On a chairlift: how the owner of the Cup of the USSR became the builder of ski resorts

A former member of the Soviet slalom national team Dmitry Novikov after finishing his sports career became a successful state contractor. Will he retain his place after the Olympics?
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In one of the last days of January 2008, on a sunny morning on the slopes of the Olympic complex "Gazprom" in Krasnaya Polyana appeared unusual skier. Instructors of "Rosengineering" fenced grid of the most simple, "children's" ski track, and cubicle rookie repeatedly slid down the slope. Next to him, directing and podstrahovyvayas, driving instructor. When they reached the foot of the slope, the newcomer took off his helmet. This was the first deputy prime minister, chairman of "Gazprom" Board of Directors Dmitry Medvedev.

"I have just organized a skating as a manager responsible for the operation of the slopes", - says Dmitry Novikov, a former member of the USSR national team downhill, and now president of the company "Rosengineering" (CMB), which built the Olympic facilities of "Gazprom". At the track he met with Medvedev, said Novikov. However, government official says that the "instructor" was himself the owner of the company. And a good instructor. Third February Medvedev has ridden on the track a little more complicated with the presidents Putin and Lukashenko, although admitted that he belongs"Without fanaticism," this sport.
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A month later, Medvedev was elected president of Russia. During his reign, the company Novikova won a good move if its revenue was $ 74 million in 2008, then in 2013 - $ 1.5 billion.

"There is nothing surprising, - says the top manager of one of the projects, which was attended by Novikov - because its main asset - Medvedev, who pushed him."

RI was the general contractor of all Olympic facilities, "Gazprom" a total value of tens of billions of rubles. In addition, the company has built some of the objects in the "Rosa Khutor" Vladimir Potanin (№86 in the world ranking of Forbes, the state - $ 12.6 billion), one of the largest private investors Olympics. 47-year-old Novikov said that the patrons had never been, and explains its success differently. "We are a niche player - he says - and, starting with the construction of the ski slopes and lifts, gradually expanded the field of activity." Vadim Truhin, head of export destinations in Russia and Eastern EuropeFrench company York Neige, one of the largest producers of systems snowmaking ski slopes, confirms: "Not only that, but Novikov, in Russia there are no specialists who could build and tracks and lifts, snowmaking systems, rolling snow to create the security services (assistance on the slopes) and manage, but also in the world, I do not know of examples where such companies have also engaged in the hotels and restaurants - that is, creating a resort completely. "
And yet, if the business of RI will burst as soon as the construction of the Sochi? "The danger threatens any engineering company - agrees Novikov - but people I save, and we can build anything, even the subway." But other major ski projects in Russia is not expected, and the tenders for the construction of stadiums FIFA World Cup football have already lost RI. What fate awaits the company and its creator?

Revenue "disease"

In 10 years of Leningrad Novikov ill skiing. I saw how engaged in the slalom section of his classmate, and fell in love with this sport, I began to engage in the section. "Young people do not remember,then once skis were made of wood, lace boots and climb the hill on foot - he recalls. - I found it. " In five-plus years in major competitions in Almaty Novikov finished sixth, was invited to the team CSKA entered the USSR national team. In 1989 and 1990 he won the USSR Cup. And then split the country, and did not become the Soviet national team. Some athletes have left the sport, while others have moved to the professionals. Until the early 1990s Novikov went to international competitions, has successfully passed the test, but to become a pro, you had to invest a lot of money: to pay training fees to participate in the competition, tickets, hotels, and the money he did not have.

In 1993, he, as a specialist in alpine skiing, was invited to create the first private ski resort near St. Petersburg - "Ohta-Park". "Wealthy parents of children involved in skiing, have invested about $ 150 000, - says Novikov. - I equipped the track, a small cable car, did a little club. " And he became the manager of the club with a small salary. Two years later, in his words, I realized that in ethat can be a business: artificial snow, the new cableway and reconstruction have begun to attract in "Ohta-Park" flow of tourists. In 1997, the owners of Moscow's foreign trade company "Volen" decided to open in Moscow a holiday home for the employees. Needed slopes and lifts. Novikov as a person with the experience called for consultations. Orders for the development of projects are increasing, and to establish a business, he created the company "Diana". She was engaged in counseling, and even traded equipment, skis, boots, costumes. Novikov says that from 1995 to 1997 the company's revenues amounted to about $ 1 million a year, and that money became his starting capital.

Novikov was snapped. His name was to build and equip the route not only for Peter, but also across the country. As Moscow "Volen", I decided to create a mini-resort St. Petersburg Concern TVEL, which produces insulated pipes for the power system. Place found near St. Petersburg. Fan of skiing and snowboarding CEO Oleg Sultanov plant says that he met Novikov "on the mountain" and called him sproektirovats Resort and arrange equipment rental. Eventually Novikov made to "Red Lake" - the so-called resort - the country's first system of artificial snow.

For the construction created a specialized "daughter" "TVEL-resort". Her co-owner, as well as in software TVEL became known Petersburg power system, the head of the company "Lengazteplostroy" Nail Kikichev. "Lengazteplostroy" was a contractor for the construction of trails, and even tells Kikichev when customers delay payments, he rescued the youth "small, several thousand dollars, loans at interest less bank."

Novikov designed and equipped almost all the resorts around Peter ( "North Slope", "Eagle Mountain", "Puhtolova Mountain"). Construction resorts not frozen, according to him, even in a crisis, because, having studied the imported equipment, he learned to make components in Russia, which greatly reduced the cost of projects. For snow guns bought only the injector and pumps, automation, electrician collected in his own shop; metal, rollers for cable cars, distributingAli whet local factories. When the Russian economy began to recover, Novikov began to buy imports, such as cableways Slovak Tatrapoma. But always he edited the objects. Then he met with his son in TVEL Kikicheva Renat, which created on a parity basis in 2001, RI. "I became involved in project management and marketing, and Renat - production", - says Novikov.

The publication

The night of January 26, 2006 when the guests had left the EurAsEC summit, from the Constantine Palace on the highway Priozersk motorcade raced. Above the track still undiscovered skiing "Igora" Resort flashed light, earned a lift, and a few skiers sped down the slope. President Vladimir Putin, accompanied by St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matviyenko and plenipotentiary in the North-Western District Ilya Klebanov arrived to try a new route.
"Igor" was built and equipped with the money of the bank "Russia" and other structures of Yuri Kovalchuk. Investments in the first resort was estimated at $ 50 million. He was responsible for responsible for project management company "investment culture" 28-year-old son Boris Kovalchuk, says a former manager of the Criminal Code.

"Igor" was for Novikov not only a quantum leap in technology and business. Thanks to the project, he gained access to the contract of an entirely different scale.

In addition to the nine tracks with a height difference of 120 m (the longest is 1210 m) and seven lifts built at the resort RI autonomous grid, running on LPG: automation control system several dozen small turbines. Depending on the needs of the objects could include them all, or part of it. "A complex system - confirms Kikichev senior. - She's able to produce not only heat but also electricity. "

On the opening day, 28 January, says a former top manager "investment culture" Alexander Modestova, chain of cars lined up almost from the Peter. Everyone wanted to get to the new resort.

It was about the political and business elite, including the head manager of President Vladimir Kozhin (he is president of the Association of Winter Sports), envoy presient, the cities and the governors of the region, chairman of the Olympic Committee Leonid Tyagachev, co-owner of bank "Russia" Yuri Kovalchuk, former head of the brewery company "Baltica" Teimuraz Bolloev and other influential persons.

"In the" Igor "created Russia's first luxury resort with a hotel and restaurant complex, - says Modestova - and RI was the only company that could build and equip the route because foreigners need special permits to have here."

Departing from the project, Novikov took with him a team led by the co-owner and CEO of "investment culture" Oleg Ivanov.

In 2007, CEO Renat Kikichev RI said in an interview that they were reorganized into a holding company, are grouped in the firm of designers, builders and power engineers, operators and service maintenance of equipment installed in the facilities. Their suppliers are the largest western manufacturers: York Neige (snow-making systems), Bombardier and Prinoth (snegouplotnenie), Leitner (cable cars). Kikichev could not boast of large and UEDoi company received an order for the design and construction of ski and biathlon "Gazprom" of the complex in the Olympic Sochi. However, in 2007 and Novikov Renat Kikichev parted. Olympic contracts have given businesses quite different magnitude:. By this time the company's turnover reached $ 75 million, and the profit exceeded $ 2 million Novikov explains that Kikichev decided to build their own heat and power business and he bought out partner for $ 0.5 million Kikichev refused to talk to of Forbes. . His father confirmed that the "divorce" was "civilized", but the amount you got a son, not name.

In one hand

Ski resorts began to create in Krasnaya Polyana, long before the Olympic fever. "Gazprom" has built the hotel back in the 1990s, and the village and the slopes of the mountain tourist center began to build in 2002. Potanin, decided to create a small corporate resort in 2004. Both work the same contractors: hotels and slopes made Turkish Hazinedaroglu Construction Group, working in Russia since the Yeltsin era, lifts - Samara "Skado" former Soviet manufacturer of lifts for shaxm, which began in the new Russia of the Austrian Doppelmayr production technology.

As Novikov was able to received the Olympic contracts, "Gazprom", and to press the Turkish general contractor, and Russian competitor? According to him, even before Russia won the right to host the Olympic Games, the managers of "Gazprom" in charge of the project, it was recommended "to" Igor ". It was necessary to see the Turks made slope that was too steep for most holidaymakers. A designer and main contractor objects of "Gazprom" RI became, in his version, winning the "Gazprom" contests. No monopoly on the site or in the public procurement system, these tenders did not find Forbes. On this Novikov says: "The" Gazprom "has its own procedure." "Gazprom" has not responded to a request Forbes.

A former member of the Soviet national team in slalom Dmitry Novikov after the sports career became a successful gospodryadchika. Whether he retained the championship after the Olympics?

RI designed, equipped and built not only the usual for a ski runs and lifts, but also the biathlon stadium, hotels, roads,EP. And what about the competition? They went to the main objects of "Rosa Khutor" Potanin, although some lifts Novikov built there.

CEO and co-owner of "Skado" Alexander Kozlovsky said, it's all about politics and geography. On the one hand, the general customer of "Gazprom", "Gazprom Sotsinvest" is located in St. Petersburg, in the same place and "then a little-known" Rosengineering ", and it was simply more convenient." On the other - it was a political decision. "We can say that took away the bread, but the offense we have, it is competition, - says Kozlowski. - In addition, in such amounts would be wrong to concentrate all orders in the same hands, and we were loaded onto the "Rosa Khutor". The company's revenue, he did not disclose, but, according to SPARK, after nearly a two-fold rise in 2009 to 760 million rubles, it fell in 2011 by more than 200 million and fully since been recovered.

Novikov said that "nothing, no one robbed." "Any customer better get everything from one source, - he says. - And if I can do myself, why do I need someone else? "

Osoth object

Buildings constructed RI for skiing and biathlon complex "Laura", located at an altitude of 1000 m. They have stood once a six-point earthquake. Strengthening of slopes, lifts and supports the installation of transmission lines led division of industrial climbers, which have more than six hundred Novikov. Ski and Biathlon Stadium and cottage village were commissioned back in 2011. Investing in them amounted to an estimated $ 1.8 billion ( "Gazprom" does not comment on these figures). Mining and tourism "Gazprom" center "top" Olympic village was handed over later, in 2013 ($ 1.1 billion).

It was found that the RI can even build luxury properties such as appeared in the Krasnaya Polyana chalet "Psekhako", decorated with precious woods and marble. Press and bloggers nicknamed him "cottage Medvedev."

Novikov did not deny that this object is designed by the architects, who also built, however, he claims that this is the house for receiving official delegations included in the Olympic program. "Who will benefit from them, I do not know" - he says.
Funded constructionGUSTs chalet Fund "Dar", also financed the reconstruction of the old manor Pleso, which is Medvedev. According to the FSB order object should be agreed FSO. Upon Novikov has received approval for the construction of facilities for protected state officials.

Does this prove that Novikov good relationships at the highest levels that affect the business? "I recently saw him in Krasnaya Polyana in the company of two senior officials, and I think that the leadership of the country knew him long before [the beginning of the Olympic construction]," - says the manager of a Western company.

without guarantee

In winter 2009, President Medvedev went skiing in Krasnaya Polyana. Among accompanied been employed Ahmed Bilalov, owner of a local resort "Mountain Carousel". When they were resting after a walk in the complex "Banya-Land», Bilalov supposedly shared his idea of ​​creating a ski cluster in the North Caucasus republics. Bilalova The argument boiled down to the fact that "tourism can defeat terrorism," says a former manager of one of Bilalova projects.

otherlovami, wake up in the region's economic life, so that people had no reason to go to the mountains to join the militants.

Around the slopes and lifts, local entrepreneurs have built hotels and restaurants, and the surrounding companies climbed in the production and processing of products.

Another interviewee Forbes, who worked at the time in the government, in such circumstances does not believe, but confirms that Medvedev fired up by the idea. In December of the following year Bilalov became chairman of the company "Resorts of the North Caucasus", the Board of Directors (CSC), which had until 2025 spent $ 15 billion, of which $ 2 billion of public funds. Needed resort designers and builders.

With Novikov Bilalov I was already familiar - invited him to consult his Sochi project. By that time, Novikov has already worked with the North Caucasian projects. Back in 2008, he did for the government of North Ossetia, a large resort project in Mamison gorge investments which were about $ 6 billion.

Novikov was involved in the CSC project. "KSK - a five" Krasnaya Polyana "and our project - it's the whole strategy, 60 000 pages of basic engineering work for many years ", - he said with enthusiasm. It is noticeable that he is worried: the project turned out to be a sad finale. Early last year, after checking availability of Sochi Vladimir Putin objects Bilalov, who was responsible for the complex of springboards "Russian hills", was dismissed from office by the CSC and of the Olympic Committee, where he was vice president. Soon the Prosecutor General's Office conducted an audit and KSK Bilalova accused of abuse of power. On Bilalova brought a criminal case, and he is hiding abroad. Novikov also had to communicate with investigators.

A former top manager of KSK Rostislav Murzagulov believes that this "political history". "If something really overpaid, everything would have ended differently, but there is no development in the case - he sighs. - But the CSC project in its present form has ceased to exist. " Bilalov to comment for this article refused.

Novikov tried to participate in the construction of stadiums for the World Cup 2018 bidding, but, although their estimated service decheaper to the winner, consistently lost in Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don and Samara GUPam two, one of which is established by the Ministry of Sports.

From the slopes into the sea

What remains a specialist in ski resorts, and energy? On small compared to the CSC projects that develop across the country, a large company do not save. Hence, it is necessary to partially reorientated. In February last year the RI launched in Tomsk at CHPP-1 of "TGC-11" (included in "Inter RAO UES") gas turbine plant. It announced plans to build in the Far East, a new port for coal exports to Korea in conjunction with one of the largest Korean energy companies KOWEPO, with top managers which Novikov met at the Sochi Investment Forum 2011. Koreans are going to invest in KCK and even set up a joint venture company Bilalova Eurasia Energy Holding, and Novikov was interested in the development of their energy. In 2013, says the president of Ingushetia, Koreans invited him to the project, which is now the state corporation "Rostec." At the end of the year

In December last year at the international forum "TransportRUSSIA "was announced, that the power of" Faith "port will be 20 million tons of coal a year, to complete the construction is planned for 2017, and the investment will amount to about $ 650 million. General Director of" Rosmorport "Andrei Tarasenko told the conference that investors rely on delivery coal company SUEK.

But it seems that these are just plans. Head of company resources KOWEPO Yoon Joo-Hyun told Forbes, that the port project "is in development." However, SUEK doubt that investors will be able to find it than to load it.

Director of Transport Denis Ilatovsky argues that even the negotiations had not yet been. In addition, he said, and the existing ports in the Far East underutilized because capacities Railways do not allow for all the declared amount of Kuzbass.

However, the loading port - a headache investors. Novikov said that to build this project, and any other he can. "We understand the scale of the project, we have contractors, and we can do the work on their own at 15-20 billion rubles a year - he said. - And I do not need anyone &raquo ;.