Owners of Adamant study the possibility of selling the Zvenigorodsky shopping center

Experts estimate the asset of 600 million rubles, they say: the chances of finding a buyer are not high, especially since the facility needs a reconception.
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About the fact that the development holding "Adamant" is looking for buyers at the TC "Zvenigorodsky", located above the entrance to the metro station with the same name, "Fontanka" was told by three participants of the commercial real estate market. In the company itself, they declined to comment.

TC "Zvenigorodsky" is not one of the largest objects of "Adamant". The building has a total area of ​​5.9 thousand square meters. m was opened in 2010, a year after the start of the metro station "Zvenigorodskaya". At the same time, the first floor was occupied almost entirely by the lobby of the station, on the second floor there were stores of gifts, equipment and accessories, on the third - a restaurant, on the fourth and fifth floors - offices.

According to SPARK, the premises of the complex belong to LLC "Agat" and LLC "Retro". Their owners are former employees of the holding - Natalia Voroshilo and Dmitry Putenikhin. Both are also included in the minority shareholders of the Aleksandrovsky Bank, whose co-owner, in 2016, was the head of Adamant, Igor Leytis.

Natalia Voroshilo did not comment on the reason for the sale, citing employment. "The fact itself will neither confirm nor disprove," she said. Dmitry Putenikhin denies plans to get rid of the complex. "Market participants did not receive orders [to sell]," he said. According to the entrepreneur, the complex is now 100% complete. However, he did not deny that the owners have plans for the rotation of tenants.

The press service of "Adamant" declined to comment. Officially, the object was not put up for sale. In this case, a source close to the developer says that he knows about negotiations with a potential buyer. According to other interlocutors of "Fontanka" in the market of commercial real estate, the company "studies demand" for 3 - 4 months.

Andrey Boykov, Rusland SP's partner, estimates the value of Zvenigorodsky at about 600 million rubles (100 thousand rubles per square meter). According to the expert, a small shopping center could be of interest not only to investment funds, but also to private investors.

But there are no real candidates yet. According to market participants, big business is not interested in such a small object, but for small price is too high, and they prefer to invest in street retail. In addition, the market itself is by no means on the rise - the weakening of the ruble is a factor of uncertainty for investment in real estate.

Complex object

There are no up-to-date data on financial results for Zvenigorodsky Trading Company. According to SPARK, Agat LLC in 2016 received revenue of 8.4 million rubles and a profit of 1.4 million. Retro LLC - revenue of 10 million rubles and a loss of 1.6 million rubles.

But, according to market participants, the desire to sell the asset may be due to the dissatisfaction of the owners of its indicators. "Despite the fact that the object is located at the metro, the traffic there is small. To attract customers, you need a supercarrier like a visa center in the shopping center "Olympic Plaza" in Marata, "comments Anna Sigalova, director of the investment services department at Colliers International.

According to the owner of the real estate agency Ekaterina Lapina, the idea of ​​the metro to limit the time of the Zvenigorodskaya lobby, which arose one year ago, confirms the thesis about insufficient traffic. At the same time, the concept of Zvenigorodsky itself turned out to be not very successful. "The object was positioned as a standard shopping center near the metro, but the strong mix of tenants could not be collected," the expert says.

Now, judging by the site of Zvenigorodsky, among the tenants there are only a few retail network retailers of the federal level - a chain of restaurants Teremok, a shoe retailer of the low price segment Kari and a jewelery store Sunlight. The rest are single shops or small local networks. A more advantageous option would be filling the complex with catering facilities, says Ekaterina Lapina.

Portfolio audit

TC "Zvenigorod" is not the only facility with which "Adamant" is ready to leave recently. According to Fontanka, less than a year ago the company was looking for buyers for a business center on the Moika Embankment. The premise is listed for OOO ADM-Finance, which is also owned by Natalia Voroshilo and Dmitry Putenikhin. But for the object there was a tenant, so they refused to sell.

According to Olga Sharygina, managing director of the real estate development center NAI Becar, the messages about the search for candidates for Zvenigorodsky do not necessarily mean that the company wants to get rid of it immediately. "There is a high probability that Adamant has decided only to audit its assets, to understand the real cost of the facility and the possible terms that may be required for its implementation," she said.

Now under the management of the holding there are 22 shopping and entertainment complexes with a total area of ​​more than 1.2 million square meters. m. The sale of other facilities in the Northern capital market participants is unknown. But, in their opinion, the restructuring of the portfolio of the largest developers, including "Adamant", is long overdue. The complexes that belong to them, many of which are more than 7 to 10 years old, are losing visitors. This means that the company needs to either invest in modernization alone, or sell.

The St. Petersburg shopping centers "Adamant" are still partially reconstructed and cosmetic repairs. So, in the shopping and entertainment center "Continent", after the closure of the Prisma grocery store, space with Chinese goods "China-City-2" appeared. In the TC "Balkansky" on two floors have renovated the internal architecture and interior. The repair was also announced at the TRK "Balkaniya NOVA", and in the TRC "Mercury" there was a partial re-planning.

But in the regions the company took the matter more decisively. In particular, according to the information of "Fontanka", now the fate of one of the Moscow shopping centers is being decided. "The owners want to attract a management company that could make the business more profitable," says one of the market participants. One of the options is to make the building an aparthotel instead of a shopping center and hire a professional team to manage it.

His own shopping centers are not averse to sell and other developers. So, the Finnish Stockmann from the end of 2016, looking for a buyer for the shopping center "Nevsky Center" (91 thousand square meters), but has not yet succeeded. It was also reported that the Finnish SRV is ready to part with the shopping center "Pearl Plaza" (96 thousand square meters). Officially for sale are the shopping center Metrica (6,000 sq. M.) At the corner of the Revolution road and the Energetikov Avenue, which is being implemented as part of the bankruptcy of the retailer's structures, and the Sampsonievsky shopping center (46,000 sq. M.) At the intersection of Fokine Street and Bolshoy Sampsonievsky Avenue.


The multi-profile holding "Adamant" was founded in St. Petersburg in 1992. The main owners of the company are Igor Leytis, Mikhail Bazhenov, Evgeny Gurevich and Vladimir Golubev. According to Colliers International, the company owns 25.7% of retail property in St. Petersburg. In 2018, the company entered the hotel market in Moscow, launching a hotel near Skolkovo. It also became known that Igor Leytis will take part in the construction of a trade cluster in the Leninsky district of the capital.