Oleg Deripaska will sit either in a Russian or an American prison

After the collapse of the marriage with Polina Yumasheva, the dead Yeltsin ceased to protect the shareholder En + Group from the Russian siloviki and the US prosecutor.
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Former manager of Izmaylovskoy OPG Oleg Deripaska joined the elite when he married Polina Yumasheva, the daughter of Boris Yeltsin, the head of the administration, Valentin Yumashev, and the beloved stepdaughter of the late president's daughter Tatyana Dyachenko. Polina Deripaska recently became the owner of a 6.9% stake in En + with an estimated value of $ 500-600 million. In October 2017, En + Oleg Deripaska's group issued 6.9% of common shares and transferred them to Polina Deripaska.

This operation is a kind of bribe offered to Deripaska's Yeltsin family. Rodina Deripaska believes that her marriage is actually over - the couple do not live together, legal divorce is inevitable because of the publicly publicized changes of Oleg Deripaska. Russian media reported on the relationship of a billionaire with an elite prostitute Anastasia Vashakevich (Nasty Rybka), previously detained by the police for public sex on the quay of Taras Shevchenko in Moscow. The prostitute herself was the author of the book "The Diary of the Seduction of the Billionaire."

The loss of ties with his step-mother's stepmother is very dangerous for Deripaska, whose assets are planned to be seized by Russian siloviki. In the last days of September, the key top-manager of the oligarch was placed under house arrest - the director for work with the authorities En + Dmitry Ponomarev. Earlier, Vladimir Putin based on the data from Igor Sechin publicly criticized Ponomarev. He owned the Moscow Energy Exchange, which traded energy, and at the same time served as director for work with state bodies and public organizations of the energy market regulator NP Market Council (chairman of the board - Maxim Bystrov).

Dmitry Ponomarev is accused of employing the wife of the curator from the Ministry of Energy - Deputy Director of the Electric Power Industry Development Department Yegor Grinkevich to the Market Council. Not appearing in the office, she received up to 3 million rubles of remuneration.

The arrest of Dmitry Ponomarev showed that Oleg Deripaska can not protect either his people or himself. There is enough material to put the billionaire in the remand center. And the relatives of the oligarch, and the siloviki are well aware that he has nowhere to run. The United States of America, which Deripaska considered as a reserve airfield, was also publicly shown in autumn the reluctance to see an entrepreneur on its territory.

On the plans of Deripaska to legalize itself, the US, in order to have a safe haven, is indicated by the purchase of a mansion in the center of Washington. According to Vedomosti, this is an area of ​​more than 2,1 thousand square meters with 7 bedrooms, a large dining room, a home theater in the basement, floors of Italian marble and a chandelier that once hung in the Paris Opera. The mansion is located near the US Naval Observatory and the home of US Vice President Mike Pens, about 1.5 km from the Russian embassy. The house next door in the spring was purchased by US presidential adviser Kellienn Conway, and across the street lives former Clinton adviser Vernon Jordan.

The process of buying a building was extremely confidential. The buyer was the company Hestia International, registered in the offshore state of Delaware, the owners of the company have never been disclosed. However, the witnesses insist that they saw Deripaska several times at the construction site, he personally supervised the progress of the repair work. The house was repaired by Gracetown, whose executive director is Graham Bonham Carter, a relative of the actress Helena Bonham Carter. In his profile in LinkedIn the work is indicated in the company Terra Services, which belongs to Deripaska.

The publication of data on the mansion - a message to Oleg Deripaska about how much in America about him is known, as well as an urgent recommendation not to appear in this country. The detention of Suleiman Kerimov in France shows that a large fortune does not guarantee the inviolability of the oligarchs with the passports of the Russian Federation.

Deripaska made it impossible to resolve the issue of entering the US when he contacted the future head of Donald Trump's campaign headquarters, Paul Manafort. According to the archive of the agency "Ruspres", the owner of the "Basic Element" transferred Manafort $ 50 million ostensibly to develop a strategy to promote interests in America, Europe and the countries of the former USSR.

The New York Times claims that in fact Manafort received through Deripaska tasks about interference in the US presidential election. Now Manafort has been charged with 12 counts, including a conspiracy against the US, a conspiracy to launder money and tax evasion. About the money Deripaska Manaforta interrogated by the special prosecutor Robert Mueller. The accusations against the billionaire may turn out to be so serious that even mitigating factor of Deripaska's cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the USA is crossed out. Now Oleg Deripaska has a simple choice: either to sit in an American prison, or go to the Russian sizo chamber. In both cases, En + Group, GAZ Group, Basic Element Group, RusAl and Agroholding Kuban will quickly change owners.