Oleg Deripaska understood what Zenith was

Transstroi hands the arena over to the football players. 
"Transstroi" Oleg Deripaska will finish, "Zenit-Arena" in St. Petersburg, received a new government contract without competition worth 9.13 billion rubles. The cost of the stadium as a result closer to 38 billion rubles., of which 31.78 billion rubles. master the current general contractor.

St. Petersburg Administration summed up the contest for the non-alternative completing eight years of protracted owned by "Gazprom", "Zenit-Arena": here in 2018 is scheduled matches of the World Cup. The contract, worth 9.129 billion rubles. I won against the general contractor of the stadium ( "Transstroi" Oleg Deripaska) of its subsidiary "Engineering Corporation" Transstroi - St. Petersburg "," lowering the starting price of 11 million rubles. The contract provides for the installation of a sliding roof and withdrawable field, due to which the stadium will receive no analogues in Russia and Eastern Europe, the possibility of transformation for year-round use. Funds are also allocated for the installation of engineering systems and equipment, as well as finishing and commissioning. Total area - more than 280 thousand sq. M. m. Number of seating montht -. 68 thousand (capacity during theatrical and concert events exceeds 77 thousand.). To complete the construction contractor must, in May 2016.

To prevent the trading was trying not to participate in the tender LLC "Stroysoyuz". It complained to the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of the discrepancy criteria for evaluating proposals to the law on the contract system, as well as the fact that the advance exceeds the amount of the security contract. FAS found the claim baseless. A bank guarantee for 457 million rubles. to participate in the tender "Transstroy" and won the "daughter" provided before the end of the Bank of Moscow. Parallel "Transstroi" disputes in arbitration court in Moscow issued to him by the reality of the other in the same bank guarantee to repay that requires JSC "Mostotrest".

This is the fourth state contract, won "Transstroy" in the framework of the project of construction "Zenit-Arena", the value of which has increased in the eight years from 6.7 billion to 34.9 billion rubles., Not including the unit cost of the entrance area. So, 6 billion rubles. of St. Petersburg treasury mastered two structures: the originalFirst stadium contractor - the company "Avant" (now bankrupt) and "Mosproject-4", who led one of the project adjustments. According to the vice-governor Marat Hovhannisyan, the stadium was originally designed for the level of the Russian championship games as the club stadium for the "Zenith". Once it was decided that the city will host the World Cup in 2018, the stadium was redesigned under the sports-concert of world-class platform, he added.

Because of the numerous changes to the project "Transstroi", who won the general contract in 2008, he managed to master the autumn of last year to 7.3 billion rubles., After which the contract was terminated and actually resumed in the amount of 12.49 billion rubles. in the new tender. Now to it will add another 9.13 billion rubles. In addition, last week, "Transstroi" won the contract by 2.86 billion rubles. on the input device group (pavilions access control, parking and so on. d.). These works are not included in the estimated cost of the main project, actually increasing it to 37.8 billion rubles. Trades were conducted after the removal of violations tonkursnoy documentation identified FAS complaint St. Petersburg Tube Company. However, the only contender "Transstroi" under this contract once again acted without lowering the starting price of JSC "Vodokanalstroy" - the largest contractor of State Unitary Enterprise "Vodokanal" actively cooperating with Smolny. Thus, "Transstroi" from 2008 to 2016 at the master sports term construction in St. Petersburg 31.78 billion rubles.