Pavel Te rebuffs Muscovites

Capital Group scandalous businessman Pavel Te decided to participate in the renovation of housing. And I am ready to transfer 100 thousand square meters for immigrants. Criminals and officials divide the capital among themselves?
Pavel Te, co-owner of Capital Group, decided to take part in the housing renovation program announced by the Moscow authorities. Pavel Te is ready to transfer 100 thousand square meters. m. in two of its projects on the street. Bochkov and the 2 nd Institute. Large players of the market are trying to snatch off their piece of "renovation pie". Last week, PIK Group Sergey Gordeyev announced his readiness to participate in the renovation, which offered its Kuzminki development program.

Capital Group and PIK are now cooperating on the market, as Pavel Te does not have his own production facilities. And Gordeev can offer a lower price per square meter. m. But Te has good connections with Moscow officials and not only with them. Evil tongues suspect him of links to organized crime. Sometimes the name of Paul Te ​​is mentioned along with the names of the late Grandfather Hassan (Aslan Usoyan) and Scythian (Andrey Golubev), as well as the criminal authority of Korsakov (nicknamed Korsak). The criminals assume that Pavel Te can play the role of a kind of intermediary between criminals and officials who can not "shine" out of hand in such contacts.

It is the connections in the Moscow government that probably helped Pavel get the contract for the construction of the "book house" on Novy Arbat at the announced starting price of 2.4 billion rubles. Competitions for the sale of this facility repeatedly broke up allegedly because of the lack of competitors. And in the end, the company won, which only applied. She was "Apart Group", owned by Paul Te. And the lack of competition did not prevent her from obtaining the object at the lowest price.

Paul Te ​​finds a common language in all

Pavel Te, apparently, knows how to find common language with officials. In the government of Yuri Luzhkov, he allegedly cooperated with his personal secretary, Sergei Tsoi, who was even suspected of being a co-owner of the Capital Group. Pavel Te could "cajole" Tsoi by sponsoring his wife, singer Anita Tsoi, whose promotion, according to rumors, was worth $ 30 million.

And in the government of Sergei Sobyanin Pavel Te, apparently, established close ties with the vice-mayor of Moscow, Marat Khusnullin, who runs the entire construction market of the capital. The location of an official to Capital Group can be well paid by Paul Te. In good relations Pavel Te and with the construction minister Mikhail Menem, the ex-governor of the Ivanovo region. In Pavel Te in it many projects and their implementation could contribute to Michael Men. For the fact that in his time Paul Te ​​could help him with money in the election of the governor.

Pavel Te comfortably settled. His company was founded in 1991, survived all the crises and still successfully works in the market. The parent company Capital Group, is Cyprus Capital Investments Limited. The beneficiaries are businessmen Vladislav Doronin, Eduard Berman and Pavel. Each of them has 33.3% each. The company's portfolio is 7.8 million square meters. m. Capital Group's success is largely determined by the wise policy of Paul Te, who, apparently, skillfully maneuvers between officials and criminals. With their help, you can solve any issue. The main thing is to determine which side to go and who to solve for it.