One day in Moscow feeds for the whole year

Scandalous businessman Year Nisan goes beyond all legal limits. 
Publicized correspondence became famous Moscow businessmen Aram Gabrelyanov and Nisanova years. The occasion was shown last autumn story on the TV channel REN TV about the searches in the food warehouse of Food City, which possess Nisan. Security officials revealed gross violations on the sale of alcohol. In particular, it implemented without a license, and the alcohol itself was of dubious quality. As can be seen from the correspondence, the authors seriously want to find a customer's story and to "deal" with him "on concepts."

"European" scheme?

In 2006 Nisanova name appeared in a scandal related to the construction of the shopping center "European", under construction company "Kiev area" Nisanova on the square in front of the Kiev railway station. Building of Rosprirodnadzor wanted to test, as the future of the hotel car park had to stay in the water protection zone of the Moscow River, and the building itself could threaten the Fili metro line.

The deputy head of Rosprirodnadzor Oleg Mitvol, together with the deputy of the State Duma Sergei Mitrokhinm and. about. Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow Dmitry environmental Kavyshkinym and State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein tried to get to the construction site of the shopping center, but they were not allowed employees Chop. Plywood door by sliding the window in which Hinstein stuck his fingers, they damaged his hand, then poured on the heads of the assembled concrete dust. According Nisanova, at that time all his staff just went on vacation.

Mitvol and Hinstein sent a written statement to the prosecutor.

Failed MP

Experts did forecast that Nisan can be a part of the LDPR faction in the Duma convocation 2007-2011. However, the Supreme Court overturned Nisanova registration as a candidate of the Liberal Democratic Party in the absence of his Russian citizenship. More specifically, in Nisanova it has not been established any citizenship. Despite the fact that the supporters Nisanova said - he was issued a Russian passport three times, the Supreme Court refused to register.

Year of prosperity "Lotus"?

Entrepreneur Year Nisan bought one of the biggest shopping sites in Moscow -omplex "Lotus City" in the Kaluga road. The project brings together retail, office, hotel and warehouse areas - in the long run more than 1.5 million square feet. m. Investment in this facility is estimated at $ 2.5 billion.

Familiar with the situation source said that the transaction was carried out in the shortest possible time and almost immediately and "Gardener" market (the previous week there have detained about 600 people after sweeps in the "Moscow" shopping center in Lublin (more than 700 people on November 25 there were detained) ) which belong to Messrs Nisanovu and Iliev. The source pointed out that this is not the most favorable for business acquisition.

Multifunctional trade and exhibition center "Lotus City" is located 1.4 km from Moscow to Kaluga highway, near the village of Mamyrov, on a plot of 67.5 ha. The project is being built in two phases. First - the fairgrounds at 350 thousand sq. M. m, then another trade fair center on 470 thousand sq. m. m, four hotels apartment type (120 thousand sq. m.), the necessary engineering and purification plants.

In the future zone for trade luxe that can be built on the remaining territoryArami, and a business center. Investments in the entire project is estimated at $ 2.5 billion.

"Noisy" case

Relatives of the businessman and lawyer, Dmitry Shumkova, which, according to preliminary data of the investigating authorities, committed suicide in December last year, became the owners of the hotel complex is being built on the street. Barbarian and negotiate its sale. Negotiations on joining the project are the owners of the company "Kiev area" Year of Nisan and Zarah Iliev. They can really finish the hotel in Varvarka.

omnipotent highlanders

None of the experts had no doubt that the main candidates for the prestigious project in the heart of Moscow steel Year Nisan and Zarah Iliev. Even, it seemed all-powerful "gates" Musa Bazhaev officially renounced participation in the purchase of the "charge". Painfully strong in every sense of the owners of "the Kiev area." According to official data, Nisan and Iliev are the largest owners of real estate.

In particular, they belong to the "European" shopping center, g-tsa "Ukraine" TC, "Lotus City" & LAQuo; Park Wonderland ", OCE and the whole market chain.

Trading on the bones

At one time companions built a food complex and ovoschebazah. Environmental activists immediately noted that "neighbors" are Nicholas Khovanskoye Cemetery, and that is much worse - the famous Salarevskaya landfill, Europe's largest landfill waste. Earlier in his place was a waste sand pit with a depth of not more than 3 meters: in the 60s of last century began to bring their garbage here from all over Moscow.

In Nisanova with Iliev just lined up a good relationship and communication with the administration of former Mayor Yuri Luzhkov. Iliev and Nisan could get the market "Gardener". We do not accidentally moved to the traders with Cherkizon. Together with them, we moved to a new location and the established order. When space and "Gardener" was obviously not enough, Azerbaijani businessmen have started construction of the "South Gate" at the 19th kilometer of the Moscow Ring with multilevel parking, and bus station for visitors "shuttles".

Chadyaschie old buses with numbers predominantly southernLegion, loaded with bales and trunks, stretched, and at the 19th kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road, turning it into another "damned" the place for motorists.

"Pushed out" of "Ukraine"

In 2005, the year Iliev and Nisan purchased one of the iconic buildings of Moscow - Stalin's high-rise hotel "Ukraine". However, the most ambitious project was another: in 2003, the Moscow City Hall has signed an investment contract with a group of "Kiev area" to build "business commercial center".

"European" history

The project was completed in 2006 - so the square near the Kiev station there was a huge shopping and entertainment center "European" with a total area about 180 thousand square meters.. At the same time 30% belonged to the city mall. This project was also accompanied by scandals and public concern. Underground parking complex was built in risky proximity extending underground subway tunnels, that at any moment could lead to disaster.

Under construction site "European" was illegally park in the center of Moscow,the complex itself turned out to be erected in the water protection area - in close proximity to the bed of the Moscow River. All claims of Rosprirodnadzor and other regulatory bodies have been successfully developer ignored. So at least it was believed until 2011 when replaced by Yuri Luzhkov, Sergei Sobyanin decided to include the share of the "European" in the program of privatization of municipal property.

And then it turned out that this is impossible, since the city for some reason does not belong to a third area of ​​the center, but only their 10th part. How did it happen and who of the officials did not pay attention to it, to find it was not possible. A scandal broke out, the mayor's office appealed to the court. As a result, the parties agreed that Iliev and Nisan recognized disputed area outside the city, followed by ransom them, thus taking full control of one of the largest shopping complexes in Europe.

But observers noted that such preferences have no "kickbacks" impossible. In Laksheri segment highlanders businessmen were implemented construction of a shopping "European" center at the Kiev areath station. It is no secret that Nisan and Iliev were persons, particularly close to the family of the then Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov and his wife Yelena Baturina. So the problem is easily solved.

Death Shumkova

Dmitry Shumkov (former owner of the "charges") died at the end of last year at a very mysterious circumstances. Until now, no death true version. The basic is still considered a commercial activity. Construction in the center of Moscow near Red Square causes unhealthy envy of competitors. Perhaps death was just adjusted them!

Become a public SMS correspondence Gabrelyanov and Nisanova can seriously interested in law enforcement agencies. And then Nisanovu have to move into the breech property.