Non-existing daughters of Vladimir Putin

Russia is hit by another wave of discussion of the so-called "Putin's daughters". 
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Putin himself has said that they do not live in the West, and did even Moskvabade , and sometimes he is seen with them. Thus, the "news" was rebuffed unscrupulous foreign media exaggerated about getting married one of the daughters to the son of a South Korean admiral or a second residence in the Netherlands.

However, the subject is a barren and rotten. The answer to all walking in mindless circles "where Putin's daughter," and why they had not seen in 15 years, lies on the surface. Because they do not exist.

Briefly put together reduce the number of available and verifiable facts:

- In the available sources there is no photo or video daughters triple Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which they would be older than 14-15 years. .


- Biography of Putin's daughters rather strange in the sense that there is only available evidence of their learning in German schools, which is very unusual for rossiyanskih elite 98-99% prefer traineds in English-language schools in the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland or the United States. It is believed that Mary and Catherine studied first in Germany, then finished primary school in St Petersburg in the German-speaking Peterschule, then from 1996 studied in Moscow - in the German-language " German school in Moscow ", which, however, in autumn 1999 - winter 2000 s left, going from "security reasons" to ... home education. Interestingly, while it was in Russian or German? And some of these "daughters" in general, the native language?

No pictures of this period is almost non-existent, many classmates Putin's children if they say something, for some reason, only on a full or partial anonymity.

- The eldest daughter of "Putin's" Mary has received a high school diploma in 2002, and the youngest, Catherine - in 2003. In 2005 (as they did in the years 2002-2003-2005 - mystery), both in the same year entered the St. Petersburg University (Maria in the Biological Faculty, Catherine - to the east). The Uni aunt were never seen again, at the Faculty nobody knew, and could not even speak properly, whether they learn at all. The media published rumors that they allegedly studied under different names , and sometimes even at home. What for?

Actually, all the facts about Putin's daughters are exhausted. Pampered, and Hare, dear rossiyanchegi. Needless to climb into other people's family affairs with their "snotty noses".

Besides the fact that such behavior insulting "popularly-elected president of the Russian Federation" in relation to their "electorate", stems from this simple and cynical conclusion that no reliable information about the existence of Mary and Catherine Putins not. In any case, over the past 15-16 years.

And all appearing in the media and on the Internet stuffing "about Putin's daughters come in virtually the same scheme - some British (Dutch) tabloid publishes a blurred picture, which is then happily rossiyanskih officialdom denies. Like, haha, the bourgeoisie did not catch!

For example, one of the most famous "Putin's daughters' pictures on the Internet:

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Often journalists call a woman left even now Putin (left in the photo, in fact - on the right) and daughter of one of the daughters of the president of the Russian Federation. Whereas in reality it is a certain Daria Zakharova from the Moscow region, accidentally (hmm) found himself next to Putin in 2008 on the threshold of the polling station.

This summer, the Internet (through the Dutch and the British media) there was a strange picture defocused backgrounds with a certain blonde that is Putin's daughter Maria, who supposedly lived in the Netherlands (about this method of Putin's daughter living rumors since 2013):


Then, however, "suddenly" found out, ThursMaria is not Putin, and in general in the Netherlands Putin's daughter no matter how and no, that "happily" reprinted by the Russian media . Like, again wiped his nose vrazhin!

All this crazy show with crazy descended dad who caulked "for security purposes" adult daughters somewhere so that nobody sees or hears (they do not have friends, they do not do shopping, charity, they are not interested in scientific careers and work, they are not interesting to the art, and so on), but the bloom and refuted rumors about their alleged residence in Germany, then in the Netherlands, South Korea, then in Japan, in Russia, produces a painful impression. As if we all psychiatric hospital patients and nurses in front of us twist silent film with idiotic contents.

In our series, there are an offshoot - is Putin's "wife". This is a "spouse" on the census in Russia in 2010 :


Jiving over camouflage under a sofa or reporters in the reflection of a cheap TV screen could not unless absolutely lazy kreakl. But protocol bunch of water in the center of the table depicts a cheap hotel or a room for servants. However, it leaves aside, let us return to our "sheep".

In reality, the situation is such that even if we now present to the public some real "Putin's daughter", then verify it without strict verification of documents and confessions of rossiyanskih Gauleiter impossible - because no one knows how to look Putin's daughter. People who have seen them and able to prove it does not exist (at least not publicly, apart from those evidence statements talking parrot Peskov or rambling interview with the rector of St. Petersburg State University - "Masha and Katya are well prepared for the exams, they resemble father and mother ").

When "Putin's" criticism emphasizes the "absence of his daughters in the public space", as a rule, they cite the example of developed and civilized countries, where such things yavlyayutsunconventional. However, a more logical is the comparison Putinlenda not with them, but with the more primitive "states" - colonies and semi-colonies, etc .. And not even a vulgar Asian monarchies or dictatorships standard like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan or African "democracies" where dictators can not hide their children (and how you can hide an adult?). And with the "states" with chudinkoy. For example, the closed North Korea, which has almost 70 years there is a hereditary "monarchy" some Kims. The current Kim, by the way, studied secretly in the Swiss private school, but the exact year of his birth is not known. However, the Russian Federation has not yet closed and not "hereditary dictatorship of the monarch." But the key word here is "yet."

After all, suddenly the owners of our uranium mine comes to mind bright idea to arrange us putiniadu years since 50 forward, running at some time in the air "miraculous discovery" daughters of GDP with a view to 'legacy'? Fortunately, brought from Germany android (s) turned out to be quite effective, "the Russian president," oneCrimean adventure that costs (many semi-sovereign states would then spread out all the claws, and the personal, the order executed, about "divided Russian people" cheat sheet with a bang rattled off).

Actually, the family at the "Putin" not only lost (as well as time to die), but are with periodic regularity, the benefit of their bulk. A couple of years ago, a resident of Russia suddenly remembered the dead in the siege of Leningrad older brother (his name, however, because and he did not name, had to dig archivists ). So, the whole question only in the proper selection of the cast (unless, of course, such a turn in our series will be scheduled).