Panama of Rosgosstrakh: who owns the financial holding company worth $4 billion

The question about the present owner of Rosgosstrakh has been open since 2001.
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Have you ever heard of the citizens of Panama and Jurgen Mossaka Diva Arhelisa Patino de Donado? Hardly. But their names are well-known managers of large private and state several Russian businessmen. These Panamanians, for example, were the formal owners of the financial holding company "Rosgosstrakh" (several insurance companies and banks). In the autumn of 2013 "Rosgosstrakh" was listed on the Moscow stock exchange capitalization of the insurance company only a little less than $ 4 billion.
Jürgen Mossak - Mossack Fonseca member board of directors, providing services, including the nominal ownership of the asset. Established in 1977 Mossack Fonseca with 44 offices around the world calls itself a global leader in the organization of trusts and corporate governance. The company operates in all major offshore jurisdictions from Panama and the British Virgin Islands to the Seychelles and Hong Kong.

Business in Mossack Fonseca delicate, customers across different. For example, according to the World Bank, Jürgen Mossak and Diva Arhelis Patino de Donado constituted Panama company Bocora Holdings, which was used by the USand businessmen in 1996 in a bribe payment scheme ($ 800,000) to officials of Trinidad and Tobago for obtaining the contract for the modernization of the airport in that country.

And what about the "Rosgosstrakh"? According to the CSG-bank, the ultimate owner of "Rosgosstrakh" Holding a Panamanian RGS Company Ltd. Inc. According to the Registration Chamber of Panama, this company is owned by two companies, Dulcan Inc. and Winsley Inc., and their owners are two more companies - Guixolex Inc. and Rolika Ink., which belong Mossaku and De Donado.

However, in the scheme of the CSG-final beneficiary bank (100%) of all businesses listed Sergey Khachaturov, the brother of the chairman of the board of directors of "Rosgosstrakh" Danil Khachaturov. Is there a contradiction? According to Dmitry Klenow partner UFG Wealth Management, Mossak and Patino de Donado - Nominee companies and for them can be any legal framework that allows to hide the real owner - Trust, a private Panamanian Foundation (Panama Private Interest Foundation), or simply a legal agreement. "This information is not registered anywhere, allowing you to maintain the confidentiality of final beneficiaries Vladof "- he explains Maples.

The question about the present owner of the "Rosgosstrakh" remains open since 2001, when the collected investment company "Troika Dialog" pool of investors bought the state the first stake in the insurance company. The main owner of "Rosgosstrakh" Danil Khachaturov, who comes from "Slavneft", but since 2005, "Rosgosstrakh" was recorded at his younger brother, Sergei, and was transferred to a Panamanian offshore a few years. Danil Khachaturov to comment for this article refused.

CSG-bank, like any Russian bank, part of the deposit insurance system is required to disclose its beneficiaries. Checks whether the data of the Central Bank? CB Forbes on request did not answer, but to understand how the controller works with the information you can, "the Central Bank Bulletin" of the official publication. Fifth February 2014 newsletter has been published here with the recommendations of the banks for the identification of the owners of the client companies. Methods for identifying the beneficiaries are plain: the study of constituent documents, questioning customers, their oral questioning and the use of the Internet and the media.Theoretically, the owner of the client can be called by anyone.

Danil Khachaturov, judging by the Registration Chamber of Panama, not only Russian businessman who uses the services of Mossack Fonseca. Its client can be Hudaynatov Edward, the former head of "Rosneft", who held the position since 2008 at the invitation of Igor Sechin, the current president of "Rosneft".

In August 2013 Hudaynatov became president, "the Independent Oil and Gas Company." At the same time changed and the owners of the company. They were the Luxembourg offshore Dako Energy Investments SA and Dako Energy. Dako Energy Investments established Irish Rosevara Ltd, in which the report stated in 2011 that its parent company is Panamanian Guanare Inc. Then there is a chain of Panamanian companies, which at the end of the same people - Mossak and De Donado. Hudaynatov conveyed through a representative, which is the ultimate beneficiary of the NOC.