicon Valley

Ex-owner of Svyaznoy Maxim Nogotkov moved to the US. Now he is in Silicon Valley, and tries to start a new business in the field of mobile commerce.
Origin source
That Marigold moved to the US and living in Silicon Valley, RBC said a source close to the "Messenger". This information was confirmed three Nogotkova friends. "Maxim is trying to start a new project and looks at it the means", - says one of them. Another source said that Marigold is now living in San Jose (the unofficial capital of Silicon Valley).

"Yes, I am in Silicon Valley, but tell me the world is nothing," - he said, RBC Marigold.

RBC source close to one of the investors with whom Marigold negotiated, said the businessman have an idea to create a web application, which is part of geolocation. Under the new project Marigold registered company in the United States, he adds. Another familiar Nogotkova knows what we are talking about "something of a geo-social network." He adds that the team Nogotkova carefully hides the details of this project.

Maxim has a division that is looking for startups, he says RBC is one of the venture capitalists. "He has the idea to sell advertising in the mobile segment, but the fact that he raisedflushes money for a specific project, I have not heard "- he says. Familiar Nogotkova says Nogotkova new project - a mobile b2c-service. "This mobile application, it is possible that they will be associated with geolocation, because Max was interested in platforms that can help to promote the application of specific regions", - he said, adding that an application will be made for the American market.

Marigold has hinted that he left Russia, in his video address to the staff of "The Messenger", which had a 20-year anniversary last week. "I'm opening a new country, a new world, new people, new projects, new opportunities, I am very interested, I feel like back in 20 years", - he said.

Silicon Valley - the center of attraction of high-tech entrepreneurs from around the world, and it's not just the availability of financing and the attractive local market, says managing partner Gagarin Capital Partners, Nikolai Davidov. According to him, it is in the Valley, you can assemble a team that will make the entire global business, because there are concen-ocheny strongest staff and managers. "Here Maxim will certainly be able to apply their experience and knowledge in the creation of global projects," - Davydov said.

"Find the money for a large-scale project, and the potential for large-scale project is not obvious in Russia is difficult, even a successful entrepreneur. Move to Silicon Valley right now - it's like to move from the village to Moscow, it is a huge melting pot of ideas, "- said the president of OTP Bank Giorgi Chesakov. According to him, there appreciate the talented entrepreneurs, which include Maxim marigolds. "Errors is also valuable experience there," - he adds.

In 2015, Marigold has lost its assets for debts. Now GC "The Messenger" and Messenger Bank, which is under threat of withdrawal of the license, control group Solvers Oleg Malis. Financial problems have arisen Nogotkova in November last year, when he was unable to repay the loan received from Onexim Group ($ 120 million). Malis bought Trellas debt (head for all businesses Nogotkova) from Onexim.