Oligarch Mints expects a financial fiasco

Assets businessman will gradually go under arrest, and then the oligarch himself becomes bankrupt.
The Moscow Arbitration Court arrested the shares of the parent company O1 Properties Boris Mints - the Cyprus company 01 Property Limited - and the Nevis business center. The arrest was solicited by one of the Russian banks, which is now on rehabilitation from the Central Bank. The materials of the case say that due to the coordinated actions of the defendants, the bank lost more than 30 billion rubles. security. The credit organization demands to terminate 6 transactions with O1 immediately with the company. Mints structures repaid the loan debt to the bank and withdrew from the security of assets for 30 billion rubles. As a result of these transactions, the bank received bonds instead of secured loans.

The wealthiest "pensioner" of the country

Entrepreneur Boris Mintz is known primarily as the country's largest owner of non-state pension funds (NPFs). They have five at once. The total clientele is 4.5 million people. And all of the Mints NPFs, as such, are mortgaged in the Moscow Credit Bank as part of a loan from a financial institution. All NPFs are under the auspices of the "Future" group. And things go with her, to put it mildly, not so hot as. Interest income of the group decreased by 14% to 7.7 billion rubles., Impairment of investments gave 567 million rubles. loss against 1.2 billion rubles. arrived last year.

The total amount is € 106 million (the interest rate on the loan is 6.7% per annum) and 9 billion rubles (key rate CB + 1.5%). FG "Future" should 1.4 billion rubles (14.5% per annum). The loans included 100% of the shares of NPF "Future" and 99.86% of "Telecom-Union". At the beginning of 2016, FG bought Uralsib NPF, whose shares were also transferred as collateral to the ICB. Thus, Boris Mints is drowning in debt. And the assets pledged to them, with a high probability, will finally remain in the ICD. Another option generally can be deplorable. Mintz can become bankrupt.

By the way, on this outcome the businessman has already received a fairly transparent hint from the Russian government. This was done by the head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development Maxim Topilin. He publicly stated that the APFs today are more reminiscent of laundering offices than full-fledged pension organizations.
After such statements involuntarily you will shudder. And you will think hard about your business in the field of accumulation of pensions in NPFs belonging to you.

How money will be absorbed

The funds of Mints manage pension deposits in a very peculiar way. In particular, in ambiguous projects. In particular, in the construction business. Boris Mintz suddenly decided to build in the capital apartments A-Residence, which will be the third stage of the business center "Aurora Business Park." In this case, did not poskromnichal. The total area of ​​future housing is at least 20 thousand square meters. They get out Mintsu neither much, nor little in 4 billion rubles. Whether this money will be repelled, even construction experts are hesitant to say.

And money, as they are sure, are taken from pension deposits. But businessman Boris Mintz is cheerful and cheerful. He publicly declares that his pension funds in 8 years will increase their net profit by almost 20 percent. Today it is hard to believe in this, considering that only in the past year the net losses of the "Future" group have exceeded 6 billion rubles.

Foreign countries will help him

Invests the money of his funds Boris Mintz not only in the domestic construction business. Very much he liked the well-fed alpine country Austria. There he also turned not modestly. For example, at the end of April 2015 it became known that O1 Mintz bought shares of the Austrian real estate company Immofinanz.

Russian O1 already owns 26% of CA Immo. Thanks to this structure, Mintz develops its European business. And with shares, it will only increase its influence in the EU even more. Few of Russian market participants doubt that all Austrian operations have been rolled over to collected pension contributions. Moreover, there are serious concerns about the fact that Mintz and is going to leave in a calm European harbor. To a permanent place of residence. That's only with him, and can lay off and multi-million pension savings.

Moreover, in the West, Mintz will descend for a true hero and a fighter for democracy. After all, according to rumors, he is a sponsor of the Russian liberal opposition. Although ... In the same West are very wary of people who have accumulated their capital in a not entirely clean way. And with regard to Boris Mints, this will come to light inevitably. If it has not surfaced yet. And then instead of the Alpine mountain meadows, places much more mundane can expect. At home in his homeland, which he tortures.

The arrest of the property by the court is the first one.