Offshore pigs: the largest pig farm in Saratov has been bought by the company from Cyprus

In February, the owner of 95% of the share capital of OOO Ramfud-Volga, the company "Ramfud", was auctioned off. 
Trading is appropriate

The monitoring procedure in the parent company of the same name near Moscow holding company began in 2015, and in the short-term bankruptcy shocks affected almost all of the key links of the group of companies. As BV wrote, the most valuable asset of the holding was also affected: a pig production complex in the Kalinin district of the Saratov region, which is owned by OOO Ramfud-Povolzhye. 

With the huge debt of more than 3 billion rubles, the company is in bankruptcy proceedings, the pig farm with 150 thousand pigs is leased to the company Zarya with a capital of 10 thousand rubles, which was created last year.

For that powerful meat production, especially valuable taking into account the embargo and state support for domestic agriculture, Zarya pays to the bankrupt company owing billions, only 8 million per month.

And in February, Zarya became not just a tenant of production capacities. This unknown company acted as the sole buyer of the lot with 95% of the share capital of OOO Ramfud-Povolzhye. 

The first auction the bankruptcy trustee of Ramfud held in December last year, the initial offer price of 95% of the largest pig farm in the region amounted to 47.5 million rubles.

Repeated bids, attended by the only participant, were held in early February, and on February 7 OOO Zarya signed a sales contract in the amount of only 51 million rubles.

The tender documentation states that 95% of the share capital of Ramfud-Povolzhye are pledged to Promszyazbank. Presumably, the happy buyer and the lender are familiar with each other, because the whole story, from the bankruptcy to disruptions among the Kalinin pig breeders seems well thought-out from A to Z.

Voskhod gave birth to Zarya

There's even some sense of humor in the story: for example, the founder of Zarya was OOO Voskhod, which had been created two weeks earlier, andregistered in the village of Kuznetsovo in the Ramenskoye district of Moscow region. Just as in Zarya, the capital of Voskhod was  only 10 thousand rubles..

According to the state register, both firms have a common management company: Moscow's OOO Invest-Trade which was born a month later than Zarya and Voskhod. General Director of Invest-Trade (main profile is PPG management) is a certain Yevgeny Astafurov, and its founder is Alexander Ilyin.

As for the founders of Voskhod, the situation is more interesting. Only 1% of the company belongs to an individual, Suvorov Alexander Borisovich, another 99% are owned by the Cyprus offshore "Lieto Investments Ltd.", registered in Limassol on the Gheorghiu Makfanten str., 15 "A".
Mr. Suvorov is of a separate interest: according to open sources, he established three companies, and had time to manage in five more.

Note that in various official documents different pledge encumbrance of Ramfud is listed. According to the constituent documents of OOO Ramfud-Povolzhye, 95% of its share capital is owned by OOO Ramfud, which appears in the mortgage of the company Blumenfeld, representing in court the interests of Zenith Bank, and in the tender documentation the mortgagee of Ramfud is Promsvyazbank.

However, it should be clear who was the architect of the scheme, because the owners of Promsvyazbank in last year publicly notified through Vedomosti newspaper about their plans for the Saratov enterprise. The courts established the active participation of the bank-controlled offshore companies in the corporate processes around the Moscow holding. So the appearance of the yet another offshore player is no longer surprising. But it's very symbolic that all the talk about food security and import substitution of our beloved fatherland eventually leads abroad.

BV reference. At the opening of the second stage of the pig farm in October, 2016, more than 60 new working places were created. At the end of 2016, the company under the plan was to produce 11 600 tons of meat. Capacities of Ramfud-Povolzhye reached the projected value of 150 thousand pigs.