Offshore millionaire Mikhail Abyzov's governors will decide the fate of the Ural

The heads of Perm and Sverdlovsk Oblasts hope for patronage of Minister Mikhail Abyzov, who has accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars in tax havens. 
I entered a new year, including the political. In 2017 the regions to elect nearly two dozen of its governors. The media most exaggerated until two of the existing regional heads. It Sverdlovsk Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev and his colleague from the Perm region Viktor Basargin. They all called the first candidates to "crash." Why? Because participation in the elections in our country, especially the governor, depending on whether the want of a Kremlin candidate.

So this is the Kremlin still keeps both "to change." Both the head of the Ural a year knocking on doors the president's office. But these doors are unusually "stubborn." However, Kuyvashev managed to pierce a hole in them and got an audience with Putin. This is a good sign, although the terms of political perspectives and the president did not really did not promise. Even more difficult situation in the Perm governor. What he does not lay himself on the forehead of the Kremlin gates, as long as they do not lend themselves to opening.

However, as they say sources close to the Kremlin's walls, everything can change after Putin will throw on the table "recommendation" message. He used to listen to such things. In this sense, the main role is given to those who are friends with the heads of subjects of the Federation. In the case of the Ural Kuyvashevym Basargin and the first role beyond the minister of the so-called "open government" Michael Abizov.

It is rumored to have close ties with the Urals. After all, as he has, to quote a famous movie about Gleb Zheglova, "special interest". The fact that the structure is closely related to Abyzov, long settled in the Ural Federal District. In particular, he "holds" virtually all the housing and communal services of the same Sverdlovsk and Perm regions. Apparently, this happened during a time when Abizov was second man Chubais, RAO UES of Russia. He, in fact, is considered a real "reschalschikom" all energy affairs in the region. Naturally, the experienced businessman communication Abizov managed to save and move to the country's government. And because he can slip the right piece of paper to the president about his Ural "comrades". After all, who knows how to turn the case, if they come to other governors ...

Vice Prime millionaire

Michael Abizov long been reputed shady billionaire. According to various sources, his personal fortune is estimated at more than $ 1 billion. It seems that he is not officially among the largest oligarch in the classic sense of the term. But it only seems. All my life I worked in the government gorporatsiyah Anatolkvich Michael was able to create for himself a solid material "baggage". So already it is no secret that Abyzova family long ago abandoned his beloved Russia and settled overseas. Catherine Wife is in the US "green card", and three children, and all are citizens of the United States, because there were born and raised.

In addition, Abyzova are the biggest owners of property outside of Russia. His family has an apartment (341 sq. M) and a garage (42 sq. M) in London (UK), a room in a country house (180 sq. M) in Italy at Valpiana, of Massa Marittima, possession Il Tesoro . On his son Daniel is decorated villa in the province of Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy, worth 2.2 mln. Euros. Do not miss Abizov and offshore matters. In particular, it is considered the owner of the company in the British Virgin Islands called Cushendal Ventures Limited. Even in the state official has called offshore Abacus Ltd., which is located on the sunny Cyprus. It Abizov transferred a total of nearly 500 million dollars in bonds of foreign countries. How he acquired these bonds, history is silent. But not silent that managing assets transferred, the highest civil servant receives an annual bonus of more than $ 20 million!

Moreover, this fact Michael A. "forgot" to indicate in its official declaration of income. Thus, the Minister of "open" government is probably the most private of the public "servant of the people."

Presents "bills"

This Abyzov audacity to openly plead with others, but the official billionaires. That only is the story when Abizov began to plead with anyone else, but with the head of the company "Renova" Viktor Vekselberg. Abizov demanded that "Renova" return him half a billion dollars, supposedly invested in the company KES Holding ". It turns out that the Russian government was a member of one of the owners of shares in the above company. So has every right to sell it and get it in cash. Thus, the Minister Abizov "burned" itself, saying in the documentary form, the activities of these foreign companies is controlled and carried out under his direction, and he personally took part in their management.

The minister is still in the ownership of the British firm Powerfuel closed for a long time coal enterprises investment fund «Bright Capital», realizing the US in the field of energy projects. Moreover, the data of foreign news agencies that have conducted its own investigation, indicate that Abizov focused almost all their assets abroad. Total member of the Russian government controls about 70 firms in the offshore: Cyprus, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. Through these and other companies it actually owns assets in the United Kingdom and the United States, worth hundreds of millions of dollars. With such a "patron", if he wants to communicate with the course such "small fry", as Ural governors, the latter can count on the most optimistic predictions about themselves.