One's own power switch

The failure at the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station left the plants of "Rusal" without power. 
Large-scale disconnections of trunk power transmission lines in Siberia yesterday led to the de-energization of the population and large enterprises, including several aluminum plants of RusAl Oleg Deripaska. In the "Rusal" complained that the bills for electricity are growing, and interruptions to electricity still occur regularly. However, the start of the Siberian blackout, according to the Ministry of Energy, gave an incorrect operation of automation at the Bratsk HPP Irkutskenergo and in the networks of the Irkutsk electric grid company, that is, in the same Oleg Deripaska's structures.

Yesterday in Siberia there was a massive power outage. According to the Ministry of Energy, at 11:43 Moscow time seven seven 500-kV transmission lines in the Krasnoyarsk and Altai Territories and the neighboring regions (the lines belong to the FSK-based Rosseti) were switched off at once. As a result, part of the United Energy System (IPS) of Siberia from the Krasnoyarsk Territory to Transbaikalia was isolated from the UES of Russia with an excess of capacity.

As reported by the Ministry of Energy, at 11:43 at the Bratsk hydropower station Irkutskenergo (owned by Oleg Deripaska's Eurosibenergo), the emergency automatics "incorrectly formed and implemented control actions to cut off the load of about 800 MW," 750 MW fell at the Irkutsk aluminum plant "Rusal" ( Also controlled by a businessman). After that, the emergency control system at the 500 kV Ozernaya substation (owned by the Irkutsk electric grid company owned by Mr. Deripaska) failed and the 650,000 MW has already lost the Bratsk Aluminum Plant Rusal. The cascade development of the accident then disconnected seven 500 kV transmission lines of FGC, and also about 7 GW of capacity - at Beryozovskaya GRES Unipro, Nazarovskaya GRES of the Siberian Generation Company, Boguchanskaya HPP (RusAlA and RusHydro JV, Krasnoyarsk HPP Evrosibenergo, Ust-Ilimsk HPP Irkutskenergo and Krasnoyarsk GRES-2 Gazprom energoholding.

The shutdowns affected six plants of RusAl (also Novokuznetsk, Khakassia, Sayanogorsk and Krasnoyarsk) and the Irkutsk aircraft plant. In FSK they say that they launched the power line by 13:21, and connected all consumers by 15:00 Moscow time. The load of aluminum plants, according to the Ministry of Energy, was restored at 13:32. Details of the situation were not known until the evening, when the above information of the Ministry appeared. In FSK they said that "no damage to the equipment was recorded." The reasons for the automatic protection operation in FGC, the Ministry of Energy and the System Operator of the Unified Energy System (SO, the dispatcher of UES of Russia) did not result in anything in the end. In Eurosibenergo, Kommersant has been told that "according to operational information, the equipment of the Bratsk hydro-power plant and the electric grids of the Irkutsk region is operating in the regular mode". One of the sources of Kommersant, familiar with the situation in the Irkutsk power system, assures that the hydropower plant received an "external team" to relieve the load.

Also until the evening there was no detailed information about other switched-off consumers, the Ministry of Energy only recognized the fact of outages. One of Kommersant sources said, in particular, that Blackout touched Cheremkhovo near Irkutsk. Prime Minister wrote with reference to the Ministry of Energy about the disconnection of about 265.2 thousand household consumers in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Kemerovo Region, Transbaikalia and Buryatia for 250 MW (but the ministry itself does not have this data). TASS with reference to the Ministry of Emergency Measures mentioned the restoration of energy supply of nine municipalities of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where more than 50 thousand people were left without light.

In the "Rusal", the consequences of the trip were said cautiously, assuring that "real problems with the stagnation of the mass in the electrolysers can occur only with a long-term power outages". The total production of the Bratsk, Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk factories of "Rusal" (it was reported that the main load disconnections in 3.36 GW fell on them) - about 2.4 million tons per year, or 6.7 thousand tons per day, says Andrei Lobazov from Aton. Even if there were some disruptions in electricity for several hours, the volumes were likely to be insignificant - less than 0.5 thousand tons, which is insignificant for the group, he believes. At the same time, Rusal separately regretted that the shutdown of the load at its enterprises occur regularly, while the company pays ever larger amounts for energy services. It should be noted that almost all the energy assets of the Irkutsk region and Krasnoyarskaya HPP, like RusAl, are controlled by the structures of Oleg Deripaska, and the plants of RusAl receive electricity, including direct contracts from the power plants of Eurosibenergo.