Owner of Miel Grigory Kulikov released on bail in Latvia

The decision on his extradition to Russia hasn't been made. 
Chairman of the Board and owner of GC "Miel" Grigory Kulikov released from custody on bail in the Latvian news agency "RIA Novosti", citing a source familiar with the situation. Two familiar businessman confirmed "Vedomosti" that information. The representative of "Miel" Natalia Kulikova and lawyer Nicholas declined to comment.

Kulikova detained in Jurmala at the request of the Prosecutor General Russia 8 May, said in June 2016 a representative of the latter. According to him, the Prosecutor General's Office insisted on the extradition of a businessman in Russia, but about this at the time was not resolved. No decision on this matter has not yet been adopted - Kulikov just changed the measure of restraint, noted two familiar businessman. The Prosecutor General information about the change of measure of restraint owner "Miel" is not, but the Russian side is going to ask for it, said the representative office. Receive comments from representatives of the State Police of Latvia has failed.

With regard to the Civil Code "Miel" owner, as well as the former top managers of the company, among them exleaders "Miel - Residential Real Estate" Savely Orbant and Sergey Kasatkin, Russia opened a criminal case for fraud with funds of investors cottage community "Barvikha Village." Since the investor has been collected about $ 50 million for this project, previously reported "Kommersant". Kulikov accused of embezzling in 2007-2008. more than 85 million rubles. a number of individuals and legal entities, but the businessman fled from law enforcement agencies, told earlier by the representative of the Prosecutor General. In November 2014 the owner of the "Miel" was announced in the federal and in September 2015 - the international wanted list through Interpol.

Itself "Miel" recognized committed in the construction of "Barvikha Village" error on the part of management, but linked the actions of the investigating authorities with respect to the company and its shareholders with the internal corporate conflicts with former top-manager Natalia Tikhon (now the partner of "Metrium groups"). According to the "Miel", Tikhon in 2010-2012. kidnapped by the company not less than 2 billion rubles., including $ 20 million loan for the construction of "Barvikha WeeLaj ". "Despite more than 40 won arbitration cases, criminal proceedings against Tikhon discontinued for the fourth time," - said Nicholas in June. Tikhon itself all accusations refuted: "The statement about the theft of credit of $ 20 million and thoroughly tested a consequence, and in 2013 issued a procedural decision of my complete innocence." Tikhon also drew attention to the fact that she was a co-founder and managing partner of JSC "Miel-New", who worked in the housing market, and to the direction of the country real estate and specifically the project "Barvikha Village" had no relationship.