Novak allowed the support of "Gazprom" because of the arrest of assets in the Netherlands

Energy Minister Alexander Novak did not rule out measures of state support for the gas corporation, whose assets under the lawsuit of Naftogaz were arrested in the Netherlands and Switzerland. The Ukrainian company Gazprom is obliged to return 2,65 billion dollars.
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The Russian government may consider supporting Gazprom after the company's assets are seized in the Netherlands, Energy Minister Alexander Novak said, Tass reports. According to him, this can happen after the necessary legal advice is provided.

"Today, the legal work of the process that was launched is still under way. And when the corresponding assessment is made by lawyers and recommendations are given, then it will be possible to say something concrete, "he said, answering a question about possible state support.

The minister also said that the situation with the arrests of the company's assets will adversely affect the contacts with Kiev on the supply of gas to Ukraine and transit through its territory. "We believe that for such partnerships, such actions do not have a good effect. And we see that there is some surprise on the part of European states that are aimed at regulating these relations, "Novak said (quoted by Interfax).

The decision of the Stockholm Arbitration under contracts for the supply and transit of gas through Ukraine was called "contradictory logic" and "discriminatory" by the Minister.

The assets of the company in the Netherlands were arrested in pursuance of the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration Court in a dispute with the Ukrainian Naftogaz. The latter was told on June 5 that, in particular, the shares of the Russian company in "daughters" were arrested. In Amsterdam, the head office of Gazprom International is located. Commenting on the arrest, Gazprom underlined that the company will defend its rights.

In addition, on May 30, Swiss bailiffs conducted an inventory at the office of Nord Stream AG, the operator of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. Gazprom said they did not receive official notifications from the Swiss authorities on this issue. As RBC wrote, the share of the Russian company in Nord Stream AG is estimated at € 6 billion.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko also spoke about the arrest of assets in the UK. He also said that he had instructed "not to dwell on these three countries."

The Stockholm Arbitration Court decided in late February on a dispute between Gazprom and Naftogaz about a contract for the supply and transit of gas. The court ruled that the Russian company should pay Ukrainian $ 2.6 billion for the volume of gas that was not delivered to Ukraine. After that, Gazprom announced the termination of contracts with Naftogaz. After that, the Ukrainian side began to seize Gazprom's assets on its territory.