On "Roscosmos" ricocheted "Bulava"

The corporation collected a penalty for financial failures from the subsidiary. The partner of the state-owned enterprises went into bankruptcy.
The Roscosmos asset contractor, which for many years was responsible for the reconstruction and construction of rocket-building facilities, announced the beginning of a simplified bankruptcy procedure, in which state-owned enterprises that suffered from its failures are trying to receive fines and penalties under contracts. For example, work at the facility in Yekaterinburg, associated with the production of the Bulava intercontinental missile, was completed only for 57 million rubles, and as an advance and partial payment from the budget of NPO Avtomatiki im. Semikhatov "was allocated almost 195 million. In the case of the object, probably intended for testing ballistic missiles at the "GRTs im. Makeev "in Miass - the construction worth 4 billion rubles still managed to be completed, but the deadlines were disrupted by two years. As fines and damages, the company demanded to pay him more than 600 million rubles, but the bankruptcy procedure of Promelektromontazh-STN, which had started at that time, did not allow recovering this money. As part of the insolvency process, this will also be extremely problematic, experts say. Roscosmos, in turn, considered the actions of its managers to be a failure, demanding hundreds of millions of rubles from the Chelyabinsk enterprise.

GK Roskosmos has obtained a penalty from the State Rocket Center named after Academician V.P. Makeev (Miass), which is controlled by it. Initially, the plaintiff demanded payment of more than 284 million rubles for violation of the terms of work under the agreement on the participation of the Russian Federation in the property of the subject of investment.

To clarify, the agreement was signed in April 2017 - the Miass enterprise transferred 27.68 million of its ordinary shares to the state corporation, receiving 2.797 billion rubles in return. This money was to be spent on the final stage of financing the project "Reconstruction and technical re-equipment of special production and test base (stage 2)", which began to be implemented in 2015 and was to be commissioned in December 2017.

Instead, the Moscow region contractor “GRTs im. V.P. Makeev "JSC Promelektromontazh-STN was able to complete the work only on December 18, 2019. As a result, now a two-year failure to comply with the terms of the contract by a court decision will cost the state plant a fine of 28.4 million rubles. This decision survived on appeal.

Recall that in 2015 Pravda Ural Federal District spoke in detail about the tender for the selection of a contractor for the structure of Roscosmos. Then "Promelektromontazh-STN", the 100% owner of which is the general director of the company Vladimir Dedlovsky, without reducing the maximum cost of work by a ruble, was able to get a contract of 4.024 billion rubles. An advance payment of 400 million rubles was paid to the contractor at a time. The rest of the funds were transferred as the acts of completion were signed for each of the 40 new production buildings and test sites of 15 thousand square meters. The source of financing for the contract was the federal budget.

This was preceded by the signing in April 2007 of the decree No. 566 “On the open joint-stock company“ State missile center named after academician V.P. Makeev ”, according to which a holding was formed, engaged in the creation of strategic sea missile systems, headed by the GRC. In addition, since 2015, Chelyabinsk missile engineers have been assigned the task of maintaining the world's most powerful nuclear missile systems R-36M, in particular, their modifications "Satan" and "Voyevoda".

The missile center later unveiled the first image of a new Russian weapon, the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, nicknamed Satan II in the west. It was precisely with the direction of ballistic missiles that experts associated the need for the implementation of a project for the technical re-equipment of the test base of the center from Miass. According to sources in the country's defense-industrial complex, referred to by TASS, the debut launch of the Sarmat heavy-class intercontinental ballistic missile is scheduled for this fall. As part of the flight design tests, three ICBMs have already been launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome.

After the presentation by Roscosmos of financial claims for the failure to modernize and partial construction of the test center, GRTs im. VP Makeev ”tried to cover the losses at the expense of the contractor.

At the beginning of 2021, the company demanded that Promelektromontazh-STN pay 625 million rubles of a forfeit, as well as an uncovered loss due to the requirements of the state corporation. They did not have time to consider this claim, since bankruptcy proceedings were opened in February of this year according to the simplified procedure of the debtor being liquidated. Due to the recognition of "Promelektromontazh-STN" bankrupt on his own initiative, the court refused to consider the requirements of the GRTs. Moreover, some time later, the owner of a construction enterprise near Moscow, Vladimir Dedlovsky, also went into personal bankruptcy. The SOE's claim is now being considered in the insolvency process. The next meeting on the dispute is scheduled for the end of August.

Note that "Promelektromontazh-STN" also owes other Ural defense plants. In particular, the bankruptcy administrator was requested to be included in the register of creditors of JSC NPO Avtomatiki im. Academician N.A. Semikhatov "(part of the State Corporation" Roscosmos "). The debt to the Ekaterinburg asset of Roscosmos exceeded 29 million rubles, in addition, the company insists on paying a penalty of 113 million rubles. The court proceedings in the framework of this dispute have not yet been completed, however, the bankruptcy administrator of the debtor at a recent court hearing said that after the introduction of the bankruptcy procedure, the enterprise has no staff and cannot complete any work on its own.

According to the public procurement portal, the contract between the parties was signed back in 2015. For 258 million rubles, the contractor had to carry out the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the production of the control system of the ZK-30 set (the Bulava intercontinental missile). Promelektromontazh-STN completed works for 57 million rubles. In fact, 194 million rubles were transferred to him. What exactly the contractor did not complete, and for what reason the construction was stopped, at the time of publication of the material in "NPO Avtomatiki" did not explain.