On the health of Investtorgbank do not save

Loans for its sanation increased 1.5 times.
Transcapitalbank for the first time officially released details of the updated plan for financial recovery of Investtorgbank. According to him, the amount of funds needed for the rehabilitation of this credit institution was 1.5 times higher than the initial assessment of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). Only in 2017 the bank received from the agency new loans amounting to 18.2 billion rubles. And taking into account the possible next tranche of 8 billion rubles. the total amount of assistance could reach 75.4 billion rubles. In addition, Transcapitalbank has twice been prolonged the maturity of one of the first loans for sanitation.

Transcapitalbank (TKB) has published annual reports on international standards on the eve of the May holidays - April 28. It shows a significant increase in debt on loans to DIA for the rehabilitation of Investtorgbank (ITB). In 2015, when it was decided to rehabilitate ITB, TKB received two loans - by 29.7 billion rubles. with repayment in 2025 and by 19.5 billion rubles. with maturity in October 2017. The latter was not repaid on time and was prolonged for three months (see "Kommersant" on October 19, 2017). However, as follows from the accounts, in mid-March 2018 the payment was postponed again - now until May 16. In addition, during the past year, Transcapitalbank received from the DIA four new loans: 7.7 billion rubles. in February, almost by 1 billion rubles. in August, by 7.6 billion rubles. in September and another 2 billion rubles. December.

At the same time, IFRS notes that the amount of loans from DIA may increase. "Management estimates the probability of receiving the remaining amount of loans from the DIA in the amount of 8.035 billion rubles. in the framework of the earlier agreement ... as high, "the bank said in its statement. Thus, the total amount of loans to the DIA may reach 75.4 billion rubles.

In the first quarter of 2018, Transcapitalbank ranked 45th in terms of assets, and Investtorgbank - 50th. In August 2015, the temporary administration was introduced into the ITB, in October, TCB became its sanatorium. However, the control over the ITB was completely transferred to the sanatorium only in February 2016. In mid-2016, TKB announced that it was necessary to increase loans from the DIA in connection with the revealed schemes of falsified reporting by the old ITB management that had not been taken into account earlier.

"Hole" in the capital of ITB, according to IFRS financials, declined by 10 billion rubles in 2017. and amounted to 3.4 billion rubles. The bank received a profit of 9.9 billion rubles, but only at the expense of income of 12.3 billion rubles. from the initial recognition of DIA funds. By the end of 2017, his assets were almost 95 billion rubles. Loans to customers - 32.2 billion rubles., Decreasing since February 2016, about half as much. The remaining assets of Investtorgbank are represented mainly in the form of cash and funds in other banks for amounts of 36.6 billion and 20.3 billion rubles. respectively. Almost all these funds (55.5 billion rubles.) Are located in Transcapitalbank. Thus, the amount of loans to the DIA will be about 80% of the assets of the sanitized bank, and 2.3 times more than its loan portfolio.

According to analysts, additional assistance to TCB will be provided in the part of the further extension of the DIA loan, which should be repaid by May 16. "Most likely, the tranche of liquidity support will again be prolonged, but not because of the poor liquidity of TKB," believes Ivan Uklein, junior director for bank ratings of Expert RA. "And on the basis of the discussed adjustments in the initial plan for financial recovery of Investtorgbank, income in 2016-2017 years. To change the rehabilitation plan, TKB offered the DIA in the fall of 2017.