One billion dollars depreciated Moldova's European integration

The arrest of the leader of the ruling party, who had been accused of "theft of the century", has strengthened the positions of pro-Russian forces.
In Moldova, arrested the former prime minister, leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, Vladimir Filat. He is accused of involvement in the "theft of the century." - The conclusion of the Moldovan banks $ 1 billion arrest can lead to reformatting of power in the country, and for early parliamentary elections. The scandal was evidence of the complete failure of the project of European integration of the Republic, the authorities of which the West has provided unprecedented financial and political support since 2009. The details of Chisinau - the correspondent of "Kommersant" Vladimir Solovyov.

The point at $ 1 billion

Vladimir Filat, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM), together with the incoming Democratic and Liberal parties in the ruling coalition "For European Integration", was arrested right in the parliament building.

The arrest was preceded by presentation Attorney General Corneliu Gurin, who from the parliamentary rostrum, said that a politician involved in the hands-free fraud - found $ 1 billion in three Moldovan banks (Banca de Economii, Banca Sociala, Unibank; all are in the process of liquidation) through the issuance of unsecured loans.

MESSAGEschiv about this, Mr. Gurin asked Filat deprive deputies of immunity, as he may try to influence the course of the investigation, to put pressure on witnesses or destroy evidence. From a statement by the public prosecutor indicated that Vladimir Filat has received from the Moldovan businessman Ilan Shor (husband Jasmine Russian singer), who controlled the above mentioned banks, $ 190 million.

Parliament by a majority of votes - 79 of 101 - granted the request of the public prosecutor, after which the staff of the National Centre for the Fight against Corruption entered the legislative building and taken by Vladimir Filat. The politician was detained for 72 hours.

In the morning there were no signs of trouble. According to the source "b" in the Liberal Democratic Party, on the eve of the fateful for their session of Parliament the Liberal Democrats and the Democrats have agreed that Corneliu Gurin will be dismissed and possibly a few government officials. Layoffs Attorney General, and the heads of the National Center for Combating Corruption and the National Bank have long demanded the Left Opposition and the Civil Platform "Dignity and true", whose supporters broke the front rightstruction and Parliament campgrounds. It was planned that the resignation of Mr. Gurin, who was to come to the parliament and resign voluntarily, could defuse the political situation and reduce the protest activity.

Therefore, the requirement to deprive the public prosecutor Vladimir Filat immunity was a complete surprise to all. The accused is, judging by the staff of the Parliament translation, this turn of events and did demoralized. Gathered, Vladimir Filat tried to counterattack. He said that his prosecution is the deputy chairman of the Democratic Party of businessman Vladimir Plahotniuc.

"With full responsibility I declare that it is all prepared Plahotniuc. Citizens want a country where work laws, but not ruled by one man, - she said Vladimir Filat.- I do not need immunity. I will prove my innocence. I appeal to those who served Plahotniuc: as long as you represent him, the country will not change anything. "

inseparable enemies

Lord Filat and Plahotniuc at war with each other since in 2009 the power in Moldavii took the Liberal Democratic Party, the Democratic Party and the Liberals who created the alliance "For European Integration". When he came to politics from business, two of Vladimir fought with each other to fight for control of the financial flows and the state institutions.

Most often defeated Mr. Plahotniuc, who is writing the Moldovan media, controls the Prosecutor General's Office, the National Centre for the fight against corruption, the courts, state-owned enterprises such as Moldtelecom, «Railway of Moldova», Moldovagaz, as well as the largest media holding, which includes top-rated TV channels, the main of which Prime (rebroadcasts Russian "first channel").

The previous biggest victory won over Vladimir Plahotniuc Vladimir Filat in the midst of the political crisis of the winter and spring of 2013. It was triggered by a failed New Year's eve in hunting wild boar, which was attended by the then Prosecutor General Valeriu Zubko, who was considered an appointee of Mr. Plahotniuc, senior judges and businessmen. On the hunt he was killed by a young businessman. Murder tried to hide, but in January it became known about it. Vladimir Filat, who was then prime minister, went on the attack: he potrebovathe resignation of the prosecutor general, and called Vladimir Plahotniuc "puppeteer", promising to do away with it.

Mr. Zubko eventually resigned. But soon the parliament dismissed Filat office with the words "corruption". Deputies from the Democratic Party unanimously supported the decision. Some time later, the Constitutional Court of Moldova ruled that the officials dismissed for corruption, are not eligible for the post of head of government. Thus, Mr. Filat was closed road in the premiere.

Pro-European coalition then went to pieces and did not collapse only thanks to the intervention of Brussels, who insisted that the party of the alliance represented an alliance before the November summit of the "Eastern Partnership" in Vilnius, where Moldova initialed an association agreement with the EU. The collapse of the coalition would have meant early elections, which could win the left-wing opposition, was in favor of a U-turn to the east.

End of a success story

After the Vilnius summit of the struggle between the two for a while Vladimir subsided. With renewed vigor, it broke out after a row with the derived milLiard, broke out immediately after last year's November parliamentary elections - the day before the voting authorities concealed the real situation in the financial sector.

"The theft of the century" has provoked street protests, and Brussels, where he previously favored Moldova and called it a "European success story" has become sharply criticized the country's authorities, to require them to investigate fraud and strengthen the fight against corruption.

As a result, a criminal case against Ilan Shor, and a number of managers of banks. In addition, corruption fighters arrested sister's husband, Vladimir Filat, head of the firm Caravita, who took credit in one of the ill-fated bank. That Mr. Shore, which is not only not been arrested, but in June successfully elected mayor of the town of Orhei, and gave, according to "Kommersant" sources, indications Vladimir Filat.

Experts say that after the arrest of Vladimir Filat's chances to keep the pro-European coalition is small. According to Director Center for Policy Analysis Politicon Anatol Taranu, it is a matter for early elections. However, the expert does not rule out the option of creating a leftAlicja is already in the current parliament, where the Communists control 21 seats, the Socialists - 24 and the Democrats - 19. "I think that the authors of the script, which is currently being played, there are already ready such a coalition", - the expert believes. The charges against LDPM leader he called "oligarchic war", which won Vladimir Plahotniuc, announced yesterday his resignation as deputy chairman of the Democratic Party.

One way or another, but the numerous scandals and protests led to the fact that Moldova's pro-European ruling antireyting parties began to break records, and rating left pro-Russian forces, on the contrary, to grow. In late September, Centre for Sociological Investigations and Marketing CBS-AXA has published a survey according to which more than 90% of citizens do not trust any institution of government, and 87% believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction. The popularity of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, the Democratic Party and the Liberals (of those who have already decided for whom to vote) was extremely low - 3.8%, 4.1% and 5.2% respectively. For "Our Party", whose leader Renato mustachioed closely associated with Moscow, as well as overtly pro-Russian Party of Socialists ready to golosovat 12.7% and 11.6% respectively.

"Nashi" and socialists celebrated victory yesterday. But said they would not go out of the walls of the parliament as long as does not submit his resignation, President Nicolae Timofti, and the country will not be announced early elections.