Part of the assets of German Klimenko will be trasnferred to his son, another will be sold

Advisor to the President of Russia in the Internet economy is going to move away from asset management.
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Advisor to the President of Russia, German Klimenko, who was appointed by decree of Vladimir Putin on 4 January is going to get rid of the management and ownership of assets belonging to him. According to the law, he can not run a business, so some of its assets to give Klimenko son Management - Yuri Klimenko, and some will sell. Both the German Klimenko said his mother auditing firm will examine all of its assets, including those of which he had forgotten. Klimenko said that before making an investment or open "to the test" accounts in different banks.

According to Article 11 of the Law "On the Russian governmental service", Klimenko no longer has the right to "engage in other paid activities, except for teaching, scientific and other creative activities, engage in entrepreneurial activity personally or by proxy, to receive royalties for the publication and presentation as a public servant ".

Now the list of assets Herman Klimenko is extensive in its investment portfolio there are companies from different spheres - stake in the bank, real estate, Internet companies, the media and others.

Home business
The first significant German Klimenko money earned in 1993-1994.

- I thought that invest in "MMM" stupid. But the open, in fact, foreign currency exchange, but instead of currency [selling tickets], "MMM", it seemed to me a very good idea - says Klimenko. - On the legality then everything was much easier. And the first money I earned to that buying a little cheaper tickets "MMM", and sell a little more expensive. Then on Varshavke were very long queues, and people are happy to buy and sell quickly. I think there were five exchangers.

In 1995, he was educated economist at the Higher School of Economics. A year later became the manager of the branch "Cheryomushki" bank "Russian credit". In this position he remained until 2000.

"RK-Audit" has registered its own auditing company in 1995. Today, 100% owned by the owner listed his mother - Eugenia Klimenko. In 1996, he opened a legal agency Ltd. "Yuragentstvo" (today it Klimenko 80% and 20% for "RK-Audit"). The fate of a legal agency Klimenko has not yet decided.

In late 1998, KlimNCO bought a stake in the "quota-bank".

- Bought in debt after the 1998 financial crisis, banks were then surprisingly cheap - says the former businessman.

"Quota-bank" established in 1992 in Moscow, and in 2014 it was renamed the "Ivy Bank". Today the organization has its head office in the area of ​​the River station, as well as the separation of Mayakovskaya. From 2000 to 2008 Klimenko was the manager of the bank. Today he owns 10% of shares (6,158% - through "ZDNyus" LLC and 3.815% - directly). In addition to Klimenko, is owned by three legal entities and seven individuals, including deputy director of the socio-political broadcasting of "First Channel" Oleg Volnov (10%). According to Klimenko, the share of the bank, he is going to sell to partners. The possible value of the deal he did not disclose. According to the CBA, the "Ivy Bank" on account of 410 million rubles in equity. Market participants estimate the full cost of the bank does not exceed the size of its capital. Thus, 10% of which controls Klimenko, could cost about 40 million rubles.

- The position of the bank is not cloudless, - says head of analytical departmentBKF Bank Maxim Osadchy. - Its loss amounted to 19.6 million rubles on December 1st. Capital adequacy ratio N1.0 July is at risk, and as of December 1 amounted to 10.73%. The share of deposits in liabilities as of December 1 amounted to 69.6%. At the same time due to the population's deposits Bank finances corporate loan portfolio, which is extremely high quality (delay - only 0.01%) may indicate that the loans granted to enterprises associated with the bank's owners.

We are talking about a minority stake, it could be interesting, in this case, only the shareholders of the bank, which are better than others to understand its structure, development plans, etc., - says Dmitry Bale, Director of Investment Banking at QB Finance. - If the bank has plans for the development, expansion, etc., the ransom package can really be of interest to its shareholders. Of course, during the crisis, banks are under pressure - especially small, which is difficult to compete with large financial institutions, - so the package can be sold at a discount.

Internet age

In the late 1990s, it became popular nabiratthen formed a new Internet market. In 1998 Klimenko started quickly became popular thematic catalog sites At the same site he created the online statistics service

- It was in 1998 year. I was auditing firm, and I conceived it to advertise on the Internet. I even painted himself site design. He began to watch the price of advertising and realized that I find it easier to do something. And then the popular catalog was at Yahoo, - says Klimenko. - I bought a domain Then it seemed to me an interesting idea, "Rambler" to click on a button and get statistics. "Rambler" was then considered only hits (the number of visitors -. "Proceedings"). We did the referee (shown to users coming from what search terms and which sites -. "Proceedings").

One year later, the project was sold for $ 1 million Yuri Milner - who later became a co-founder of Mail.Ru Group.

In 2003 Klimenko bought 50% site (online edition about computer technologies, the legal entity - LLC "ZDNyus") in its sole owner Andrey Kuzin. New co-owner suggested that each of the two vladeltsev give Ale at 8%Xander Ordzhonikidze on the condition that it will remain the leader of the project. Average daily traffic to the site today is about 160 thousand. According to Liveinternet. In the "Finam" company valued at 320 million rubles. According to Klimenko, its share of the assets it plans to sell Alexander Ordzhonikidze.

- This agreement is, and it appeared as soon as the German agreed to the proposal of the president. The price agreed, - said Ordzhonikidze. - Control the share will not change anything: I in 2003, has agreed to be the Managing Director only on the condition that single-handedly manage, and both senior partners a right of deliberative vote.

At the same time in 2003. Klimenko started blogging platform Liveinternet, taking the idea gaining in popularity when the site LiveJournal, and in 2005 in the same domain joined Liveinternet service statistics.

- We are not repeated resource, and did it all over again - says Klimenko creation service. - It may seem that they are identical in appearance, but it is not. Other principles of accounting and management. No correlation in software.

The platform, according to Klimenko, etc.rinadlezhit him personally. A legal entity which he did not specify. According to Whois, the owner is a company Ventail Limited. Average daily traffic to the site -. About 1.2 million at this site as a buyer, according to Klimenko, but to manage the project will be his son - Yuri Klimenko. IN THEIR "Finam" project valued at 640 million rubles.

In March 2014 Klimenko launches news aggregator Mediametrics, where you can see the links to the most popular social networks, users news stories. Also on this site works online radio MediaMetrics. Legal entities, according to the creator of the project said that yet. Average daily traffic to the site -. About 320 thousand in their "Finam" resource estimated at 210 million rubles. Klimenko said that the resource he has an offer to purchase, but it is more inclined to give his son to manage. He has already spent some time working on the modernization of the site design.

abandoned summer camp

A few years ago, German Klimenko bought for $ 120 thousand. Pioneer camp "Artek" (about 2 hectares) in the Tula region. The camp was in a rather poor condition. Of the six bldgtions the new owner has already repaired three. In the future, instead of the camp there was open recreation. The fate of this land has yet to decide whether to leave them or have to sell, because now the commercial benefit from them Klimenko does not receive. Klimenko said that the land he had several. Another is on the 120th kilometer of the old Simferopol highway. It was planned to make the cafe.

Heir of Internet projects

Yuri Klimenko, 22 years old, he graduated from the Higher School of Economics with a degree in e-business. In his own words, learning in the School of Economics, he was involved in the student organization "Business in". There, he and his friends learned to do online projects. Later, part of this team was together with him to do business. Yuri Klimenko last year issued a status of an individual entrepreneur, all the profits he directs the support of this organization, as well as the launch of new projects, which should be in the near future to reach the active stage.

Klimenko, Jr. noted that he is interested in all of his father's projects.

-Behold, that is, they are a valuable asset for us and the traffic they produce, and the statistics show. They will develop. Any ideas on development Liveinternet, we have discussed them before the appointment of my father's advisor to the president - says the younger Klimenko. - It is necessary to appreciate and understand that it is cheaper: to do new projects or optimize existing ones. With the move is not ready to say. All the projects that exist today, we will develop and improve them. They are competent people other than specialists. I am sure that all will be well.

President recruitment portal SuperJob Alexei Zakharov suggested that Klimenko legally all their businesses will give to his son, but key decisions will continue to accept himself.

- If a person wants to manage their businesses, he will manage them - says Zakharov. - All those who passed the business to their children, continue to make key decisions. But legally he will give to his son. Klimenko daily problems can not be engaged, the time will be much less.