Oleg Karchev started banking production

The former owner of the bankrupt financial group "Growth", which included 7 Russian banks, intends to again play in the same designer. The businessman plans to unite the bank "Realist" and Baikalinvestbank.
Oleg Karchev, the former co-owner of the sanitized "Growth of the Bank," plans to merge the two banks in which he has shares - Moscow's Realist (former Moscow-Paris Bank) and Irkutsk BaikalInvestbank. The share in the latter remained with him after the readjustment in late 2014 of six other banks that were part of the so-called "Growth of the Bank" group. And "Realist" Karchev and his partners bought after the events of 2014: the bank disclosed it among shareholders last summer.

"We considered the possibility of inorganic development through the purchase of small regional banks, but this process proved to be quite complex, including questions that raised the quality of bank assets," Karchev told Vedomosti. According to him, the acquisition is possible after the merger of "Realist" to Baikalinvestbank, which should occur at the beginning of the year: "We will soon send the documents to the Central Bank."

Karchev is a partner of Vladislav Mangutov and Alexei Abramov in the Merlion group of companies, a large distributor of computer equipment and software, office supplies and furniture.

Baikalinvestbank (199th place in terms of assets as of June 30 in the ranking of Interfax CEA) has a rating of B- from ACRA, Realist (316th) - B. The rating was influenced by the negative opinion of ACRA "on the business reputation of one of the beneficiaries , acting as a shareholder of "Growth Bank" and a number of related banks, "the agency reported. Nevertheless, Karchev does not have a formal business reputation and was not included in the black list of the Central Bank, and therefore he can own banks, two people close to the regulator told Vedomosti.

At the time of the reorganization, Karchev's banking group included seven banks - Growth Bank, SKA-Bank, Tveruniversalbank, Kedr, Uralprivatbank, Akkobank and Baikalinvestbank. Its recovery was taken by Binbank, which received 35.9 billion rubles from the Deposit Insurance Agency. In an interview with Vedomosti, the now-former owner of Binbank, Mikail Shishkhanov, said that "Growth Bank" was in itself a bad debt and before Binbank's arrival it was a "big laundering office". He called the "Growth Bank" a sad acquisition. For this article, Karchev did not comment on Shishkhanov's words, and called his relations with the Central Bank Karchev "workers" in response to the question of Vedomosti.

The basis of business of BaikalInvestbank is crediting of gold mining companies of the Irkutsk region, as well as operations for buying and selling gold, says ACRA expert Mikhail Doronkin. In addition, the bank has a fairly large portfolio of loans to individuals for the purchase of special equipment, he points out. The merger with Realist will strengthen its positions in corporate lending, as well as diversify the portfolio, including at the expense of borrowers in the Moscow region, Doronkin says.

The combination of banks will allow more efficient use of capital and lend to larger borrowers, explains Karchev. One of the main activities of the merged bank will be work with subsoil users, small and medium-sized businesses, car loans, lists Karchev.

Now the banks have a single logo and website design. In March, shareholders of Baykalinvestbank voted to join the bank to "Realist", according to the materials of banks. Later, the association decided to postpone, says Karchev.