Nuclear family: what businesses Sergey Kiriyenko's relatives are engaged in

Former partners, friends, and the son of Rosatom CEO make business activities in the cities and industries, connected to the career of the influential state manager. 
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Business friends and former partners of the former prime minister and presidential envoy to the Volga Federal District, and now the head of "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko was often associated with cities and industries, where he held senior positions. Kiriyenko himself and his son Vladimir flatly refused to tell Forbes anything on the family business. After dozens of interviews, of Forbes watched as transformed the family business interests.

New town

On the night of September 30, 2002 in Nizhny Novgorod election commission just begun to count the votes in the second round of mayoral election, and in the areas already swept dozens of cars with law enforcement officers and bailiffs. They hurry to execute the decision made the night before the district court of Nizhny Novgorod - to arrest and take out all the ballots from three hundred sites. Bailiffs raked ballots into bags and taken away somewhere, but after a couple days of arrest lifted, and the vote count was completed. With a margin of half a percentage point unexpectedly defeated former State Duma deputy Vadim Bulavinov, who lost in the first round of the currentMayor Yuri Lebedev, more than 10%. The court's decision was unprecedented for Russia. Lebedev, who headed the election headquarters of the Vice-Mayor Sergei Voronov remembers as the presidential envoy in the Volga Federal District Sergei Kiriyenko, after the scandal explained on television that it was a good work of law enforcement agencies. According to Voronov, the new mayor has become much more loyal to Kiriyenko, than its predecessor.

After the election went to the Mount of business people from Kiriyenko commands, such as his friend on the Komsomol (in the late 1980s Kiriyenko was the first secretary of Gorky regional Komsomol), the founder of Sarovbusinessbank Vladimir Travin. He became Sarovbusinessbank control the company "Center-SBR", through which payments for utility services throughout the Nizhny Novgorod region. More than 1 million personal accounts provided billions in cash flows. According to the former governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region Gennady Khodyreva, the question then was in charge of Minister of Housing Valery Limarenko, a member of the current team Kiriyenko. While public money scrolled through Sarovbusinessbank structures actTravin vnost spread to energy.

Travin and his partner Denis Soloviev in 2004 received a share of the "Volga-Vyatka Company" (VVC), which controlled 65% of services in the distribution and transmission of electricity in the Nizhny Novgorod region. At IHC had complete control and significant stakes in local energy companies - "Volga-power", "Nizhegorodopore", "Volga electric company", "Spetsinvestproekte" with a total revenue of more than 1 billion rubles. With the energy business related and "Volga leasing company", received in 2012 the order of the Nizhny Novgorod "Teploenergo" leasing counters to 1 billion rubles. Travin leasing business owned jointly with the former chairman of the bank "Guarantee" Viktor Kitaev.

This led the Bank and Sergei Kiriyenko. China itself has not realized himself financially, and in the development business. His company "New Town" built residential and commercial property in Nizhny Novgorod. In the "New City" project involved the company "Capital" Sergei Kiriyenko, Vladimir's son, and so onkzhe stepsister Kiriyenko Sr. Anna Nyquist and current member of the Board of Directors Sarovbusinessbank Viktor Stork (nee Sergei Kiriyenko Aistova wife).

"New Town" to implement joint projects with "Cinema Park" and the Moscow developer "Kvartstroy" significant player in the real estate market. "Kvartstroy" built about 500 000 sq. m business centers and residential real estate, mostly in Nizhny Novgorod, although there are projects in Moscow, Volgograd, Alma-Ata. Final beneficiaries "Kvartstroya" are not disclosed in the company declined to comment on its involvement in the family business and Kiriyenko partners. He declined to comment, and the head of the Nizhny Novgorod division of the company "Kvartstroy NN" Sergei Zhmaev.

Pink Lexus

In 2002, Vladimir Kiriyenko was a student at the Nizhny Novgorod campus of the Higher School of Economics, and his declared income already accounted for more than $ 5 million per year. After his studies, he became chairman of the board of directors Sarovbusinessbank, the owner of the media holding "Volga" and other assets. Head & Sonlaquo; Rosatom "cut through the city on a pink Lexus SUV with trendy rooms.

How did it to the young man? As a friend of Sergei Kiriyenko, he explains father always wanted a son was considered a successful businessman: "When he knocked 20 years it began to outweigh the assets." Share business NMGK holding company, which owns oil and fat plant and agricultural assets in Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Orenburg and other cities appeared at the son Kiriyenko, after a few years after the company in 2002, faced with a hostile takeover attempt by "Rinako". Co-owner NMGK Nikolai Nesterov turned for help to Sergey Kiriyenko. He wrote a letter to the police and Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov. "Rinako" receded. By 2007, the owner of 25% NMGK was a company "Capital" Vladimir Kirienko. On request in Forbes NMGK said that Sergei Kiriyenko, the son is no longer among the company's owners. Now Vladimir 32 years old, he was responsible for the family business.

However, after the scandal with the placement of funds of companies "Rosatom" in Crovbiznesbanke a significant part of the assets Kiriyenko Jr. passed to his fellow student at the Higher School of Economics Robert Gndolyanu. Controlling stake Sarovbusinessbank also had to crush: Now is owned by Travin, Gndolyan, about 20% received predpravleniya Irina Alushkina. Among its customers are still many nuclear power companies. Since the appointment of Sergei Kiriyenko, "Rosatom" Nizhny Novgorod Bank assets grew from 6 to 34 billion rubles.

wise burbot

Kiriyenko Jr. went into the shadows, but some fund managers told of Forbes, which led negotiations with him on private equity projects. Kiriyenko and Gndolyan work together and walk together on presentations, both in 2014 received Executive MBA in Skolkovo. In business school, Vladimir took an additional course on private equity, which is taught by specially invited Quek Yong Ping, director of the Chinese operating company Inventis Investment (running about $ 6 billion). Vladimir Kirienko partner says that the son of the head of "Rosatom" is investing private equity - shares in companies and factories, which he estimated at more than $ 50 million C.investor Vladimir Kirienko Titanium Investments in venture capital fund (the amount of about $ 50 million) Alexander Ayvazov sold its share (15%) power plant in the Vladimir region, she has managed the whole Kiriyenko at $ 6-7 million.

Two sources in the real estate market say that Vladimir Kirienko addition owns projects in Moscow and Moscow region (with shares of between 5% and 20%). Now Kiriyenko, Jr., according to his friend, more interested in commercial real estate in Switzerland and France.

But if the business is related to Vladimir Kiriyenko, "Rosatom"? Office of his company "Capital" is located on the Big Ordynka, 67, previously was located in this building, "daughter" of "Atomenergomash" Company "Burbot", here, it is just 500 m and is a presentable office of "Rosatom". The owner of 11%, and the general director of "Burbot" in 2007, was the brother of Robert Gndolyana Arastakes, and 90% owned Cypriot Gaterow. The firm was co-owner of companies associated with "Rosatom", for example, it owned 20% of "Petrozavodskmash". Director of the Institute of Energy Policy Vladimir Milov says that Kiriyenko would Nalaon dit "Petrozavodskmash" manufacture casings for nuclear reactors by the company as an alternative to "Izhora Plants" Yuri Kovalchuk, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Now "Petrozavodskmash" belongs "Atomenergomash" ( "Rosatom" group).

According to the same address with "Capital" is the mass of the Nizhny Novgorod assets, change of residence to Moscow. A significant part of them controls Robert Gndolyan: shopping center "Lobachevsky plaza» (about 30 000 sq m.), A business center "Congress", shopping center "New Era", cinema "Romanov Cinema" energy companies.

More Gndolyan owns microfinance organization "Live Money" (50 offices), participates in projects with a network of shopping centers "Winnie" children, and Gaucho restaurants Bocconcino.

On the other Kiriyenko registered and glamorous assets - real estate in Girona and the Spanish 24-meter yacht "Titan" in Florida.

Gndolyan refused to comment on anything and asked him not to call anymore.

Roomy jacket

In the autumn of 1998, the photo shootp-managers of "Transneft" for the annual report was delayed. Vice-President of Corporate Affairs Sergei Voronov remembers that the photographer chose his long view for the Vice-President for Economics and Finance Vladimir Travin, the same Komsomol friend Sergei Kiriyenko, the former prime minister was already. "It was an old-fashioned jacket with big pockets that bulged. Photographer winced, but he could not straighten his suit - says Ravens. - I walk over to him, and Travin pulls from his pocket a thick bundle of dollars, and then the same from the other. " According to him, Travin jacket can accommodate up to $ 100,000.

In late 2005, Travin became an adviser and then deputy Kiriyenko, "Rosatom", served on the boards of many group companies. In 2007 he entered the "ARMZ" (ARMZ) board of directors, a year later it acquired Lukoyanovskaya deposit of rare metals in the village Itmanovo Nizhny Novgorod region. By the time this field for about 15 years belonged to the people of Kiriyenko's team, says CEO of the company "Parma" from Nizhny Novgorod State Universitykind Andrew Clement.
"Red Guards" (so called in Nizhny Kiriyenko partners) took the field for a penny, I think, $ 1,000, and for a long time tried unsuccessfully to sell it ", - says Clement.

According to a source in "Rosatom" ARMZ Itmanovo paid for about $ 40 million. According to SPARC, was Sergey Demyanov, a longtime business partner for Sarovbusinessbank Travin, "Transneft" and "SBC Center" before the sale of the owner of the field. Travin declined to comment. According to his friend, he lives in London and did not talk to the press.

What happened to mine? it has not started to develop for seven years. As explained by a source in "Rosatom", in 2007, the purchase was due to the fact that in 2005, Viktor Yushchenko became president of Ukraine, and from that country to the nuclear enterprise Russia imported 17% zirconium, and then there were fears about supply disruption, but there were and then Viktor Yanukovych came to power. Now in Ukraine even more unfriendly towards the Russian regime, but to develop the field, it seems, no one is going. Klymentyev believes that flabout impossible, because nearby there is a housing estate.

Full set

In 2012, the scandal ended the contest Nizhny Novgorod engineering company "AEP" (NIAEP, is included in "Rosatom"), which was led by an old friend of the elder Valery Kiriyenko Limarenko. The tender was won by Vladimir firm Drobinina "Promenergokomplekt" and its rival "Volzhsky diesel them. Mama's "sent a letter to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin and head of" Rosatom "Sergey Kiriyenko. In the letter, "the Volga diesel," said the winner of the tender for the supply of diesel generators Rostov NPP has become a pocket Limarenko company with a staff of 12 people, the winner of the selection conditions have been created artificially, and the difference from the high prices NIAEP assigned supervisor. "According to Kalinin NPP assigned 945 million rubles, in Rostov NPP-3 assigned 945 million rubles, and the Rostov NPP-4 will be set to the same amount. All persons involved in the robbery are in the Moscow office Limarenko VI ", - stated in the letter. Complaints about "PromenergokompLect "written and other companies. "Rosatom" has verified and found no violations.

The owner of "AMT Group" ( "Promenergokomplekt" one of his companies) Vladimir Drobinin no stranger to Kiriyenko man team. He was director of the oil company "Norse-NOC" (in the mid-1990s, it managed the team Sergei Kiriyenko). Nizhny Novgorod businessman Andrei Kliment'ev says that "Norse" in leadership positions worked "Red Guards" and in the company of strangers did not take. According to the "PROMENERGOKOMPLEKT" Drobinin lives abroad. He did not answer questions on Forbes.

According to SPARC, the office "AMT Group", which includes "Promenergokomplekt", was located in Nizhny Novgorod at Alekseevskaya, 10/16, in the business center "Lobachevsky the plaza," where registered company Robert Gndolyana, classmate Vladimir Kirienko.

A source in "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko friend and partner Vladimir Kirienko claim that the son of the head of "Rosatom" - the owner of the building.
Are there any other secrets from the "AMT Group"? On YouTube posted video from one of the mnternational exhibitions, where the top manager of the company Alexey Saenko explains how it is possible to win tenders, - he traveled with the leadership NIAEP France, China and Korea, has been developing the concept of the Rostov nuclear power plant, an adaptation of technical conditions for foreign companies. In the advertising catalog "Promenergokomplekt" among its projects indicates Kalinin, Rostov, Byelorussian, Smolensk, Balakovo nuclear power plants, as well as the Indian Kudankulam project. Sayenko said of Forbes, that Limarenko not know, and did not answer the other questions.

Career Limarenko, the former Minister of Housing of the Nizhny Novgorod region, rapidly went up the hill. Tenth October 2014 at a meeting with Kiriyenko, he was appointed head of the combined company NIAEP, Moscow "Atomenergoproekt" and "Atomstroyexport". This company in terms of order book (more than $ 50 billion) among the ten largest infrastructure companies in the world. "I'm not sure that the company has such a scale is useful for the industry", - said the former deputy minister of the nuclear industry and a State Duma deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov. Before Creatiem giant chair for his head turned a real struggle, extensive searches in Petersburg "AEP" (AEP) held in May 2012. Head of the Moscow "Atomenergoproekt" Marat Mustafin in 2013 resigned. Limarenko left without competitors.

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