"On the threshold of a new reality": how much will cost the St. Petersburg Forum

St. Petersburg Economic Forum, the main business event in Russia this year, could become the most expensive in its history. Despite the savings, expenses increased not only for the organizer of the forum, but also for the participants.
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Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), whose theme this time "on the verge of a new economic reality," will be held June 16-18 in an unusual location for this event. Instead of "Lenexpo" on Vasilevsky Island, where members gathered for the past ten years, they will open the doors built near the airport Pulkovo "Expoforum".

Despite moving out of the city, the event has risen in price considerably: online budget has increased from 1.5 billion to 1.8 billion rubles. This is due to the size of the new site (which is three times more than the previous one), the promotion of SPIEF in "key regions of the world", as well as a general increase in prices, explained RBC's press secretary, organizer of the forum - fund "Roskongress" (the new name of the SPIEF Foundation) Irina Sukhov. The total cost will be known only after the completion of the forum, she said.

Contribute sponsors

More than half of the budget forum - about 1 billion rubles. - Sponsorship contributions, about one-third (about 600 million rubles.) - Registration fees, 2% comes from the federal budget, the rest - a service to the organization of exhibitions.

The budget this year, the forum will receive slightly less than last year: 40 million rubles. . Instead of 41.2 million registration fee also not risen: as in the past year, the minimum starting price of participation in the event amounted to 177 thousand rubles, stresses Sukhov... But the closer to the opening, the higher the price, she adds. On May 30, the website offline package "Standard" was worth 236 thousand rubles, and the package "Premium" -.. 295 thousand rubles..

The main burden due to the cost will be borne by sponsors and exhibitors. The number of partner packages has increased compared to last year, so the cost will increase uncritically loyal customers, said Sukhov. According to the site of the forum, this year SPIEF 52 major partner (in 2015 there were 35).

Last year's General Partners Forum (VEB, "Gazprom", "Rosneft" and the Savings Bank) and strategic ( "Rossetti") have retained their status. But now the company has diluted their general sponsor - VTB (in 2015, a subsidiary of the State Bank, "VTB Capital" was a simple partner of the forum).

How many "Roskongressu" paid every CEOpartner, unknown: on the public procurement website RBK did not find any related contracts for 2016 minutes, or for the year 2015. However, last year bought from SPIEF "information dissemination services of other" cost "Rosneft" to 55 million rubles. Request RBC Oil Company remained unanswered. The official representative of "Gazprom" refused to disclose the fee amount, saying only that it is comparable to last year. General sponsorship, according to the public procurement website, VTB worth 58 million rubles.

Increase in the number of regular partners: they are now 19 instead of 18. Members list - the company "1C", "Onega", "Gazpromneft", "Uralkhim", "Rostec", "Roskosmos" and "Uralkali". How much is this status, the company also did not disclose. However, according to the public procurement, if in 2015 SPIEF Foundation services to create advertising cost one of the partners - Rosselkhozbank -. 27.1 million rubles, and this year "advertising services" "Roskongressa" worth over 30 million rubles. Similar contracts with the fund of the same amount and have Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port "Rosgeologiya "and" Roscosmos ", which are also listed as partners of the Forum. The RBC Rosselkhozbank confirmed the "increase in the cost of the organizers of the sponsorship packages for the participants."

Have doubled and the number on the business program partners: they become 20. The cost of such participation - about 7 million rubles. - Almost unchanged, shared with RBC representative of one of these partner companies. There were also new partner statuses: for example, "Aeroflot" has become the official airline of the Forum (before it did not have any status). With two to three increased the number of partners of business communication zone - to KAMAZ and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives joined the AFC "System". The cost of such a status, according to one of its competitors, at the beginning of March amounted to 12.65 million rubles.

Eliminated from partners

From the list of online partners dropped out "VTB Capital", "Stroytransgaz", "RUSNANO" and United Grain Company. Company En + and "Rusal" have moved into the lower level - of the partners in the partners in the business program.

show yourself

ABOUTdnako splurge will not only sponsors. Only, according to the public procurement website, the amount of expenses associated with the St. Petersburg forum (excluding registration fees), increased from 476 million to almost 800 million rubles.
The biggest costs fall on the creation, registration and booth design. In total, the company, whose purchases have discovered RBC spent a 362 million rubles.

expenditure Leader - "Gazprom Expo", a subsidiary of "Gazprom". For the improvement of the presentation office gas company, corporate exposure "Lakhta center" and five interactive stands in the inner passage "Expoforum" "Gazprom Expo" will pay a total of 61.5 million rubles.

In second place - the Savings Bank. On the design and software of his stand, he will spend a total of approximately 60 million rubles., However, this amount also includes the cost of the stand for the forum "Sochi-2016", which will be held in September-October this year. Last year, the Savings Bank spending was modest: 52 million rubles. Visitors stand Sbertronik met humanoid robot, give each the curiousmap quest, after passing which you can get a gift - Glasses Design Virtual Reality 3D.

In third place - VTB bank with 57 million rubles. to stand and "areas of work organization." In fourth place cost - Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovation of St. Petersburg, which will spend 47.5 million rubles. exposure to various investment projects, thematic photo exhibition and themed cinema (this amount includes souvenirs and catering). "Be sure to use modern means of visualization: multimedia touch screens, LCD panels and LED screens", - stated in the tender documentation.

Nearly 25 million rubles. in the exhibition area will spend the NCSP. A stand of "Mail of Russia" worth 22 million rubles. This amount will include the organization of express delivery portfolios Forum participants all over the world with the help of «EMS Russian Post", as well as the production of 6 thousand. Investment portfolios, tailoring forms for ten people and souvenirs for VIP-guests. The press service of the company said that "proportionate" share the costs with the Post Bank towh ich will also be presented on the stand.

expensive accommodation

Solid amount participants will spend on the services of hotels. Sberbank, for example, 27 million rubles. place their delegates to the Four Seasons, "Astoria", "Crowne Plaza" and "St. Petersburg Airport." Total "for the duration of the Forum" will be booked 161 rooms. It turns out that the number one cost Sberbank about 42 thousand. Rub. in a day. Press-service of the bank declined to comment on these costs. Employees of "Zarubezhneft" will live modestly - for 19-21 thousand rubles.. per day in the "Astoria".

From breakfast to House concert and gala reception

However, the main expenses of participants - on the recreational activities - in public procurement are not recognized. Parties and dinner parties on the set of the forum, but the most lavish receptions satisfied with bankers. And they do not intend to change the tradition.

Sberbank, for example, is known for its Sberbank Night, which traditionally precedes the business breakfast. Last year the bank received guests in the entertainment center "Leningrad" and arranged for them "art cocktail" with acrobats. The costs of the two measuresacceptance, according to the public procurement website, amounted to about 25 million rubles. Sberbank could not find a similar purchases this year, but the bank source claims that the party still held. Sberbank's press service declined to comment on the matter.

VTB last year hosted at the Yusupov Palace, hosting a performance of Boris Eifman Ballet Theatre. The cost for the event have not been disclosed. Does this experience, unknown bank repetitions. The site of public procurement until there is only one tender - to conduct certain activities on June 16 at SPIEF for RUB 57.8 million. VTB organize a reception in partnership with the State Hermitage Museum, explained RBC in the press service of the bank, refused to disclose the details of the event.

More details on the RBC:
Gather the guests will be over and Gazprombank. The reception will be held in the Mikhailovsky Palace, a representative told RBC bank Andrey Serov. Last year, Gazprombank arranged the gala reception "for the representatives of the highest business and political elite" together with the Hermitage: the invited were taken on tours of the author's view of parade routes,palace interiors and unique collections, fed "delicious dishes in the tradition of the palace cuisine" and entertained by a performance of the ballet Bad Boys of Dance.

"This year, we continue appartment format, which is traditionally very popular," - said the representative of RBC 'FC Opening "Alexander Dmitriev, but refused to disclose details. Last year, the appartment "Discovery" were Vyacheslav Butusov, and in 2014 - Boris Grebenshchikov and group "Aquarium".

Russian Direct Investment Fund, in the in the "Attic" restaurant last year is going international investors and heads of sovereign funds with panoramic views of St. Isaac's Cathedral, is also planning a series of social events on different days, the employee fund shares, without disclosing details. Will be held the traditional party of the owner of Onexim Group Mikhail Prokhorov at the restaurant "shatush" and "Basic Element" Oleg Deripaska, the owner in the PMI Bar: they have already started to invite participants. Guests waiting and "Rosneft", says RBC a source close to one of the contractors of the traditional closed-niema. Location and format of the event to him, however, are unknown. Last year, the company arranged a reception at Peterhof.

Return concert

Until 2014, the program forum necessarily present a concert on Palace Square. Who financed the unknown, but at different times before the Winter Palace were Sting, Duran Duran, Scorpions and Pink Floyd. In 2014 and 2015 due to the poor economic situation, it was decided to abandon the concert. But this year, he still held: on the Palace Square will perform Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra under Valery Gergiev, said at the forum. Knyazev producer, such a choice will allow the organizers to save:. If Western rock star could do to € 300-400 thousand, the Symphony Orchestra will pay an order of magnitude less, he believes.

Of those surveyed, only RBC VEB and "Baltic" companies abandoned their parties this year. In 2015, the Bank gave a reception in the "Smelt" restaurant and brewery spent a buffet for 200 people with a concert in the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Estimate the cost of informal CELEBRATIONprises experts are not taken: the details are not available, and sizes are too diverse. "Before the crisis, budgets for recreational activities in the framework of the forum grow by 30-40% per year, now everything squeezed, growing to a maximum of 5-7%," - are assessing producer Sergey Knyazev involved in organizing a number of events of the forum.