Offshore tenets

How the head of Russian Technologies, Sergey Chemezov, was preparing Eureka for his son
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In March 2010, the newspaper "RBC daily» told about a project called "Eureka". The project involved the construction of more than 5 thousand km of gas networks -. From Finland to Kazakhstan with an eye on China. Thus it was supposed to repeat the success of "Rostelecom", who built the channel from Europe to Asia in 2008, and at the same time destroy created a monopoly on transit traffic.

The project is half a billion

The project cost "Rostelecom" at $ 40 million. Investing for "Eureka" is estimated at $ 550 million. It is difficult to compare the two versions. But for one thing, of course, explains the discrepancy between the cost of the two projects in order. The initiator of the "Eureka" was the company corporation "Russian Technologies", which is the corporate slogan can be formulated as "expensive but good".

According to the business plan fell into the hands of journalists, RBC (on the newspaper's website this text is not available, but the network presented its many copies), the communication should have been built along the roads. Accordingly, the "Eureka" the operator mustyla become the company "Svyazdorinvest", 25% of which is controlled by "Russian Technologies". With the remaining 75% stake, the situation was less clear. According to RBC, 25% of them belong to the investment fund FGN Capital, managing director of which is the founder of the Chaldean Gigafone Gregory. The remaining 50% "Svyazdorinvesta" through a chain of companies controlled by the Cypriot offshore some Xfors Ltd. "Ambiguities" with the owners of the chain and have not cleared up, and soon lost its relevance - the project was not implemented, as the government blocked the feeder. In 2012, a law was passed that allowed state companies to invest in infrastructure projects only with the special permission of the government. A real private investors willing to invest in the project half a billion dollars, so there was no.

All the best - to children

Publicized as a result of "the Panamanian leakage" documents allow a glimpse behind the facade of the transaction of 2010 and see the situation completely different eyes. We have tried to explain the basic essence of the history of the circuit, which is made on the materials published on the site Cthe Center for the study of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP).


The main result of research carried out by Panamanian offshore materials - conceived project was designed for public resources, supervision by the management of the immediate family "Russian Technologies" and coordinated by the person representing the offshore empire Rotenberg family.

If you go on a chain of companies, it is easy to see that documentary on their end begin to sound familiar names. In particular, the list of shareholders of the corporation e Erliglow Ltd featured Stanislav Chemezov (son of the head of "Russian Technologies") and Olga Aleshin (daughter of former deputy head of "Russian Technologies"). As a contact person Erliglow Set Dmitry Protsenko. That is how the senior Rotenberg and his son Igor Arkady Rotenberg.

Backbone connection

According to the documents, Erliglow was a key element in the structure of the offshore project. This holding company incorporated in the British Verginstheir islands, which belong to the action "Svyazdorinvesta" - through a few "conduits" - companies registered in various jurisdictions.

Actually, "in white" in the project, which, recall, claimed half of public investment, only 26% of the shares have been issued, owned by the company "Russian Electronics" - subsidiary of "Russian Technologies". Accordingly, the head of "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov, "in white" controlled little more than a quarter of the capital of the new project. The remaining 74% of shares were dispersed "islands" - Offshore platform empire. The first in this series of islands predictable is Cyprus, where the company was registered Paragolis Overseas. She, in turn, controlled with two offshore British Virgin Islands - Bale Holdings and Caryn Properties. The owner of the holding company is required Bale Erliglow, as shareholders who noted that interest us "children" Chemezov, Stanislav and Olga Aleshin. These names documentary chain is interrupted. But this does not mean that the system is interrupted conceptual relations.

Panamas scandal highlighted the insular part of the whole scheme, but, of course, it can not be used to estimate the actual construction of all business relations. Because in addition to the documents and property hidden on the islands, there are words and promises made by the rules, friendship and other commitments made on all occasions. Nevertheless, even published is enough to understand that taking national decisions on the management of state property, the head of "Russian Technologies" Sergey Chemezov simultaneously established control over the project, on the other hand - the shadow. Thus working partnership, "Father and Son".