Olga Egorova dreamed of a chair in the Supreme Court

The ex-head of the Moscow City Court is trying to protect himself from responsibility for past sins.
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Olga Yegorova is unhappy with her new job: firstly, the position of adviser to the mayor of Moscow does not satisfy her ambitions, and secondly, in this chair she is too vulnerable to the law enforcement system. What the ex-head of the Moscow City Court, who has lost tremendous influence, fears, how she uses the new chief Sergei Sobyanin in her own interests, as well as the subtleties of the interaction of her successor Mikhail Ptitsyn with the FSB in resolving personnel issues - in the material of PASMI.

Uncomfortable chair

Olga Yegorova, who was dismissed last October from her post as chairman of the Moscow City Court, which she held for 20 years, continues to make ambitious plans. According to a source of PASMI, after leaving for a federal position - in the Presidential Administration or in the government, but had to be content with the chair of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin's advisor on interaction with the judicial system.

However, according to the interlocutor of the editorial office, she gives advice to the capital's mayor of a slightly different kind, stating that if the mayor lobbies for her appointment to the Supreme Court, then not only the Moscow, but also the federal summons will be at his feet. There is information that the mayor is interested in such a proposal and is even trying to discuss this issue with officials of the Kremlin administration.

Yegorova has been hatching such plans for a long time, in 2018 it was reported that her candidacy for the post of chairman of the RF Armed Forces even received the approval of President Vladimir Putin. However, the head of the Supreme Court, Vyacheslav Lebedev, not only did not lose this post, but also achieved Yegorova's resignation, despite her active resistance and support from certain groups of influence from the FSB.

Hide behind status

But now, behind the attempts of the former head of the Moscow City Court to break through to federal posts, to a greater extent, there are not ambitions, but considerations of her own safety - Olga Yegorova wants to get immunity from possible criminal prosecution.

Her fears are related to the lawyer Kantemir Karamzin, accused of fraud and bribery. Arrested after returning from the United States, Karamzin is called a close acquaintance of Yegorova, he even goes in for equestrian sports in the same club with the daughter of the former head of the Moscow City Court. Internet resources wrote that Yegorova could make court decisions depending on her in favor of the implementation of the raider schemes of the scandalous lawyer.

True, according to a PASMI source, Karamzin has already tried to get evidence against Olga Yegorova and the former deputy chairman of the Supreme Court Oleg Sviridenko, but he refused to testify against them. However, as the interlocutor of the editorial office noted, the fact that the former chief judge of Moscow has not calmed down and is looking for an opportunity to take a high position may cause the intensification of the work of law enforcement officers in this direction.

There is one more danger for Yegorova: PASMI sources report that the audit of the financial and economic activities of the court under Yegorova, initiated by her successor Mikhail Ptitsyn, has yielded its first fruits. In particular, the auditors revealed violations during the creation of the Integrated Information System “Electronic Justice”, which is funded by subsidies from the Russian budget and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. According to media reports, the amount of these subsidies amounted to $ 50 million, while the federal system GAS "Justice" has already been developed and operated (though not without comment).

Omnipresent General

Along with checking the spending of funds in the Moscow City Court, Mikhail Ptitsyn is planning a serious staff rotation in the capital's court building. The reshuffle should affect, first of all, the courts, which more often than others interact with the investigative departments of the TFR and the FSB - Basmanny, Lefortovsky, Presnensky and Tverskoy.

Later, reports appeared about the possible resignation of the chairman of another district court - Babushkinsky. According to telegram channels, Ptitsyn's discontent was caused by the fact that Evgeny Komissarov allegedly aspires to a high position in the Moscow City Court, using the patronage of Ivan Tkachev, head of the Directorate for the FSB of Russia. At the same time, it was reported that the head of the Babushkinsky court was saved from dismissal by a call from the Presidential Administration.

According to the interlocutor of PASMI, there is no conflict between Ptitsyn and Komissarov, just as there is no support for the latter in the person of General Tkachev, who has recently been excessively demonized.

At the same time, Yevgeny Komissarov, heading the Babushkinsky District Court, where there are a lot of military facilities, really built working relations with representatives of the special services and over time, representatives of the capital's judicial corps began to turn to him to interact with the security agencies in solving various problems.

Komissarov, by the way, is characterized not only as a high-level proceduralist, but also as a very principled judge. He could even refuse representatives of the security agencies if they crossed certain boundaries in their requests, and, due to professionalism, did not allow himself to be used in the dark.

Candidate with pluses

High authority, contacts with the FSB and adherence to principles became the reason that Komissarov, to put it mildly, disliked the now former chairman of the Moscow City Court, Olga Yegorova. According to sources, representatives of the FSB, with whom she also had to interact, recommended the head of the Babushkinsky District Court for the post of deputy city court, but Yegorova did not heed these recommendations.

After Yegorova's resignation, two of her deputies left their posts - Mikhail Panarin and Elena Bazkova, and Ptitsyn faced the need to form a new team. The Higher Qualification Collegium of Judges announced the vacancy of the Deputy Chairman of the Moscow City Court three times - on November 22 and 24, as well as on December 28. The deadline for submitting documents for all three announcements has expired, but the agenda of the VKKS meeting, which will take place on February 1-5, does not include the consideration of candidates for this position.

Meanwhile, according to a PASMI source, the call to Ptitsyn, which was reported earlier, really was, and indeed it was about Yevgeny Komissarov as a candidate for the post of deputy chairman of the Moscow court. True, as the interlocutor emphasized, this was a recommendation, and the right to decide remains with Ptitsyn.

He is in no hurry to make a decision, although, in principle, he is not against such a deputy. A plus for Komissarov is the aforementioned competence and adherence to principles, knowledge of the problems of the Moscow judiciary and a clear lack of affiliation with Olga Egorova.

By the way, Ptitsyn and Komissarov graduated from the military law faculty of the Military Institute of the RF Ministry of Defense, albeit at different times. Moreover, according to a PASMI source, they have a common acquaintance from the Military Court of Cassation, who at one time more than once supported both servants of Themis in resolving various issues.