O1 Group structures of Boris Mints have increased their share in the financial group "Future"

Unifying private pension funds (APF) Boris Mintsa financial group (FG) "Future" has moved from the ownership of one Cyprus offshore to another. At the same time, the share of O1 Group structures, which belonged to Mr. Mintz for the first quarter of this year, grew by more than 10%.
Cyprus offshore Novite Holdings became the owner of a 86.08% stake in the financial group "Future", which unites private pension funds of Boris Mints - NPF "Future", "Telecom-Union", "Education" and "Social Development", follows from the disclosure of the FY. Another 2.22% for Milanissa limited. Novite Holdings belonged to O1 Group of Mr. Mintz, follows from the reports of "O1 Group Finance" for the first quarter of this year. The former owner of the majority stake, also to the Cyprian offshore company Milanissa limited, owned 75% of FG "Future" shares, 1.4% owned O1 Group directly, 0.005% was owned by Boris Mints, 23.6% was free float APF.

FG "Future" held an initial public offering in autumn 2016. Then, for 20% of the group's shares, Mr. Mintz's structures earned 11.7 billion rubles. In total, 1074 applications were approved for 1,190 rubles. for the share (capitalization amounted to 58.5 billion rubles.). Then, free-float, according to the holding, increased and reached 25% minus one share. However, in the autumn of the shares began to lose dramatically in price. The first contract with the market maker Aton, with which the Future entered into agreements to support the quotes, was in force until July 31 of last year and was extended, Vedomosti reported, the contract with the second market maker, the sanitized bank of FC Otkritie, operated until October 31 , it was not prolonged. At the end of the trading day of Monday, July 9, for one share of FG "Future" was given 192 rubles. And the capitalization compared to the offering price decreased by 83.9%, to 9.4 billion rubles.

Transfer of shares from one offshore to another is carried out within the framework of intra-group operations, FG "Future" explained. "Novite Holdings is part of the perimeter and is controlled by the O1 Group. These are technical changes that do not change the essence of the relationship between companies and do not affect the control of Milaness regarding FG "Future" - the company retains indirect control, "the group's representative said.
The representative of the group clarified that the change in the structure of the FG share capital does not mean a change of beneficiary for the "Future" group.

Previously, Kommersant reported that FG Future shares were pledged under a loan from the Moscow Credit Bank (IBC). Then this loan was transferred to the balance of the concern "Rossium" - the majority group of the ICB. And after the concern sold the debt to Cyprus offshore Riverstretch Trading & Investments (RT & I). Kommersant's interlocutors claimed that FG "Future" passes under the control of structures working with Rosneft.

At the same time, the funds included in the group entered into trust management agreements with CC Region Trast (part of Group of Companies (CC) Region). The newspaper RBC linked RT & I with the Region Group, which works closely with Rosneft, including managing the pension funds of its NPFs, arranges the placement of its bonds, and participates in a number of companies together with the oil company (see Kommersant on December 19 2017). In Group of Companies "Region", "Rosneft" and RT & I denied any connection with each other (see "Kommersant" on May 11).

Among the shareholders at the beginning of the year, a significant proportion occupied the structures of the sanated CB of the bank "FC Otkritie". According to a person close to the FG "Future", the share of these structures can reach up to 8% (see "Kommersant" on January 18). A large proportion is in the ownership of companies associated with the ICT group, this was told by an employee of one of the MC, who collaborated with FG "Future". Close to the group of ICT people claimed that their companies own more than 10% in FG Boris Mints. In the group ICT refute investments in shares of FG "Future".