Not just an agent

The ex-president of Probusinessbank, Sergey Leontiev, may be involved in the "scam of the century" for the withdrawal of money from Russia via Moldova.
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Steeper London "roof" can only be Washington: America simply do not extradite, and sue useless. This rule apparently guided by the former president and owner of Russian Probusinessbank Sergey Leontiev, when I left the United States. But it was not so easy.

Soon the ex-banker Sergey Leontiev have to leave the US and move in the usual jurisdiction, but it is much more dangerous for his life and freedom. Given the fact that Sergei Leontiev may not be just an agent, but also the operator of "Moldovan scheme" - a channel for output of billions of dollars on the route "Moscow - Lithuania - Latvia - further everywhere", which covered the banking systems of three states in 2014.

To the exit…

It is believed that Sergei Leontiev summed visa. According to Latvian sources banker entered the US on L1 visa. This work visa, which is issued to employees of international companies operating in the United States. Such visas are a number of time constraints. So, stay in the United States is determined by the nature of the agreements with the country, which is a blotcompany's nickname. Sergey Leontiev robbed this visa last September. And now he is preparing to leave America, changing it to Britain or Latvia.

In the current situation, this replacement looks very risky, given the fact that in different countries of the former Soviet Union is currently under investigation, "the Moldovan case." It is so active that recently covered by the law enforcement agencies of the National Revolutionary fervor of Ukraine not only arrested in Kiev, but were given to Moldova Vyacheslav Plato, colleague Leontiev. Plato now actively "talking" and enters into transactions with law enforcement agencies of Moldova, and in this testimony sounds more Russian names. Thus, the usual story by Russian standards, the withdrawal of assets from the bank's own can turn into an international scandal.

Long hole

It is assumed that Probusinessbank sank at a very prosaic reason. Its capital found a "hole" the size of 67 billion rubles. The real scale of the disaster have been identified after the revocation of the license. Serious opAsen relatively Probusinessbank balance quality appeared in the financial market came after ratings agency Fitch in October 2014 made public its suspicions about the securities portfolio, which was reporting on the accounts of a credit institution.

By the end of 2013 Probusinessbank determines the cost of this package is 42 billion Rubey, but the amount of mortgage operations featured an entirely different order - about 3 billion rubles. This was contrary to the fundamentals of the banking business logic, the routine day to day operations of which is the active use of the package of its securities in the conduct of mortgage transactions with the Central Bank. Even more suspicious was the fact that this package is kept in the accounts of the two depositories in Cyprus, owned by Russian brokers. This fact is, in principle, rule out the paper from the security business with the Russian Central Bank, which required the placement of securities involved in the transactions in the Russian depositary. Especially interesting was the fact that for a year (since the end of 2012 until the end of 2013th), this portfolio has grown from 27 billion rubles. And no clear explanation for this phenomenallymu growth was not.

Apparently, about the strangeness of the business of the whole group with the Bank of Russia started thinking long before the "exposure" of the rating agency. the whole supervisory board on to the JSCB "Probusinessbank" banking group In November 2010, in the depths of the regulator has passed. Given that the group at that time consisted of six credit institutions ( "Express-Volga", "university-Bank", "National Savings Bank", "Investment City Bank", "Gazenergobank" and "of"), it is It has been a systemic problem. But no practical conclusions are not followed. As reported in the official press release issued on the basis of the college, "representatives of the banking group OJSC JSCB" Probusinessbank "... provided information and responded to questions raised."

Probusinessbank license from the Bank of Russia revoked only 12 August 2015, ie five years after the "historical board," and a year later - after Fitch revelations.
The subsequent inspection immediately confirmed the worst predictions and fears - a package of securities on the accounts of Cypriot Dept.ZITAR turned virtual, and traces of these values ​​find it was not possible. As well as numerous loans to technology companies - that is derived from the bank. And a week later, the Bank of Russia submitted an application for recognition of "Probusinessbank" bankrupt, which was granted the Moscow Arbitration Court has already October 28, 2015.

Criminal funnel

Simple bankruptcy Probusinessbank not satisfy the central bank. A few months "iron Nabi" -
Elvira Nabiullina, the head of the Central Bank, appealed to the Investigation Committee, which promptly opened a criminal case on embezzlement in particularly large Probusinessbank bankrupt. On top managers immediately struck sword to Basmanny justice. In February 2016 Basmanny Court of Moscow sanctioned the arrest of former vice-president Probusinessbank Vyacheslav Kazantsev and Sergei Kalachev, Nikolai Alekseev and Marina Krylova. At the same time, he was arrested entrepreneur Oksana Kravchenko.

The ex-president Sergey Leontiev Probusinessbank, as well as two former predpravleniya - Aleksandp Zhelezniak and Dmitry Dylnov - were beyond the reach of the investigation. By this time, MRS representatives voiced version of embezzlement depositors Probusinessbank, which took place from September 2014 to July 2015. But, according to some sources, the reason for the arrests was not only appeal Naibullinoy, but also reports the FSB. The latter, though indirectly confirms the version about participation in bankers' scam Moldovan. "

The Latvian sources, which are the traces of this history, it is believed that the case is even more complicated and confusing. It begins to sound very strange list of names, which includes a variety of characters and organizations. In particular - Hermitage Capital Management fund, senior Interior Ministry officers, prosecutors, tax authorities, judges, lawyers, and even the former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. Anatoly Serdyukov, by the way, recently lost another gosdolzhnosti that somehow covered it. It is inappropriate. It seems that the real story is just beginning to unfold.