One Rotenberg more: Arkady Rotenberg's son can be included into the Forbes ranking

The Rotenberg brothers have not become much poorer by transferring part of the assets to their children: their fortunes are still multi-billion. The son of Arkady Rotenberg, Igor, has a chance to appear in the Forbes ranking. 
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On Monday, October 13, "Vedomosti" reported that Arkady Rotenberg, 27, handed over to his son Igor its stake in the company "Mostotrest" (26.44%). On that day, the market price of this package is $ 154 million. In the summer of 2014, Igor's father sold the 33% stake in TPS Real Estate Holdings estimated value of $ 500 million.

The representative of Forbes Igor Rotenberg said, that in both cases the assets it bought the son of the father, and not transferred gratuitously. The amount of transactions, he refused to tell.

Status Igor Rotenberg could today be estimated as at least $ 650 million, and the barrier to entry in the Forbes list of 200 richest businessmen of Russia in May 2014 was $ 450 million.

Status of Arkady Rotenberg October 13, 2014, net assets was transferred to his son $ 2.5 billion The major share of this amount falls on the group "Stroygazmontazh." - Owned by Rothenberg 75.5% of the shares of the company were evaluated on the day at $ 2.2 billion .

Status Boris Rotenberg 62, younger brother, and did not change. His son Roman, in an interview with "Vedomosti" and the TV channel "Rain" has told, that did not receive a gift assetsAnd bought them from his father at the market price. He got to share in the Finnish company Arena Events, which owns the stadium Hartwall Arena, the hotel Langvik and 49% of the Finnish hockey team Jokerit. Roman Rotenberg headed Arena Events Board of Directors and the President is working Hartwall Arena from August 2013th. He bought a 50% stake in Arena Events from his father and another 0.5% from its former equal partner Gennady Timchenko 6. Timchenko is 49,5% Arena Events.

The novel does not say how much to pay for a controlling stake in the company. Apparently, a little bit - in the Arena Events Holding a report for the previous financial year (ended 30 April 2014), investments in shares of group companies are estimated at € 39 million, and all of the assets of the company -. To € 42 million over the past year Arena Events net loss to € 18 000.

Status Boris Rotenberg on October 13, 2014 was $ 1.5 billion.