Office of the President of the Russian Federation has spent 5 billion rubles on free apartments in Moscow for officials

Contracts for the purchase of apartments are signed by the deputy head of the department Petr Fradkov, and all contracts are taken by the Civil Construction Management Company, which is part of the perimeter of the Tatarstan mafia in the Moscow administration.
Over the past four years, the Presidential Affairs Office (UDP) has spent almost 5 billion rubles to buy apartments for its employees in Moscow. Only for July the total amount of state contracts amounted to 768 million rubles. "Needy" senior officials after privatization put up housing for sale or rewrite relatives, writes The Insider.

So, recently the managers in bulk bought about a hundred flats for the federal employees in the queue, while the purchase prices were significantly higher than the average market price. In particular, the square meter of housing in Zarevoy proyezd (Severnoe Medvedkovo) cost 161 thousand rubles, with the Ministry of Construction, an average price of 91.6 thousand for the "square".

The contracts were signed by the son of ex-premier of Russia Mikhail Fradkov, deputy head of the President's Administration Pavel Fradkov. According to Insider, the only participant and winner of the auctions was the "Civil Construction Management" - one of the largest developers in Moscow, headed by a long-time acquaintance of Moscow's deputy mayor, Marat Khusnullin Damir Gazizov.

Tatar companies act as house designers for officials, bypassing companies offering lower prices. At the same time, the project documentation is not available for public access, which rudely violates the law on public procurement. Prior to cooperation with fellow countrymen, Khusnullin manager bought apartments from developers directly connected with the head of the main department of capital construction UDP Oleg Perlin.

The elite management company includes the elite housing estate in Nastavnichesky lane (Tagansky district of Moscow), where the top-managers of Rosenergoatom and Rostekha and their relatives own the apartments. Apartments in a guarded house in Nesvizhsky Pereulok (Khamovniki) belong to the daughter of the first deputy head of the Presidential Administration (AP) Sergey Kirienko, the first president of Rosneft Alexander Putilov, the former head of the AP and former CSTO secretary general Nikolai Bordyuzha.

Officials with a pen stroke receive multi-million dollar subsidies for apartments, already having another housing

Under the law, officials living in apartments with an area of ​​less than 15 square meters per person or not having real estate can improve their situation by receiving a subsidy. However, top managers do not necessarily have to meet these criteria, you can only obtain the decision of the head of the structure.

So, the deputy head of the UDP Olga Sergun last year received a subsidy for housing in the amount of 31 million rubles. And the head of the territorial department of the UDP in the Crimea Oleg Podolko - more than 11 million, although he has an apartment in the property, and his wife - two.

Assistant head of the department managers Alexander Romeykov in 2016 received a subsidy of more than 15 million rubles, also having an apartment. For another deputy head of the department Dmitry Verbovoy acquired for the money allocated from the budget apartment was already the third.