Nose dive of Dmitry Strashnov

Security officials became interested in "aircraft" procurement of the Russian Post, which took place without competition and at an inflated price. This investigation may lead to the resignation of the federal state unitary enterprise's head, Dmitry Strashnov, observers say.
Security officials are interested in "aircraft" procurement "Mail of Russia", which took place without competition and at an inflated price. This investigation may lead to the resignation of the federal state unitary enterprise Dmitry Strashnova. Fighters with corruption interested bought "Mail of Russia" aircraft. FSUE explained the purchase of allegedly cost savings. Two Tu-204 were bought for 3.4 billion rubles - the price is inflated. As it happened, because the transaction was carried out with a single supplier!

Note that experts are also skeptical this deal. Thus, the ex-head of the Department for Management of mail flow on an air transport Main haul Center "Mail of Russia" Sergey Krupnov says that "the need for the purchase of aircraft was grounded enough." Why do planes needed "Mail of Russia"? "The aircraft will reduce delivery times and are actively used to send e-mail cargo, including orders from online stores. First, the aircraft will operate regular flights to Siberia, the Far East and in East Asia ", - said in a statement.

In other words, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise creates a "staging post" in Yakutia, which will be delivered to all foreign parcels! At the traffic can be good money. Of course, the price rise for packages. However, there are two points. First, people simply start using other mail operatoroami. Second, action Strashnova more like not to state the company's strategy, which is to act in the interests of citizens, and the businessman who wants to maximize profits. A goszakupochnye inflated prices usually mean that the participants in the transaction failed to "warm."

Recall that the security forces "accumulated" around the head of the federal state unitary enterprise, when he illegally allocated himself a premium of 95.4 million rubles. At the end of 2016 to the employees came from the FSB searches. "This investigative activities carried out within the framework of pre-investigation checks on the general director of" Mail of Russia "Dmitry Strashnova", - said a source on the searches.


Recall "with an increase in profits in 2015 to 1.2 billion rubles FSUE received almost 5.4 billion rubles of state subsidies." Of course, the need to raise profit. But in the first place "Mail of Russia" - a post office, it is necessary to make an effective profile direction. What makes terrible, beginning in 2013, when he lobbied for the head of the Ministry of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov?

Manager, using the resources of the FSUE made Bank (!) And supermarket! By mid-2017, if Strashnova, of course, will not plant, he wants to create "a platform for online payments."

"Corrupt reality" Strashnova

Corruption in the Post Office has an objective reality. "The total number of loss and theft of mail in Q2. 2015 compared to the 1st quarter. 2015., Increased by 405%, including the fault of branches increased by 405%. The main share of losses and thefts account for registered letters received from FC TSODD traffic. The greatest number of losses and theft of mail admitted the fault of postal facilities ASC MR (38% - 10681 RPO) and AFPS Moscow Region (46.5% -13,109 RPO) ", - said in the memo, which appeared at the disposal of the newspaper The Moscow Post .

Recall that after his appointment Strashnov initiated the creation of the development strategy of "Mail of Russia" for $ 1 million (!), Entrusting this business The Boston Consulting Group foreign consulting company (BSG). The office did not previously worked in the Russian market. And with e-mail in the state of BSG connected only one specialist.
What is the result? Losses extract himself premiums for tens of millions of rubles, buy airplanes, opening bank and actually a grocery store. Vice Strashnova already fled from their posts after the FSB checks. But Dmitry E. nowhere to run. We'll have to answer for everything. In particular, for the purchase of 3.4 billion rubles, the two old aircraft.