Open space: why Vadim Moshkovich builds up a non-profit private school worth $50 million

Letovo school will be able to take in 1012 gifted students; 110 apartments will be build for teachers.
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About how Moszkowicz decided to take form, he told Forbes.

Marketing in the past year 2500 hectares of land and residential district in New Moscow, Vadim left Moszkowicz owned 20 hectares of land along the shore of the river near the village of Letovo. But not for himself. There will be a school for 1,000 children from all over Russia, from the campus board for students and houses for teachers. In September 2018 the first call should sound. The construction and preparation Moszkowicz has allocated $ 50 million Another $ 150 million he invested in the endowment fund, whose mission -. Cofinansirovat teaching gifted children. "I want to ensure equal access to knowledge" - explains the owner of the group of companies "Rusagro".

My son is a freshman at the university, I can see how he works intensely, but once my question "What do you think?" He said, "Dad, I'm in heaven." That this phrase can express the main mission of our school - to make sure that any student might say, "I'm in heaven."

The question, what is a good school, I set out in 2006, when we finished buying up land in Kommunarka and drafted a "City of the Sun". In the process of creatingenplana it became clear that we need to build about 50 schools. We decided that we want to build a good, beautiful school. But the school - it is not just a building. Is it possible somehow to describe the spirit of the school? I went to a friend to graduates of the 57th School, from which he graduated himself. The school is known, has produced many talented people, some heads of department and faculties in the best universities, and even entire institutions - to consult and talk to someone there. We spent a few months to understand what our 57th school. We are trying to formulate together with its leadership. The process was quite productive, but there was more questions than answers.

Then I turned to consultants concluded an annual contract with McKinsey. We started to develop the concept, conducted interviews with the directors of dozens of Russian schools, we went to see the best schools around the world - those who occupy the first places in the rankings. The Anglo-Saxon school - it's a classic, the most well-established and structured system, run-time has passed. In England, the best schools for more than 500 years. But it is quite unique, with the pretty young school has, for example, in Scaninavii. As a result, my understanding of modern education has changed dramatically.

First, in the best Western schools keeper of knowledge, as well as what to teach, is a school, not a teacher.

This is the key difference. "Loss" of any, even the most talented teacher does not lead to loss of quality of education. We, on the contrary. Second best schools have their own sustainable and unique position in the national education system. There is not contrary to, and not in a parallel world, often serve as a model for others. Third, the strongest side of these schools - the ethics, values ​​and ability to translate them systematically. Fourth skills. Children are not only knowledge, but also learn to use this knowledge. For example, form the experience in solving problems related to risk management. Prepare to the fact that modern man is often the ability to act in the face of uncertainty. Learn how to make choices, to make decisions. That is taught to think, to use their own tools, instead of ready-made templates.

And five: a good school - an organization which is constantly improving itself. Continuous Systemfeedback. School Raffles in Singapore - one of the first in the world in the number of children entering the world's best universities. And there all the time tested, and students and teachers, and methodology. For example, there is a room where installed 30 cameras: written lesson and then analyzed - the technique, style, pace of work, the quality of assimilation. There is a constant process of understanding: measurements, completion, implementation, and so on.

As a result, six years ago, I had developed a steady desire to build their school. Integrate the best of Russian and international experience. Last fall, we held a contest: put together with the help of architectural consultants CB "Arrow" 15 leading international architectural firms specializing in schools. The jury voted for the project of Dutch Architects Atelier PRO - building resembling a three-beam star. Training classes, creative and athletic wing combined atrium, which can serve as a seating area, an assembly hall and theater stage. In April we started to drive piles for the foundation and the beginning of 2018 and should build a school and campus.

The school "Letovo & raquo; already have two directors. Initially, there was one vacancy. We have organized a multi-stage national competition, it was attended by almost 2,000 teachers and principals from all over Russia. I met with the candidates from the final twenty, but was not chosen director. Nobody came. "Letovo" needed a man with a rare competence - strategic vision, plus the ability to understand the details and understanding of how and what to do from scratch. And Michael Mokrinskiy working in our selection committee, - a full set of these qualities. He is 20 years led the school №1535 and made it one of the best in Moscow, leading many ratings. And I asked him to become the director of "Letovo". Second Director - Resat Ariel, created and led the school in Europe and Asia. He has extensive experience in building practices, standards, procedures and participation in the International Commission on Accreditation. We invited him to not to miss anything important from the international experience and in order to avoid well-known mistakes - do not reinvent the wheel.

Two directors are necessary also because we have bilingual school - the teaching is in Russian, and angliyskom language. All 200 teachers have not yet taken, but by September of this year we will form the backbone - about 30 teachers. Prepare program, training materials and start training. We'll see how children learn the knowledge and skills according to our procedures, it is necessary to give faster or slower, what training resources and formats are most effective and provide high motivation. By the opening of the school "Letovo" we are testing and will select the best of the best.

Why do we teach from the 7th to the 11th grade? I have been doing business here for me, as in business, the result is important, and important gauges. They are transparent to students: did - did, passed - did not pass. If you have a talent and a dream, are you ready to work? With 12 years it is not too late to turn the dream into achieving the highest level and we can rely on the responsibility and independence. And everything is transparent for teachers: help children to set high goals and pursue them.

Basic set will go to the 7th grade. Transoms, especially in the early years, - in all other classes. Since the school is designed not only Moscow but also in the whole of Russia, we will do all thathave the opportunity to try themselves, to pass examinations was every child across the country. We will participate in school competitions system will build an interactive remote network, will go separate ways.

In Russia every year in 7th grade passes more than 1 million children. The best of them - our target audience.

The main thing - the child must want to learn, demonstrate the ability to learn. Our school - for motivated children. And the school reserves the right to exclude students. Uncompromising need to be in matters of academic honesty and generally in matters of moral and ethical. Excellent knowledge of English for admission is very desirable, but there is a lot may depend on the school and not on the child, so that we can take into account the language skills, the potential dynamics of a particular student.

Entrance tests are developed team of teachers, as well as each course. We are bombarded on all sides by the project, identify weaknesses, to finish to get a holistic interdisciplinary solutions. In Russia now holds the best schooling on personalities, often uchtelyah- "stars." However, not every "star" is ready to work in a team. These, unfortunately, we do not fit. But Russia is rich in talent, the "Letovo" has already developed its own team - strong, passionate team. And I have confidence that we will be successful.

There is still a lot of work, so to speak, on menedzhirovaniya level. It is necessary to determine the heads of departments, projects, with their specialization. We will solve, who will be engaged in the improvement of the system of teaching level evaluation system. As to the Raffles, we regularly carry out tests, analyze, decide how best to configure the knowledge of transmission, methods, approaches and styles. There is much work. She still goes every day. I myself quite deeply involved in the process and to give the school as much time as needed.

We have established contacts with schools in England, America, Singapore. Director of the best schools of the countries included in the advisory council "Letovo". Our children and teachers will go wherever there is an interesting, worthy of a learning experience. We will establish cooperation with all leading Russian universities. The children will be developedLCA, depending on where they want to learn more - in Russia or abroad. When the mandatory delivery of EGE school aims to prepare for entry to the best universities in Russia and abroad.

In fact, to the school to solve all problems, there is 100% of the funds. Endowment managed by professional financiers already active. As a non-profit school and assumes zero income, the cost of training will be covered from the endowment fund for the portion received. If exams were put on the fine, school student studying financial position of the family and determines the size of payment for tuition.

Family income in any case should not be a barrier to admission a talented child.

If the ability to pay is zero, the school will provide a grant. According to preliminary calculations, the content of school costs amount to about one billion rubles a year. If no student can not pay a penny, it will fully fund the costs. By creating an endowment, I proceeded from this principle.

In "Letovo" I'm the only investor and at this stage I do not consider a partnership at all.In order to seriously invest in such a project, you need to share his ideas and values ​​that need to dive into the subject. I have spent on it at least five years of his life. That's when the school opened, will reveal itself, then I think it may be the topic of further development prospects, partnerships. But not before 2023.

The task of any school - to help the child to develop. Of course, we want to teach children right from wrong, to be independent, to achieve the goals. But I started all this, not in order to change the world. I'm not a revolutionary. I want to give children equal opportunities, ensure equal access to knowledge. I want the children to Russia could get a world-class education. That's all. Will this change in the competitive environment, society and culture? Hope so.