One day of the war in the south-east Ukraine costs $3 million

Kiev authorities have already spent almost half of the annual budget of Donetsk on military operations.
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One day military operation Ukrainian security forces in the south-east of the country is worth about $ 3 million in total, according to experts, to suppress the militias Kiev has already spent more than $ 147 million (1.7 billion hryvnia.) - Almost half of the annual Donetsk budget (for 2014 th year was laid 4 billion hryvnia).

Military analysts say that if the Ukrainian security forces continue to use heavy weapons, the total cost of the war in view of the destruction of buildings and infrastructure will increase tenfold.

The so-called anti-terrorist operation was announced April 15, 2014, the Kiev authorities. According to experts, in the military operations against the militia of Donetsk and Lugansk regions involved 95 th, 79 th and 25 th airmobile brigade, 24th, 51th, 30th separate motorized rifle brigade, and National Guard (the former internal troops of MIA of Ukraine -. "News"). In addition, together with the armed forces in the suppression of the militias are involved so-called volunteer fighters spetsbatalona "Donbass", "Dnepr-1", "Dnepr-2", "Azov" that sponsorUkrainian oligarchs.

$ 22 million for food and maintenance

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the total number of categories of Ukrainian troops, concentrated in the south-east of the country, was the end of April 11 thousand. Man. Armed with her there were 160 tanks, more than 230 armored personnel carriers, at least 150 artillery systems, as well as aviation.

However, according to experts, the number of soldiers involved in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO), can be much more. For example, the defense minister of breakaway DNI Igor Strelkov said that the ATO is involved about 20 thousand people, of whom only about Slavyansk -. 5 thousand people.. Ukrainian military expert Vyacheslav Tseluyko believes that the number of troops involved in the operations, and may exceed this figure.

- The fact that there is no clear boundary area where the declared anti-terrorist operation - explains the "Izvestiya" Tseluyko. - After passing the fighting is strengthening our position in the Russian-Ukrainian border. There is also tightened troops. And the total number of groups can be preexceeds 25 thousand. man.

According to "Izvestia" a source in the Defense Ministry, the average per diem Ukrainian involved in the ATO is 30 hryvnia, or $ 2.5, officer - 100, or $ 8.3 (hereinafter, all the calculations are of course $ 1 is equal to 12 Euro). It turns out that only a very stay Ukrainian security forces in a combat zone bypassed Kiev, at least 600 thousand. Hryvnia, or $ 50 thousand. Per day. That is 45 days ATO officers and men of the Ukrainian army, 20 thousand. Which is located in the south-east, have to pay $ 2.25 million travelers.

At the same time, these amounts are not inherent power (the cost of the daily ration is about 50 hryvnia, or $ 4.1) and a monthly allowance of servicemen. On average, the Ukrainian military - officers and contractors - get about 2,4 thousand hryvnia, or $ 200 a month.. It turns out that the power of military involved in the ATO should be earmarked $ 3.6 million, and salaries - $ 6 million.

Total: only the content of the military in the conflict zone has already cost management Square in $ 11.9 million.

Meanwhile, at the very beginning of the military operation it became clear that in a regular Ukrainian aps not enough money even to purchase body armor. As a result, the Maidan was announced to raise funds for the armed forces. On television, even in the midst of the events in the Crimea have already raced commercials with calls to help the Ukrainian army. According to him, it was not enough for aircraft, armored vehicles and even shape. Advertisement worked: according to the government of Ukraine, a total of citizens listed on the army needs 122 million hryvnia, or $ 10.1 million.

- Calculate how these funds are spent, how many of them went to food, as well as on the necessary equipment, it is simply impossible - says Tseluyko.

Private armies of the oligarchs live in chocolate

Head of the laboratory "war economy" of the Institute for Economy in Transition Vitaly Tsymbal recalls that in addition to the regular troops in the conflict involved the so-called private armies billionaires Maidan - Kolomoisky and Akhmetov and representatives of private military companies from Europe and America.

- In contrast to the members of the regular army "soldiers of fortune" is not only earn more, but also better equipped, - says the ekspert. - You could say that they generally live in chocolate.

The main sponsor of the so-called volunteer regiments - the owner of the bank "Privat", the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky. With his direct participation in the region were created two battalions of "Dnepr-1" and "Dnepr-2", and two battalions of territorial defense. The total number of armed groups is about 3 thousand. Man.

Formally, these battalions subordinate to the Interior Ministry of Ukraine and fight together with units of the National Guard under the backbone of which today make up the soldiers of the "Right Sector".

- But in fact, these units are fully self-contained, - told "Izvestiya" representatives of the Donetsk People's Republic (DNR). - Their soldiers do not spare anyone and repairing these atrocities. It fighters Kolomoisky burn government buildings, along with the protesters in the cities of Donetsk region. They also threatened executions, forced to go into attack neobstrelyannyh Ukrainian army troops who refuse to fight against their own people.

During his dirt,tion work "private traders" get decent wages for Ukrainian standards - about 500 hryvnia per day, or $ 40 per day. For example: a qualified doctor in Ukraine earn a day about 100 hryvnia, or $ 8.3.

Kolomoisky himself admitted in media interviews that only pay "their" soldiers per month allocates more than $ 10 million this way, the oligarch and a half months already spent $ 15 million -. Ukrainian state Kolomoisky Forbes estimates at $ 3.6 billion.

In addition to local "soldiers of fortune", according to the DNR, 250 foreign mercenaries are involved in the ATO.

- We have information that Karatchoun (mountain near the Slavic -. "Izvestiya") protects the Polish private military company - has repeatedly said the militia leader Igor Strelkov.

Besides Poles, according to the NPT against the southeast fight private military companies (PMCs) from the United States. But they have very different fees.

According to Vitaly Tsymbal, mercenaries always get more than soldiers of the regular army.

- For example, the French Legion soldiers receive pay and a half times more than regular soldiersFrench army tion, and employee salary PMC operating in Iraq, 30% more than the salary of an American soldier who is in this country - he explains Tsymbal.

According to him, the official labor standards "soldier of fortune" there is no payment. As a rule, the salary depends on the level of life of the region in which they carry out their operations. According to experts, the salary of foreign mercenaries in the south-east of Ukraine starts from $ 10 thousand.

The militia, as we are assured in the DNI, the money is not obtained. And, according to Defense Minister Igor Strelkov DNI, this is a very serious problem, because, despite the fact that militias locals are fed, watered, clothe and provide weapons and ammunition, their family homes sit without money.

In Luhansk People's Republic (LNR) its head Valery Bolotov published this week an order according to which business leaders are required to maintain jobs for the militia, on which they worked prior to the beginning of hostilities, and to pay them full wages. Failure to comply with the order will be considered as sabotage and treason. The average salary in the Luhansk regionSTI as of autumn 2013 amounted to 3345 hryvnia, or $ 278. According to the Ukrainian security forces, militia fighting on the side of 3-5 thousand. Man, the same figures voiced and heads DNR and LNR.

The Soviet legacy

However, the content of the fighters is only a small part of military spending. Major spending accounted for arms and ammunition. According to the Strategic and Defense Technology Center head Ruslan Pukhov, both sides of the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine are mainly used weapons produced in the late 1980s.

- There are two methods of calculation. The first - the residual value of ammunition from the original purchase price, while Ukraine did not pay for this technique dime because she got it for free, inherited from the USSR, - says Pukhov.

Second, according to the expert, on the contrary, it takes into account the price of ammunition today.

- For any expended shell must be replaced by either a new or a more modern, and therefore more expensive counterparts - says Pukhov.

For example, the value of helicopters Mi-8, kotos using the Air Force of Ukraine, can range from $ 200 thousand. up to $ 5 million, depending on the wear and tear. Militia managed to shoot down four such machines. And if we start from the second calculation method (ie, shot down will have to be replaced with new ones), then the cost of the loss of these machines will be up to $ 20 million.

In addition, the militias have also been able to bring down the three attack helicopters Mi-24. The cost of modern versions of these machines range from $ 20 million to $ 22 million.

Ukrainian military analyst Vyacheslav Potseluyko claims that the Air Force of Ukraine for each participating in ATU helicopter has multiple backup machines.

One hour "pinwheel" flight costs an average of $ 800. In total, according to the DNR, 20 helicopters are taking part in the ATO. They have already burned fuel by at least $ 360 thousand. In addition, 26 May during clashes in Donetsk, Ukraine lifted into the air attack aircraft. One hour of flying attack aircraft (in the sky over the capital of Donbass circled three machines) is $ 5 thousand Eyewitnesses claim that the fighter jets flew for about an hour, shooting Nursi (unguided rockets -. "News"). MilitiaIn the Donetsk airport.

Also during hostilities and prepare for Ukrainian army lost more than 30 armored vehicles - from armored personnel carriers to the T-64 tanks (. Fights for Slavic in Volnovakha district, Rubezhnoye, etc.) Cost modernized "sixty-four" is $ 1.5 million, cost of BMP and BTR -.. from $ 800 thousand to $ 1.5 million Total fuel costs for armored vehicles and trucks during the ATO, according to experts, are comparable with the cost of fuel for helicopters and more than $ 350 thousand.

Based on today's prices on the world arms market, the cost of one artillery shell is about $ 150 thousand automatic rounds - $ 30 grenades - $ 8 for mortar shells - from $ 10. For firing positions and checkpoints Ukrainian militia army is using mortars, artillery and automatic weapons.

- Under the Slavic, where are our positions, attacks begin at 8 pm and continue until dawn, - says one of the militia DNR. - As we constantly beating for 5-6 hours. Moreover, in this mode, we live for almost a month.

On average, according tom fighter hour Ukrainians released about 25 minutes and 10-15 projectiles from guns D-30. Thus it turns out that only one section of a Slavic night shelling of Ukrainian military costs in the $ 10-15 thousand.

Sami militias are fighting mostly captured weapons captured from the arsenals of the Security Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, as well as during the fighting. Armed with their outdated model of AK-47 and AKM-74, SKS, Kalashnikov machine guns. Also, militia managed to seize several BMP different modifications.

Pride of the militias - mined in combat self-propelled guns "Nona-S", which shoots projectiles and mines. Maximum range of fire in it - 8 km. And it is - the most powerful weapon. The volunteer Babai of the Krasnodar Territory, YouTube has become a hero in their appeals to President Putin asked him to send him "a couple pushechek to burn enemies at a distance." According to experts, to assess the cost of the militia into service is difficult because they are fighting what will produce in combat.

If you count all the costs for the maintenance of the fighters of the Ukrainian army and the National Guard under, and shekzhe logistics service technology and its loss, it turns out that 45 days ATO cost Ukraine 1.7 billion hryvnia, or $ 147 million. At the same time in the count does not take into account the cost of medicines for the treatment of the wounded, the dead insurance payments, as well as value of the buildings that were destroyed during the punitive operation.

According to a leading expert of the political conjuncture Dmitry Abzalova if the confrontation in the south-eastern Ukraine continues, the country will lose tens of billions of dollars every month.

- Weekly simple single steel plant in the Donetsk region will cost tens of millions of dollars, and if the army starts to serious fighting with heavy artillery and aircraft, the damage caused to the infrastructure of the region, go to the hundreds of billions of dollars, - says Abzalov.