On the production of weapons, the Russian Federation will spend in 2018 more than 1 trillion rubles

This is almost as much as the country spends on education and medicine. In addition, 500 billion rubles will be spent on the development of new types of weapons, and even more than a trillion rubles - on payments of pensions and allowances to the military.
This year, 1.05 trillion rubles will be allocated for the mass production of weapons for the Defense Ministry. - approximately as much as in the past.

Almost 70% of about 1.5 trillion rubles. (ie, about 1.05 trillion rubles), provided for the state defense order of armaments and military equipment in the defense budget of 2018, will be spent on "serial purchases of modern weapons and military equipment," Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Thursday at the Ministry of Defense . According to him, in total this year it is planned to place more than 3700 assignments (contracts), of which on the current date contracts have been concluded for 85% of the allocated amount. Although the contracting is faster than last year, the minister recalled that this process ends on May 15 and should be accelerated.

The exact amounts allocated in the federal budget for the purchase of serially produced weapons have not been disclosed since 2014.

According to Andrei Frolov, editor of the magazine Export of Arms, the term "modern weapons and military equipment", used by Shoigu, in recent years means not only an entirely new technique, but also equipment that has been repaired with modernization, which makes its level more responsive to modern requirements. An example of this kind can be, for example, the modernization of the T-72 tanks in the T-72B3 variant, the Su-25 attack aircraft in the Su-25SM3 variant, etc., the expert continues. Therefore, it is difficult to say how much of 1.05 trillion will be spent on completely new equipment, but, undoubtedly, this will be the main part of expenses. In addition, it is known from the law on the budget that in 2018 it is planned to allocate about 285 billion rubles for R & D. Thus, in general, we can assume that of 1.5 trillion rubles. state defense order for armament 70% goes to purchase serially produced and modernized equipment, 19% - to R & D and the remaining 11% - to current repairs, the expert believes.

The collegium also considered the issue of indexing the monetary maintenance of military personnel and civilian personnel, as well as military pensions. According to Deputy Minister Tatyana Shevtsova, in 2018-2020. For the first time since 2012, salaries for the position and rank of servicemen will be indexed by 4% per year (for this, 82.1 billion rubles was allocated). Prior to this, the law on indexation of monetary content, adopted in 2011, was suspended annually. The absence of indexation of the monetary allowance led to the fact that the military pensions tied to it increased by 2% higher than the inflation rate by presidential decree, this year they were increased by 4%, Shevtsova said. In fact, since 2012, it was not about stagnation, but about the gradual decline in incomes not only of military but also of military pensioners, since official inflation is far from real growth in prices, says the Defense Ministry officer.