Oleg Deripaska became homeless in the USA

Oleg Deripaska’s assets, including his luxury real estate, have been frozen in the United States.
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The US government froze the assets of businessman Oleg Deripaska, including mansions in New York and Washington, writes the New York Post, citing officials of the US Treasury.

According to the newspaper, in New York, the businessman owns a mansion located on 64th Street on the East Side of Manhattan, next to Central Park. Nearby is the mansion of Leonard Blavatnik, a British-American businessman of Soviet descent.

The newspaper's interlocutors also said that the US authorities are negotiating with Deripaska about the abandonment of assets in Europe, which may also be subject to sanctions.

The representative of Deripaska RBC declined to comment.

Despite the arrest of assets, the businessman agreed with the US authorities to have children and the former wife of another oligarch, Roman Abramovich, living in his buildings, the newspaper writes. In September, the newspaper reported that the latter had transferred to his ex-wife Darya Zhukova assets in this area of ​​Manhattan for more than $ 90 million. The publication indicates that 11 East 64th St. indicated that Zhukova was the home address. - The asset at this address has been frozen.

Real estate in New York - a five-story townhouse, which was previously owned by art dealer Alec Wildenstein - Deripaska bought in 2008 for $ 42.5 million, the newspaper refers to real estate registry data. Blavatnik bought his house at the beginning of this year for $ 90 million, also notes NYP.

Built in 1899, the mansion, which the NY Post attributes to Deripaska, was sold in 2008 to Vesta International, registered in Delaware, for $ 42.5 million, follows from an extract from the New York real estate registry (RBC has it). In open access, RBC was unable to detect links between Deripaska and Vesta International, but Kharon, a provider of information about the sub-authorized persons, claims that Oleg Deripaska created a trust in the British Virgin Islands in 2006 that owns American Vesta International. According to appraisers of the New York Department of Finance, the current market value of the mansion is $ 33 million, until October 1, the owner had to pay a quarterly tax of $ 138.6 thousand.

Zhukova is friends with the daughter of US President Ivanka Trump, together with Abramovich they often spent time with Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, the article says.

The sanctions against Deripaska and his company UC Rusal and the group En +, as well as against two dozen Russian officials and businessmen, were imposed in early April. US citizens are prohibited from doing business with them, the assets of those listed in the US must be frozen.

Later, the US Treasury said that restrictions on companies could be lifted if Deripaska gives up control of them, that is, leaves the board of directors together with associates and reduces its stake to less than 50%.

At the end of September, the US authorities extended until November 12 the period during which American investors should get rid of the assets associated with En + and UC Rusal. The media also wrote that En + had made “substantial progress” with the US authorities on the issue of lifting the sanctions.