Owners of Nikol'skaya Plaza were suspected of the land grab

The Moscow police began to check the illegal use of elite land near the very walls of the Kremlin.
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According to the Research Affairs of Moscow, owners Nikol'skaya Plaza shopping center arbitrarily extended their territory, capturing the municipal land area of ​​1.5 thousand sq. M. m, located above the underground parking complex. At the same time, according to the police, they have been spoiled being in the area monuments. In most Nikol'skaya Plaza surprised and claims security forces claim to have all the rights to the disputed area.

- Office of Economic Security and Anti-corruption Research Affairs of Russia in Moscow (UEBiPK) is checked into the illegal use of land commercial structure ZAO "Kvodranzh» (Nikol'skaya Plaza owner -. "Izvestiya"), as well as on the facts of illegal registration of Action on property located at ul. Nicholas, ow. 10/2, page 1, 3a, 3b, -. Told "Izvestia" a source in the Interior Ministry.

Interlocutor publication also said that on said plot of land in the city center there are three buildings, presumably related to the monuments of architecture, and they were illegally reconstructed handsHANDBOOK company.

- To understand whether this is so or not, is now helping the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow - said the source of "Izvestia". - Corresponding request was sent to them.

As explained "Izvestia", checking the security forces was preceded by questions to the company "Kvodranzh" from the Russian State Register. October 3 "Kvodranzh" Rosreestr filed a petition for entry in the Unified State Register of rights to real estate (USRR) record of 1.5 thousand sq. M increase in the center of the square. m - from 5075 to 6549.4 sq. m. For "Kvodranzh" site belonging to the city offered to qualified domestic territories adjacent to BC Nikol'skaya Plaza, a "terrace parking" is not taken into account in the décor and a half years ago the certificate of state registration of rights for the rest of the business center infrastructure.

At the same time as the document was submitted only cadastral passport facilities from 09.23.2013, issued by the State Organization "FKP Rosreestra in Moscow."

In Rosreestra "News" reported that the agency employee sent a request for confirmation of the information needed for registrationistratsii, the prefecture because it questioned the applicant's action, it is a shopping center. The representative of the department said that "Kvodranzh" separated from obtaining land only registrar signature and that employee's actions prevented Rosreestra transfer of public land to the ownership of a private company without a good reason.

Market participants note the originality of actions of the company "Kvodranzh".

- The company has created a precedent in the capital market real estate - land owned by the city, under which is a private infrastructure (parking lots and other facilities), can be attributed to private ownership without the knowledge of authorities and out of court - said "Izvestia" a source familiar with the situation .

Representatives Nikol'skaya Plaza very surprised that for them there is a claim by the Prefecture and the Ministry of Interior.

- Project documentation, on the basis of which were under construction, agreed in the prescribed manner, including with the prefecture of the Central Administrative District - said the publication of Head of Legal Service of CJSC "Kvodranzh & raquo; Mikhail Chernyshev. - Construction was carried out on the land, which is decorated in the rent during the construction period (the lease agreement of 2001 number M-01-507795 land area of ​​5800 square meters.).

The lawyer also explained that the project 36,150 square meters have been provided. m space, but introduced 33 217.4 square meters. m, and the land and legal relations are in the stage of execution.

- The area of ​​1474.4 square meters. m upon a constructive part of the overlap of underground rooms (minus the first floor), previously unrecorded, - said Chernyshov. - So, with all the documents in the specified area, we asked Rosreestr register it for us. That territory in question, - it is minus roof floor, she was put in the same 2006, and therefore is considered an integral part of the business center. Documents on the floor we have, and can not understand why we are having to claim.

"News" asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Department of Cultural Heritage with a request to clarify the situation, however, these agencies have failed to promptly provide comment.

As follows from the data in open istochnikah "Kvodranzh" included in the investment and construction holding "Rutsog-Invest" structure. Among the facilities that are built with his participation, - Business centers Nikol'skaya Plaza, «Olympic Plaza" and "Olympic Plaza II of" hotel "Kempinski Nikolskaya" residential complex of luxury, "Eropkinsky" on Ostozhenka, "Nesvizh "Nesvizh in the alley," Breakfast "in Swedish stalemate in Tverskoy boulevard.

Until 2005, the co-owner of "Rutsog-invest" means an entrepreneur Ruben Grigoryan, but in 2005 moved to the holding company "Veynett Treding", which, in turn, is controlled by the Cyprus offshore "Veynett Treding Company Limited."