Offshore millions of Central Bank officials

No money, but you hold on? It turns out that there is no money in the Central Bank of Russia, while it is necessary to hold on for all the citizens. 
It is also meant Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev? So, here Oshibochka out this thesis does not pass. And it does not pass, because the Central Bank money is just there. But there is a reason they are not in storage or in special accounts, and offshore accounts in foreign financial institutions at the most, probably the best, very talented representatives of the country's main bank.

By the way, the central bank every time happily report in TOI including the head of state that (attention !!!) "withdrawal of money abroad is reduced by the valiant labors of the Central Bank." Probably so. They apparently did not take into account the millions of its own foreign and thus very well improve the statistics? And what else? After officially in our country on a non-resident does not pay - the bank will collect a pile of papers, and then twice the bunch with their explanations to the Central Bank will send. And it will be to prove that he and decent, and defend his client. What to say about individuals! Do you want to transfer to your account to do - give a certificate that notified their tax office to open an account abroad.
But now let us remember about those for whom such a procedure, it seems, is not mandatory. Namely, high-ranking employees of the Central Bank of Russia itself. At that time, all the forces of the Central Bank aimed at preventing the withdrawal of funds outside of the Russian state, some employee of this establishment have significant assets in foreign banks. And a high-ranking lady, even the owner of the offshore company in Belize. But the list of heroes by name.

So Polyakova Olga December 2, 2014 was appointed Chief of the Bank of Russia for the Central Federal District. Her deputy was Anastasia S. Sverdel.

So, these two ladies, according to some documents, are very, very wealthy, I can even say very rich. But their condition are not in Russian banks, where "there is no money", and on accounts in Swiss and Belizean financial structures.

But maybe I'm wrong and the senior employee of the Central Bank is still reported having self, loves, foreign accounts and companies in the Declaration, which obliges them to submit the Law? Unfortunately no. I forgot about it and the Law "On Combating Corruption", which clearly requires to disclose information about their income to employees of higher rank of the Central Bank, which include Olga and Anastasia Polyakova Sverdel.

On the website of the Central Bank has information about this property Chief of the Bank of Russia for the Central Federal District of Olga Polyakova. During 2015 she earned as much as 12,776,816 rubles and was replaced by a machine with Mitsubishi Autlender on the Infiniti QX60. That's just whether it has declared all your income? After all, the Swiss bank Credit Suisse at it as at 18.05.2016 year, according to the documents, lie ... 3128 254.97 euros (three million one hundred and twenty-seven thousand euros !!!).


Well, she does not trust banks controlled. It happens. And you can understand, the more citizen Polyakova, sure knows the situation with domestic banks from the inside. But here is another question: whether it had notified its leadership of the WHOozhnom conflict of interest when recounted this amount since April 2015? After all, according to the instructions of the Central Bank of 10.07.2014 number 3414-U "On the order of adoption of Russian employees of the Bank measures to prevent and resolve conflicts of interest" had to notify in writing the Department of personnel policy and work with the staff and their immediate superior.

Data on property Deputy Polyakova Sverdel Anastasia Sergeyevna in the public domain is not that in itself is strange, because as Deputy Chief of the Bank of Russia in the Central Federal District, it should disclose information about their income annually. However, it can be understood. On its accounts in Banco LJ Carregosa SA lie ... 3793 973.58 euros (three million seven hundred ninety three thousand euros !!!). And the account is opened in April 2014.


And the accounts belonging to it together with the spouse (Leonid Sverdel) Company Matherick Group Limited, registered in the offshore zone Belize, are still 6531 139.27 s about. Company Account opened in June 2013. And the company was registered in 2011. Pre-start Sverdel Anastasia S. prepare in advance. And the wife is not forgotten in his accounts in the same Credit Suisse are 3709 011.55 euros.



Referring to the above instructions "On the procedure for acceptance of employees of the Bank of Russia for the prevention and settlement of conflict of interest measures," I want to ask, not because there Olga account at Credit Suisse discovered that Anastasia S. her about a possible conflict of interest notified, performed their duty?

Whatever it was, the ladies helping to fulfill the obligation to disclose information about their property, I post the certificate of cash balances in the accounts, as well as the financial position of belonging to Anastasia Sergeyevna Sverdel company Matherick Group Limited.

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And I have only one question remains. And he is likely not to citizenesses Polyakova and Sverdel and to regulatory authorities and to the head of the Central Bank. How does the bank official's (Central Bank is not a commercial or private entity) were able to earn many millions of euros, and how they were able to bring these huge amounts of money abroad, and so elegantly hide the accounts and offshore?

And yet there is a dilemma. But what are these mysterious millions can be logically associated with the repressive policies pursued by Polyakova, Sverdel and their colleagues in relation to the Russian banks - writing out prescriptions with the requirements of dosozdaniyu reserves for possible loan losses, with the limitations of certain types of operations, including attracting deposits, conducting operations through correspondent accounts, and more. Perhaps you can. And if so, then some very wealthy leaders of the Central Bank would soon learn not CBA regulations and the Criminal Code. Or explain mysterious aboutconvergence million euros.