Otkritie, Binbank and Trust spoiled the indicators of the Russian banking system

The Central Bank informed about the dynamics of the banking sector in September.
The banking sector continued to increase lending to the population in September, and lending to financial institutions also increased substantially. However, the financial result across the entire banking system turned out to be negative. In addition, a spasmodic growth in reserves was noted. Analysts are sure: these indicators were influenced by the "Discovery" and Binbank, transferred for rehabilitation. Without them, the banking system as a whole showed a profit.

The Bank of Russia published a review "On the dynamics of the development of the banking sector of the Russian Federation in September 2017". As the press service of the Central Bank informs, the growth of financial indicators of the banking system continued. In particular, lending to the population continued its growth and showed for September an increase of 1.3%, to 11.7 trillion rubles. According to Raiffeisenbank analyst Denis Poryvaya, this is mainly due to the growth in mortgage lending.

Corporate lending showed growth within the arithmetic error - 0.5% - and reached 30.1 trillion rubles. Deposits of companies slightly decreased (by 0.9%), deposits of individuals also slightly increased (by 0.1%). Crediting of financial organizations (not banks) continued to grow and gave an increase in September by 6.3%, to 3.3 trillion rubles.

Trend change, analysts say, is a sharp increase in reserves: in September, the growth in reserves was 6.5%, and as a result, since the beginning of the year, reserves in the industry have increased by 13.6%, to 6.2 trillion rubles. "The growth of reserves is a completely natural event, which is connected with the transfer of the bank" FC Otkritie ", Binbank and Trust Bank to the reorganization and additional reserves at the request of the Central Bank," believes Dmitry Monastyrshin, an analyst at Promsvyazbank.

Recall, Binbank is being sanated since September 21, about the transfer of FC "Otkrytie" (and together with it, the Trust, sanated by FC Otkryt) to the Fund for the consolidation of the banking sector became known on August 29.

The growth of reserves inevitably led to an increase in losses. According to Dmitry Monastyrshin, according to credit institutions, the total increase in losses amounted to 425 billion rubles. As a result, according to the Central Bank's report, in general for the banking sector, the profit for January-September compared to the indicator for January-August (997 billion rubles.) Decreased significantly (to 675 billion rubles.).

At the same time, the number of profitable credit organizations prevails (396 out of 574 credit institutions that acted on October 1). Both analysts and the Central Bank explain this by a one-time admission of losses on the bank "FC Otkritie", Binbanku and the bank "Trust." "Without taking into account the financial result of such banking groups, the profit of the banking sector increased and amounted to 1.1 trillion rubles," the press service of the Central Bank said.

Assets of the banking sector for September did not undergo significant changes, their profitability returned to the indicator at the beginning of the year (1.2%).