Oleg Malis took control over Svyaznoy Bank

Solvers Group took 51% of the Cyprus Trellas, through which the owner of Svyaznoy Maxim Nogotkov owned all of his assets.
Yesterday a group of Solvers Oleg Malis said it received 51% of the Cyprus Trellas, through which Marigold owned all of its assets: a network connection salons "The Messenger", online shop the Enter, "Svyaznoy Bank" and Pandora jewelery network.

Earlier this week, "Onexim" Mikhail Prokhorov Solvers ceded rights to the loan of $ 120 million issued Nogotkov. A month ago, "Onexim" and NPF "Welfare" (he Marigold is about 3 billion rubles.) Announced the receipt of debt about 90% of the retailer's "The Messenger" and Enter. Nogotkov were to remain a bank and a controlling stake in Pandora (laid down in the Savings Bank) plus 10-15% of the group "The Messenger» / Enter.

In a deal with Malis Marigold has lost control over all assets, including bank and jewelery network, confirmed it yesterday "Vedomosti". The Bank's strategy will determine the new shareholder, marigolds ready to "assist the Council." What Trellas package remains at Nogotkova discussed yet.

"The Messenger Bank" was the favorite child of Nogotkova, for whom he scored debts and who was trying to keep to the last. On the development of the bank, and then - to cover his claimlosses Marigold sent more than 12 billion rubles. "Maxim is obsessed with your bank - it is certain that it is the most technologically advanced bank in the country and has great prospects, it is only necessary to overcome the crisis", - said in late November, a source in the group "Onexim".

A couple of weeks ago Marigold hoped to find a co-investor for the bank and urged the Central Bank to give him time to find and tell the two familiar businessman.

In late November, attracted by Marigold associated with the group "Alliance" Musa Bazhaev Finprombanka and co-owner Anatoly Goncharov 11 million euros, told friends and Nogotkova Bazhaev. Goncharov gave "The Messenger Bank" subordinated loan of 11 million euros, said Marigold. Also, he said Marigold, he gave Goncharov call option in "The Messenger» / Enter. The representative of the "Alliance", said yesterday that came out of the capital Bazhaev Finprombanka a few years ago, but declined to comment on the other; Contact Goncharov failed.

How to develop "The Messenger Bank" in the state he was in, Malis is not yet known. "We want to develop these assets, but stand in the roand the lender, which was forced to pledge: before addressing specific issues of development, it is necessary to examine the state of all the assets ", - he says.