Organizer of the energy blockade of the Crimea owes Sberbank a billion

Izvestia found out that the main ideologist of the energy blockade of the Crimea Lenur Islyamov is accused of deliberate bankruptcy of the company and the withdrawal of assets from the country.
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With regard to major Russian car dealer "Queengroup", controlled by the organizer of the energy blockade of the Crimea Lenur Islyamova, introduced the procedure of external management. The company owes Sberbank of 1 billion rubles and 0.5 billion rubles to other creditors, including foreign suppliers. Interim trustee in bankruptcy "Queengroup" Roman Sinchenko told "Izvestia", which is preparing documents to be sent to law enforcement authorities: he sees signs of deliberate bankruptcy and believes that the owners could consciously withdraw assets from Russia. If the investigation by examining the documents come to the conclusion that the planned criminal action against the management company can bring a case on deliberate bankruptcy.

Name Lenur Islyamova became widely known in connection with the energy blockade of the Crimea, as a result of which tens of thousands of inhabitants of the peninsula were left without light and heat. Islyamov was the organizer of blasting power lines, it was on his orders Emergency Service of Ukraine stopped work to restore power. And on Ukrainian TV channelhe actually called on Ukrainians to carry out attacks on the border with Crimea. Mining support of electric mains (power lines) arrows of the battalion "Donbass" Enver Kutiya.

This information ex-krymchanin Lenur Islyamov confirmed prankeram who introduced Rada deputy Anton Gerashchenko and Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, transfers LifeNews TV channel. After the explosions of power transmission line supports Islyamov prankeram reported that the SBU will advance the theory that the explosion was organized Russian saboteurs. Prankery noted that in a conversation with them Islyamov reported on the financing of the Latvian Embassy of the Crimean Tatars, "blocking" Crimea.

"He (Islyamov) said that the Latvian Embassy finances activity of the Crimean Tatars, and that they (the embassy) spend at $ 1-2 thousand per day for the maintenance of about 500-600 people," blockade ", -. They said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin harshly criticized the response to the undermining of power transmission line supports Ukrainian authorities. The Head of State said that he could not have taken place without the tacit consent of Kiev LEP undermining in the Kherson region, and stressed that the statement is Ukrainianastey contradict their actions against the inhabitants of the peninsula.

On November 25, the FSB opened a criminal investigation into the explosion of support under Part. 2 tbsp. 281 of the Criminal Code ( "Diversion"). Those responsible for this article may be deprived of liberty for 20 years. It is possible that the organization will be charged with undermining Islyamov.

At the same time in Russia against Islyamova may initiate another case, but for the economic article. Company Islyamova and his family: "Queengroup" owed to Sberbank of 1 billion rubles and 0.5 billion rubles to other creditors. The external manager believes that the owners intend to have brought the company to bankruptcy and had originally planned not to return the borrowed money, moving them abroad.

Back in February 2014 the core business was Islyamova in Russia. At various times, he directed or controlled more than 35 companies in Moscow, Crimea, Vologda, Voronezh, Yaroslavl and Lipetsk regions. Seven of them, according to SPARK, currently still controls Islyamov itself, about a dozen - his father or his wife Eden. Among his assets was JUST Bank, which has less than a month ago, license revoked. In Islyamovand there are media assets. He founded the Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR (its broadcast in the Crimea is now suspended), the radio station "Maidan" and "Leader", as well as online portals. All of them are part of his media holding "Atlant-SV", based in the Crimea, and many resources are still leading the activity. Company Islyamova "SimSitiTrans" at one time was the largest passenger carrier Peninsula.

Company "Queengroup" has been a major distributor of cars in Russia and Kazakhstan. The procedure of surveillance against "Queengroup", which mainly sells Chinese cars, introduced the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region. The company is registered in Krasnogorsk. The reason for this decision of the court became debts of 1.5 billion rubles to more than ten creditors, chief among which is the Savings Bank - it distributor owes 1.1 billion rubles.

According to "Izvestia", the loan was issued before the change of government in Ukraine and the Crimea entry into the Russian Federation. According to SPARC-based data Lenur Islyamov until 2011 owned 100% of OOO "Queengroup", and then transferred his share to his wife Elvira.

Interim trustee in bankruptcy "Queengroup" Roman Sinchenko told "Izvestia", which sees the actions of management of the firm signs of deliberate bankruptcy, and spoke about the role it could play in the "chief ideologist" of the blockade of the Crimea.

- As a result of analysis of the debtor's financial condition will be filed an appeal to the law enforcement authorities with a statement about the audit upon deliberate bankruptcy - said Sinchenko "Izvestia". - Probably Islyamov, understanding the complications of their situation in Russia, most contributed to the conclusion of the Russian assets of LLC "Queengroup" during the second half of 2014 (after the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation -. "Izvestiya") and 2015.

At the same time representatives of the company, according to Sinchenko, on contact, and are not required to reclaim the debt instruments do not provide.

- Since the introduction of observation, none of the staff and owners of the company did not come out with us on contact, even after the receipt of the writ of execution by bailiffs - said Sinchenko. - That is buhgalterskai and other documentation of the debtor to me as the interim manager is not transferred, making it difficult to collect information about the financial condition "Queengroup".

At the same time still have not managed to find almost any property that can be converted into cash and direct debt payment: Product sold out, the company's office is closed, empty warehouses for a long time or transferred to other legal entities, and the director and the owner disappeared. Nevertheless Sinchenko hopes that if the property in Russia "Queengroup" is not there, to the vicarious liability is still able to attract and arrest Elvira Islyamova its assets in Ukraine.

The main creditor "Queengroup" - Sberbank, which car dealer has to RUB 1.1 billion loan. As security for the loan in the company documents specified collateral FAW and Skoda brand vehicles that are in the warehouses of the company. However, as the manager says, these machines are gone.

Summed Islyamova and their foreign partners. LLC "Laksidzhin Motor", the Taiwan subsidiary of largest automaker "Yulon Motor" set "Queengroup" 207 machines mark "Laksidzhin" in 2014 withoimostyu 162.4 million rubles. "Queengroup" asked installments: promised pay deal as car sales. In "Laksidzhin" we agreed, but asked for a bank guarantee, which is issued and is 100% controlled by personally Islyamova JUST Bank. In early November, the Central Bank revoked the license of the bank for incorrect statements. As a result, the Chinese company also has not received the money and now is listed in the list of creditors.

"Queengroup" and stopped paying taxes: its debt to the Federal Tax Service (FTS) is 3 million rubles due to non-payment of VAT, property tax and penalties under the transport tax.

The company has also remained Islyamova should still two banks: "Eurocredit" the bank has not received the loan 35.5 million rubles, while the Bank "Asia Invest Bank" - $ 2.8 million in the second case, "Queengroup" did to Asia Invest Bank as well. as well as with the Savings Bank: laid FAW brand cars and spare parts in the amount of $ 5 million, which subsequently disappeared.

Bankruptcy manager noted that the rest of the family Islyamova firms can make to pay for the debts of "Kvingru".

- If Islyamov will be brought to vicarious liability as a controlling person of the debtor, the creditors will be able to meet their demands at the expense of other controlled Islyamova assets - said Sinchenko.

However, the business empire Islyamova family in the last year shows the successful financial results - for the last reporting in 2014 more than a dozen learned "Izvestia" companies brought more than 700 million rubles loss. Despite the fact that the above companies, according to SPARK, are operating on the territory of the Russian Federation. "News" was unable to contact any one of them - the phones were either not specified or disabled.