Novikombank is a goner with Elena Georgieva

Mistakes of the Chairman of the Board nullify all shareholder's efforts to save the bank of Rostec. 
Despite the extraordinary efforts made by the leadership of the state corporation "Rostec" to save his "Novikombank" The situation in the credit institution is only getting worse. According to Moody's analyst Helena Redko, in the current year "Novikombank" there is a significant delay in growth and deteriorating loan portfolio. And according to the experts the agency Interfax, the size of the "hole" in the capital of the bank can reach tens of billions of rubles - despite the fact that the volume of loans, requiring additional reserves, may be about 100 billion rubles. The owner of "Novikombank" corporation "Rostec" naegodokapitalizatsiyu promises to send 45 billion rubles. However, the crisis does not, as planned, to fulfill these obligations in cash, therefore the shareholder has to plug holes in the "Novikombank 'assets by transferring it to its real estate capital balance. Thus, last month, the credit institution has been transferred to real estate by 3 billion rubles. According to the head of Finnsovogo portal Vladimir Shevchenko, a massive cash injection in the "Novikombank" made for "business rescue" the problem of the credit institution, which is threatened by a variety of trouble until the revocation of the license.

As the expert warns, a set of indicators "Novikombank" primarily on arrears may be falsified to conceal the true state of public institutions, partners, and most importantly - from the regulator. The fact that the violations "Novikombank" can reach a wide scope of the criminal, and said a well-known economist Mikhail Khazin, who noted that the bank "through 181 firmu-" Transient "laundered 59,701,155,649 rubles, taking pride of place in the rating of the bank theft ".

That scandalous secrets "Novikombank" increasingly seeping out, and they already openly speak a variety of analysts, evidence of the impending catastrophe of the credit institution. You are responsible for what is happening in the bank in the first place, sooner or later will have its board chairmanElena Georgieva. Elena was assigned to his current position in March of this year, Bank of reseeding in the chair head of the Treasury Rostec that occupied from 2013. Shortly thereafter, Georgieva was appointed as member of the Board of Directors' FUNDSERVICEBANK "supposedly to reorganize that" Novikombank "received 40 billion rubles. How did it happen that sanitize the dead and robbed to the bone by its owner Alexander Volovnik "FUNDSERVICEBANK" entrusted half dead "Novikombank" remains a mystery. After all, according to the report Fitch reputable agency, more than 20 percent "Novikombank" assets untenable. The same agency recently lowered the bank's rating to B (substantially insufficient creditworthiness) to B- with a negative outlook: after B - is CCC (possible default). Therefore it is obvious that the resulting "Novikombank" from the Deposit Insurance Agency of 40 billion rubles for the sanitation of "FUNDSERVICEBANK" went entirely for other purposes. This is confirmed by the fact that Elena Georgieva, the bank has not performed a financial planrehabilitated recovery of the credit institution and did not even set about this plan. This situation leaves no doubt that the hold of the benefit "Novikombank" rehabilitation "FUNDSERVICEBANK" process is used as a latrine tool for asset stripping.

The fact that the Bank "Novikombank" itself is doomed, in private conversations, even the representatives of the regulator confirmed. According to them, check revealed in the bank such large-scale problems and serious violations that other option left. The situation is absolutely catastrophic: so, for confidential data, under the control of the bank Elena Georgieva increase the volume of "bad loans" to exorbitant volumes. These cunning and almost irrecoverable loans were entirely affiliated companies and "their" people. In addition, "Novikombank" running Georgieva became a laundry room, through which billions of dollars in laundered funds through firm-by-night. He said this economist Khazin was clearly well informed about what is happening. However, all of the same persistentivee say in the banking environment. Market participants expect serious upheavals associated with both "Novikombank" and its chairman of the board Elena Georgieva, who probably first fall under the distribution for the failures of the banking policy.