Oleg Deripaska will sell the Lake Baikal to the Chinese

Whose money billionaire Oleg Deripaska will use on a mega project near the Lake Baikal? Experts suspect that the oligarch eyes the government pocket.
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The owner of "Rusal" and one of the richest Russians Oleg Deripaska decided to build the Baikal tourism cluster. Particularly impressive amount, which will manage the project - $ 11 billion. This is far more than required for the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi. The construction will involve Chinese partners, which, of course, will give some of the money. But it is unclear where the businessman will find means to pay its share.

Where's the money?

The news that Oleg Deripaska, will build in Siberia grand tourism cluster has passed, it can be said lightly. What is even surprising, for it appears a gigantic amount of money: $ 11 billion. In terms of rubles - about $ 700 billion. For comparison, that's about a third of the current volume of the Russian Reserve Fund. If you continue to compare, then the construction of facilities for the Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi was spent in 2 times smaller. True, they should bear in mind that this is just sports facilities. Overall, the game based on a complete redesign of the spa town spent about $ 50 billion.Oh, so that Sochi. Almost a century building, behind which stands the state. And then a private project.

Erection of the tourism cluster company Deripaska "Grand Baikal" will be engaged in cooperation with Chinese partners. Of course, they will take over some of the financial obligations. Here are just a proportion of journalists refused to disclose how many Russians will spend and how many Chinese. But it is well known that businessmen and officials from China - the most complex and grasping negotiators in the world. And if they go to some foreign project, then only with a great advantage. So, does not the fact that the Chinese will assume most of the financial burden. So what about the new "construction of the century" and there is "the question of the century" where the Russian businessman will take the money?

State, if that is not poorer

According to Forbes magazine, is now the state of Oleg Deripaska is a little more than $ 2 billion. Simple math shows that if these data correspond to the truth, even if the businessman will sell all of its assets, it is all equalabout not enough for at least half of the amount you want to invest in the project. However, some say the least, stupid people will invest in the business's own funds? Usually they take the credit. And it is desirable for a small percentage. About how it was during the construction of the Olympic Sochi. By the way, Deripaska, as well as other business leaders, this was directly involved: on account of its holding "Basic Element" Sochi airport and the Olympic Village.

The basic Olympic costs incurred while state-owned Vnesheconombank, which became one of the reasons for his current plight. All this suggests the assumption that Deripaska may attract public funding to its Baikal project. The main thing is to convince the Russian bureaucratic elite that he is engaged in business necessary and useful. But Oleg Vladimirovich trumps all hands. He is building a tourism cluster. In Russia, foreign visitors will come here to spend a lot of foreign denezhek. And, besides, the businessman invested in domestic tourism in domestic infrastructure. Yes, and attractsie foreign investors. In general, under this sauce can safely plow purse. A building, as they say, nice and easy for public funds. State we though not particularly rich, but money is still there. However, this is only one of the versions.

We found where to build

On the other hand, we know that the Chinese people are really interested in Siberia as a tourist region. To fly from Beijing only 3 hours. The place is beautiful, boundless expanse, air and water are pristine. Although not absolutely. Cluster are going to build in the former of the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill. The one that provided the paper all over the country (who does not remember the school notebooks with an indication that they are produced in BPPP) and dropped in a famous lake tens of millions of tons of sewage, systematically ruining Baikal. However, all this in the past.

Another plus - the presence of critical infrastructure in the city of Baikalsk - medical, sports facilities, a ski resort. So I do not have to build from scratch and take tourists will be fast enough. Build a hotel - and a good ncomplained of "Glorious sea, sacred Baikal". All this for a foreign investor is very important cornerstones details. Do not forget that the company Deripaska "Irkutskenergo" will participate in the project. Recall that not so long ago, the businessman bought 40% of the Siberian energy giant, bringing its stake to 90%. Moreover, the businessman twice overpaid for the asset, giving the 70 billion rubles, that is, more than a billion dollars. Perhaps the businessman had already made plans for the construction of the Baikal turklastera. It can be assumed that the return of their investments the Chinese get Russian electricity. Also an option.

So it's someone who needs it

Irkutsk bloggers, in turn, surprised, why bother to build on Baikal such a great facility. Season it short. The lake water is cold, even in summer is not particularly bathe. And the ski slopes severely inferior to European. But the noise in the area a lot. It's no joke, $ 11 billion. The company, which announced a deal, rising sharply in the eyes of the business community. It is easier to get a loan, to attract serious partners. And, Cost and even not necessarily. After all, with the Chinese at the moment only a memorandum. And it came to nothing binding document.

Yes, the parties agreed that they were ready to cooperate with each other. And perhaps, in the future, something to build together. And, perhaps, not be built. Life - it is such an unpredictable thing. As to the 11 billion in the amount of estimated potential investment for several years. Money is no given. And perhaps before that and did not come. In the words of the unforgettable Professor Preobrazhensky: "The smoke, a mirage, a fiction."

In a sense, this is not a bad development. Chinese money, of course, good. But the benefits of Chinese tourists (with all due respect to this great nation) - a few questionable. From the influx of foreigners could suffer a unique ecosystem of Lake Baikal. It is because we must protect and not be relegated to tourist traffic. And, besides, traveling Chinese citizens do not like other people, it is a proven fact. There are many, they are noisy. Baikal contributes solitude and communion with nature. And then the hubbub and, for example, floating in the water wrappersFast food apshi. Possible, so to speak, a symbol of foreign investment in Russia.