Peresvet Bank reaped the harvest of the Olympics

The Russian Olympians kept their savings in Peresvet bank, of which the key shareholder is the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC).
Origin source
According to a source at the bank, in the "Peresvet" were previously means Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics Alina Kabaeva, heavyweight boxer Alexander Povetkin and volleyball Catherine Gamow. Also, "Peresvet" clients were winners of the Olympics 2000, 2004 and 2008: sinhronistki Elena Azarov, Elvira Khasyanova, Olga Brusnikina, hammer thrower Olga Kuzenkova boxer gaydarbekov gaydarbekov, pentathlon Andrei Moiseev and Greco-Roman style Hassan Baroev.

they could not figure out at the moment, however, it is. Povetkin representative could neither confirm nor deny Forbes query whether the boxer holding money in the "Peresvet". Gamow said that he had never used the services of the bank. Contact Kabaeva failed.

Problems in the "Relight" started in mid-October, "Rain" TV channel reported the disappearance of chairman and minority shareholder "Peresvet" Shvets. After that, the bank has restricted the issuance of cash, and on 21 October the Central Bank introduced the "Relight" interim administration. The decision on the reorganization of the bank or revoke his license is still pending. Earlier media reported that the regulator is in discussions with major creditors "Peresvet" their participation in the reorganization of the bank through the bail-in procedure. Among the Russian Agricultural Bank creditors Sovcombank, Tatfondbank and FK "Opening", placed on its accounts structure "Inter RAO" and means "RusHydro".

The Olympic Committee (ROC) did not respond to Forbes, if an organization with "Peresvet" and whether Russia really worked Olympians kept his money accounts. In the ROC has been unsuccessful experience of cooperation with the Bank in December last year it became known that the means of the committee stuck in the bankrupt Vneshprombank. OCD loss Size RBC sources estimated at $ 300 million.