Pavel Te will ​​"heal" Moscow

Scandalous businessman Mr. Te is going to buy "Stolichnye Apteki".
As it turned out, Capital Group Mr Those will participate in the auction to sell 100% stake in the network "Capital drugstores", to be held August 26. Note that officials in Moscow are going to get for the "Capital drugstores" (SA) of not less than 5.6 billion rubles. SA owns 185 properties - 183 pharmacies and two storage rooms with total area of ​​about 103 000 sq. m. Some 20 pharmacies located in the center of Moscow.

Wrestlers corruption believe that God Those can use their lobbying power to prevent competition to its competitors. For those in recent years, buying up assets from the government of Moscow. For example, last year, the businessman paid the city about 10 billion rubles for the project of a multifunctional complex (ground area -. 37,000 square meters) at the Sofia Embankment. By the way, experts do not exclude that the Capital Group can be a good relationship with the vice-mayor of Moscow for the construction of Marat Khusnullin, which approved the Capital Group participated at the Sofia Embankment area in the construction of a multifunctional complex on the "golden island".

After that, those purchased from Corporationtion of the territories is another site nearby, where he plans to build a facility of 40 000-50 000 sq. M. In 2016, the company owned by those "Apart Group" acquired in Moscow, one of the notebook houses on Novy Arbat - about 28 000 sq. m. Assets will be reconstructed and turned into a hotel and apartment complex, which will be included in the infrastructural facilities of the World Cup in 2018.

The most interesting representatives of the Capital Group Mr T and the Department for Competition Moscow's policy, who organize "Pharmacy" auction, declined to comment.

"Those almighty"

Market participants say that Paul has a network of lobbyists Those among officials. We started this relationship for a long time. Even during those Luzhkov met with the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Mikhail Men who from 2005 to October 16, 2013 held the post of governor of the Ivanovo region. It helped to go Men Capital Group in the construction market of the Ivanovo region!

Rumor has it that back in 2009 the then head of the Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov's press service and his personalFirst press secretary Sergei Tsoi through Paul Those possessed no small share of the business. Interestingly, there were good relations with Moscow officials from those after the departure of Luzhkov. Moreover, some of this team became governors and ministers.

Also Capital Group leadership was suspected of "friendship" with the top managers of "Savings Bank". The thing is that before one of the towers, "Capital City" at the Capital Group acquired a subsidiary of the "Savings Bank" Russian Federation - OOO "Sberbank Capital". The transaction took the form of the "City of Capitals" the sales area (apartments). In addition, the "Savings Bank" restructured 5 years developer debt of $ 400 million and signed a paper co-investment of about $ 100 million in the completion of the towers.

We emphasize OOO "Sberbank Capital" is in expert circles raider reputation. This "kindness", "Savings Bank" in relation to the Capital Group makes experts suspected "corrupt relationship" between the top managers of "Capital Group" and the state bank, which is headed by German Gref. Although it is likely, Capital Group interests just prolobbiovali officials from the Municipality.

There are also more exotic links at the Te. Or rather - it was. There is information that a businessman earlier "krysheval" famous kingpin Ded Hasan (Aslan Usoyan) that before his assassination was considered the king of the underworld. Rumor has it that Grandpa Hassan "solve problems" Mr. Cho in Moscow and Ivanovo. Those even called "Usoyana right hand."

Lawlessness of those?

It is necessary to recall the situation of May 5, 2011. Then a stunning home built in the early XX century by the architect Fyodor Kolbe on Big Yakimanka in Moscow city center was destroyed a construction company DT-424, a subsidiary of Capital Group, despite the ban on city government and protests by social movements Arhnadzor. Then the Federal Property Management Agency filed in the Moscow Arbitration Court lawsuit demanding to demolish part of a multifunctional complex "Yacht City", located on the Leningrad Highway. Those company started construction of the complex of 60 thousand square meters. m in 2004, without having the necessary permits! The situation could settle the businessman.

By the way, in 2007, and those left to the international arena. Then a career Georgian Kazreti acquired Russian company "Industrial Investors" which went "Capital Group". In 2016 the level of contamination of soil and water in Kazreti exceeds the permissible limits in the mean time twenty times!

Prepares a scam?

In May this year it turned out that Mr Those preparing a dubious deal with the resale of the building to the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML) in Moscow. Currently, AHML is actively negotiating with the owner of Capital Group Paul Those repurchase of 10 thousand sq. M. m the future apartments in the famous book-building on Novy Arbat. The fact is that those building it recently acquired from the Moscow mayor's office!

Market participants believe that the repeated "Viktor Vekselberg scheme". Russian oligarch in February 2011 brokered a deal with the building at Krasnaya Presnya. He bought the building in Hungary, is 7 times cheaper than sold to the Russian government. Two past on this issue check the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation did not lead to any conclusions on the availability pres compositionupleniya the actions of the parties to the transaction ...

Mr Those bought from Moscow City Hall is one of the notebook houses on Novy Arbat in March this year for 2.4 billion rubles, the total area of ​​the object - 28.9 thousand sq. M. m. The market building is worth about 14 billion rubles! The businessman promised to invest in the reconstruction of the object 6.5 billion rubles., Of which 4.1 billion rubles will be invested in the creation of in-house book hotels for the World Cup in 2018! "There was a" AHML, which offered to buy a apartment building. For this purpose, the agency received from VEB loan of 40 billion rubles!

Recall that in this year Mr Those already lit up in a major scandal. A number of commentators have written that ministers Alexander Tkachev and Mikhail Men want to get land Timiryazev Academy to pass it granted those. Wrestlers corruption argued that the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Construction could "negotiate" with the developer Those Paul and help him in capturing new territories in Moscow and Moscow region. Saved only a collective appeal to the Kremlin ten former Ministers of Agriculture of the USSR and Russia. They said that the transfer of optnyh plots and gardens developer will cause irreparable damage to the academy and the entire agricultural sector of the country. The appeal to the head of state signed the former Soviet minister - Valentin Month, Boris Rounov Alexander Ezhevsky, Vsevolod Murakhovski, Alexander Seleznev, Mikhail Timoshishin, Vasiliy Glushchenko, Vladimir Naumov and Vladilen Nikitin and the Russian minister (1998-1999), Viktor Semenov. As a result, those "lost the battle."

But now it seems that Mr Those wants to take revenge and to get assets "Capital drugstores" without competition. If this version is confirmed, the budget of Moscow multimillion-dollar damage can be done. Public figures are asked to monitor the situation of the FAS.