Pavel Te will build huts in Moscow

The Capital Group built a monstrous project on cyclopean supports threatens to destroy the architecture of the Badayevsky plant.
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Badaevsky plant in Moscow will be demolished

Badaev brewery, or rather, the land on which it stands, will turn into a residential complex of the same name. However, historians and local historians are trying to defend the buildings of the 19th - early 20th centuries. They were outraged that, for the sake of building the LCD, the zone of a cultural heritage site of regional importance was reduced, they write, “Novye Izvestia”.

Interlocutor of the publication, associate professor of MGSU, Nikolai Vasilyev, called the complex headed by the enterprise "Moscow's industrial heritage", "a model model of the parade capital of the mid-20th century." About the value of buildings, including, says that they survived the revolution and survived after it.

“So, you need to be careful with this place,” the architecture historian explained.

The construction of the brewery dates back to the end of the 19th century. Malt houses appeared in 1875-1876. Much later, approximately 30 years later, the water tower and the old elevator. The name of the party member Alexey Badaev to an enterprise whose products more than once received the “Quality Mark”, which was not so simple in the Soviet Union, was assigned in 1934.

Igor Shikhov, coordinator of the public movement Arhnadzor, told the NI correspondent that for the first time the developers paid attention to this territory at the beginning of the zero. But then something did not grow together. Now the new development company is more determined.

"The more aggressive developer came to replace the Capital Group. The plans of this development company are ambitious and imply the demolition of part of the buildings on the territory of the Badaevsky brewery. Other part of the buildings is supposed to be reconstructed," the source said.

It is said on the elite real estate portal that in the west of Moscow a “renovation project of the former Badayevsky brewery” will be implemented. On Kutuzov Avenue there will be apartments and villas with terraces at a price of 400 thousand rubles. per square meter. Elite housing, among which will be at home "on legs", build up 6 hectares, which will take five years.

"Two existing industrial buildings (No. 1 and No. 3) will be restored. Partial lost building No. 2 will be restored. They will work with the objects based on the recommendations of historians and historical drawings," the website promises. In September, the start of sales will be given, a broker from Elite Real Estate, an information partner of Capital Group Alexander Navlitskas, shared with NI.

“Everything has already been agreed upon at the level of the cultural heritage department, now the project is signed in the construction department,” he assured.

However, in reality it turns out that everything is not so simple, Shikhov believes. Any "invasion" of this territory requires the interleaving of all the canons of land use and public hearings, during which many problems may arise. Among others - the examination of the buildings of the Badayevsky plant, the conclusions of which have not been seen since its inception in 2014. She, according to the publication, was conducted by the deputy director of the State Unitary Enterprise "Specialized Directorate of Cultural Heritage Objects" of the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Government of Moscow Elena Solovyova. So, according to the assumptions of social activist Shikhov, the project can be frozen until autumn.

"Now the detailed project of building and examination of the buildings of the Badayevsky plant are kept secret. In this case there are many mysteries in general," the movement coordinator said, noting that the plant’s lands began to be cut in the dashing 90s. It is known that until 1991 the ensemble belonged to the monuments of cultural heritage and was a protected area. And after four years, he gradually went "down".

Only the southern part of the 1st and 3rd corps remained in the previous status. It is possible that the rest will turn into LCD. At least, "all this can be demolished for construction," Shikhov concluded. Under these criteria, the northern part of the 1st and 3rd corps, which, as they say, "Novye Izvestia", in conclusion Solovieva sharply "looked younger", falls. According to the publication, the Capital Group will build up this part with unusual “legged” houses and a three-tiered parking lot. And the experts of Building 1, the correspondent of the "NO" states, went for a trick: they expanded on paper a modern extension from the north side.

"To hide the fraud, the developers deliberately did not indicate the year of construction. They indicated the commissioning year - 1970. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, it turns out that most of the premises of the actively working plant were not used from 60 to 95 years, which clearly indicates falsification" , - explained in "Arhnadzor".

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At the same time there is no doubt that all the buildings, except for the two extensions, are original, according to architecture historian Vasiliev. However, the developer is guided by his own interests: they say, on the site of a brewery, which still stands idle, you can create a single complex with elite new buildings and all the necessary infrastructure. Only now many architects could not penetrate this idea, including in relation to "less valuable buildings." And even at home "on the legs" will not save the situation, concluded Vasilyev, noting the peculiarity of the soil in the place of construction of the LCD. According to him, no one is insured against the deformation of buildings in this area.

"Personally, I would not dare to buy an apartment in such a place," the specialist snapped.